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Damian Conway Perl classes in Boston

posted by ziggy on 2003.08.27 14:03   Printer-friendly
uri writes "Damian Conway is coming back to Boston to teach three popular classes from September 29 - October 2, 2003 This will be the first time Damian will teach his Regular Expression and Advanced Module Implementation classes in Boston. Tuition, registration and other information can be found here." Update: 08/27 19:34 GMT by P : These upcoming courses, in Boston and Chicago, will be Damian's last for the forseeable future (the next 12-18 months), so he is offering every course he can. Check out the current Tour T-Shirt and look for appearances at the respective Perl Monger groups if you can't make it to a class. Update: 08/29 16:29 GMT by P : Sorry folks, the Chicago appearance has been canceled.
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  • I wonder if Damian Conway is going to be adding Belfast [] to his list of tour 'venues'. All those talks sound great, especially OO Perl, regexes and the basic Parse::RecDescent one. I still have great memories of his brilliant Perl 6 talk at YAPC::Europe::2002 []. And he even managed to get me interested in quantum theory with Quantum::Superpositions [].
    • I did mention the prospect to the good folk at Kasei a few months ago, but haven't heard anything back. Unfortunately, being entirely self-funded nowadays, I can only afford to travel to places where I can also earn my living. And, with only two weeks left before I start this tour, it's probably a little late to include Belfast this time round.

      Of course, I am hoping to get back to Belfast for YAPC::EU next year, assuming the scheduling of that conference allows me to fit it into my 2004 itinerary.

      • Is your currently published schedule [] going to be added to? If you are coming to continental Europe or London, it's not that far to Belfast, and [] may even pay for your flight from (London|Amsterdam|somewhere else) to Belfast (provided you fly with a cheap airline [] :-) ). We did this for Schwern [] AFAIK. I suppose you'd need payment for your hotel room as well, but maybe we could work something out...?
        • I suppose you'd need payment for your hotel room as well, but maybe we could work something out...?

          Perhaps I've been watching too many cop shows, but that sounded sinister to me.

        • Sorry, there's no European leg to this trip. I do appreciate the funding ideas and I'm certainly looking forward to getting back to Belfast some time, but it's just not possible this time round.
  • Unfortunately, due to lack of numbers we have now had to cancel the Chicago leg of the tour. The t-shirt [] has been updated accordingly.

    Sincere apologies to those people who did book in for Chicago, and to all the mongers of whose evening talk I have also had to cancel.

    Note that, as the t-shirt indicates, we're still planning to run the Boston classes [].