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The Perl Journal On The Ropes

posted by pudge on 2002.10.08 13:35   Printer-friendly
rochlin writes "Looks like The Perl Journal might not make it up for air after all. This blurb is on their website. 'Time is running short and we need your help if The Perl Journal is to get another chance at being the real deal. As of a couple of minutes ago, we only have 881 subscriptions and the deadline is fast approaching. Please subscribe now. It only costs 3 cents per day to get the best Perl coverage anywhere.'" They need 3,000 subscribers to move forward.
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  • I take it back... (Score:4, Interesting)

    by jordan (120) on 2002.10.08 15:54 (#13683) Homepage Journal
    In a previous thread on this subject, I made some cynical comment about how I didn't want to subscribe to TPJ when there was so much good information available for free.

    Well, I take it back. There is such a thing as critical mass. If we don't have TPJ, we'll all be the poorer for it. It's not just the great articles that we get, it's also supporting a community of writers who help to give Perl a real presence in the overall Computing landscape.

    I think I'll subscribe to TPJ AND to The Perl Review tonight. Why don't you?

    • Well, I did it. Subscribed to TPJ and subscribed/donated to TPR via Pay Pal.

      Come on guys, for about 2/3 the cost of one not-very-expensive O'Reilly book, you can support a year of these two interesting publications.

      TPJ indicates that they won't even bill your credit card if they fail to get the 3000, so no hassles there. You'll be out the time it takes you to go to the TPJ site [] and sign up or you'll spend $12 and know that you've helped support a great publication and the Perl Community.

      So, I'll get

      • Some day I'll have alternate ways to pay for TPR, bu t I'm still wrestling with the government to wrap up Perl Mongers. Shutting down a non-profit is not the easiest thing in the world.

        Until then, most of my TPR-available time is just publishing it, much less making it a business. :)
        • Why is Perl mongers being wrapped up/shut down?

          Esli epei eto cumprenan, shris soa Sfaha.
          Aettot ibrec epesecoth, spakhea scrifeteis.

  • Something just occurred to me, why don't The Perl Journal and The Perl Review combine forces. There may not be enough critical mass to support two, but hopefully there should be enough to support one.
    • I think they should stay separate, myself.

      Competition almost always is a Good Thing (TM). It means there's a vital market. If there's only one, they could get sloppy and just put out anything.

      If we'd all just support them, there could easily be two. If we don't want to support them, maybe we don't deserve even one.

    • by SuperCruncher (3330) on 2002.10.08 16:46 (#13690)
      It seems to me that The Perl Journal and The Perl Review have very different content. TPJ seems to focus more on real-world, practical applications, whereas TPR seems to focus more on geeky or computer science applications.

      I'm not saying one is better than the other, but I think it's good to have competition and also to have separate magazines for different types of content.

    • If TPR and TPJ combine forces, that means TPR becomes part of a big magazine company with all of the problems that entails.

      The folks behind TPJ are really trying to do a good thing. They aren't getting paid extra to do what they are doing with TPJ. However, they think if they can show the higher-ups there is enough interest, they can save the magazine.

      I'm not competing with TPJ. I think people should subscribe to it. TPR won't try to duplicate content or copy TPJ. We've even been talking about working together on some things. Still, why ask for less content? Two journals is twice the content. :)
    • There are more than enough readers in Perl-space to support both 'zines, particularly if they both are running as e-zines. I personally would prefer not to see them combined, on the same principal that I insist that my production machines are double-plugged. If I have problems in one of the power-supplies, I know that there IS a backup.

      I go back to sleep now....
  • The TPJ website does not reflect the current subscriber numbers. They were slashdotted the other day and got a BIG boost in numbers. Slashdot is ironic---when I looked at the thread, about 260 posts bitched and moaned about TPJ, and the folks at TPJ told me they had got about 600 new subscription pledges from that. All those anonymous cowards just feed the thing they hate. :)
    • Slashdot is ironic---when I looked at the thread, about 260 posts bitched and moaned about TPJ, and the folks at TPJ told me they had got about 600 new subscription pledges from that.

      Interesting. I read somewhere on /. that only about 2% of their user base actually posts comments. Looks like the 98% who silently read the site put their money where their mouth isn't.
  • I will do either free or not.