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What is missing from Padre?

Journal written by gabor (1626) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2008.10.28 12:18   Printer-friendly
I have started to develop Padre about four months ago and version 0.14 that has just arrived to CPAN is already slightly usable.

I'd like to get your help to find out what are the most important things I should focus in the next four months?

I am sure you either use vi or emacs and you are totally satisfied with your development environment but, please for a short time imagine you are stuck in a well paying job and your management mandates you to use Padre.

Please give me the 5 most important things that are still missing from it so you can also say it is usable.

In order to do this obviously you will have to install it which might be a bit difficult if your OS does not come with binary version of wxPerl. On the other hand if you are lucky you'll only have to type cpan Padre, answer a few questions and wait till all the prereqs get installed. For some help with the installation check out the download page.

Thank you for your help

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  • I don't seem to be able to edit the article on the front-page, so here is a little addition:

    For those who want to cheat and skip the installation process there is a binary version of Padre for Linux and a Portable Strawberry Perl with Padre for Windows. Both can be found via the same download page [].

  • As you presumably know, I'm a Japanese.
    So, I always need to write Japanese literals into Perl sources,
    unfortunately, however, Padre at the moment doesn't support utf8.
    The worst downside of Parde missing is not supporting utf8.
    • Patches welcome :)

    • I have added a small change to Padre that should do the trick. So far I see Hungarian accented characters working fine but they worked earlier as well.

      Hebrew on the other hand is still broken:
      I can type the letters and sometimes they show up. The direction is unclear but it is not RTL.

      All that on Ubuntu with locale being set to UTF-8. On my Windows for some reason I could not install the Hebrew keyboard.

      So there is more work to do. Even if you can't patch it I'd appreciate if you checked out from SVN

  • First thing: auto-indent.

    Second: I like that you've got Ack but I'm really loving my Ack/Vim integration so you'll have to be as good. That means hyper-linking the results.

  • 1. "Show indention guide" seems does not work.

    2. Auto indention.
    • 1. "Show indention guide" when set, should show a vertical bar in the text on every line where the indentation is at least 2 levels deep. It worksforme on both Windows and Linux. If you still cannot see, please file a bug with details of your installation.

      2. Auto indentation was added. If you have time please check out from Subversion (r562 or later) and let me know if it works for you?

  • 1. detect if a file has been updated outside padre, and prompt user for reload/continue. major showstopper here, since git will happily overwrite files when switching branches.
    2. non intrusive search box - either same as vim, or see how firefox implemented it
    3. auto-indent & tab manipulation
    4. possibility to wrap a paragraph intelligently (what gqip is doing in vim)
    • 1. and 2.a (autoindent) are implemented in 0.15 Can you please check and explain what do you mean by tab manipulation?

      There are tickets for 3. and 4.


        • so what happens if the file changed, you get a popup and you say ignore?

          Should that stop checking till you save or reload next time?

          Should it bugger you every 10 seconds?

          Should it warn again only if the file changes again on the disk?

          Something else?

    • When I attempt to run my perl programs it says "Only .pl files can be executed" Almost none of my perl programs are named But they do all start with a #! line. Padre should have mulitple ways to check the type of file if it's going to do the check.
    • Textmate has a panel on the side (much like where you have the subroutine names now) which allows for filesystem navigation. Such a thing would be useful in Padre. Perhaps have that side panel be tabbed too, with one tab showing the subroutines
    • Ah, it looks like I'm not the only one to have this idea. For a poor-man's version of vim+textmate marriage, see []

      It's no where near as full featured or as "clean" as I would want it though.

    • Responses:

      The .pl files limitation is imposed by the first (pre-document-model) generation of file type code. We should be able to upgrade this fairly easily by adding perl type awareness to the ::Document::Perl class and then upgrading the limitation.

      The tabbed list on the right is a want-to-have already, you can see it's currently got that extra space at the top where the tabs should hopefully appear. Additionally, a file tree needs to wait for Project support.

      Anything that allows linking to function docu

  • Better syntax highlighting: Vim supports highlighting of special characters within regexes and double-quoted strings, which makes it very easy for me to see what is going on in the regex and locate small errors. No other editor on the market currently offers highlighting as rich as in vim, and this is the sole reason why I have not been able to move away from it so far (and I have tried most other IDEs). Scintilla does not offer an easy way to modify syntax highlighting rules, unless you know C (which I don
    • The default perl5 syntax highlighter of scintilla might not do it for you but with Padre you can actually write your own syntax highlighter in Perl.

      So if you have the time for that, it would be great to try to implement such a thing. I'd recommend using PPI. Though Adam said it might be too slow for this purpose and he knows a bit more about PPI than I do :-), you might still beat him at his own game. That would be awesome.

      There are very naive syntax highlighters in some of the Padre::Document::* module

      • FWIW, I have experimented with PPI-based highlighting in emacs. It is fast enough.
        • It may be that if we make sure to disable PPI past a certain threshold (say, more than 1 second of CPU for a reflow, which would happen at around 2000 lines) we could make it fast enough.

        • We just found out that the version of Scintilla we are using does not support 5.10 [] so we seriously need to look into alternative syntax highlighting.

          There is already a first version in place but it is slow.

          Could you share your results/experience/code with us?

          maybe on #padre ?

    • No other editor on the market currently offers highlighting as rich as in vim

      If by vim, you mean emacs. Trust me, cperl-mode is much more complete than anything vim has.

  • This is my first time playing, so far it seems like a very good start. All the basics are covered and didn't stumble in to anything that would completely stop me from getting work done if this was my only option. That said though there are some things that I find missing when compaired with my current editor of choice (vim + perl-support.vim).

    On to the issues, there might be some historical reasons for some decisions that I've missed but here are my thoughts:

    • [install]
      • the ubuntu method described fails
    • Thanks for your reply.

      some of these already have tickets, for others I opened now.

      tabs => X spaces is in Edit/Preferences
      change font size fixed but I think only after 0.15 came out
      Ctrl+t Ctrl+n swapped, but I think we'll change it back and then give you the option to change it as you want.
      You are welcome on #padre or send an e-mail if you really don't want to create an account.

  • Here's my take on some things I believe can make a difference, and appear easy enough to be handled in the given timeframe (in my own wishlist order):

    - The options already available in the menus (specially "Edit", "View" and "Perl") should really also be available as shortcut icons in the toolbar. Oh, you should also be able to control the toolbar adding/removing icons like (MS|Open)Office, but it's not really a problem for now, so don't bother - just keep it in mind :P

    - Enabling/Disabling the right thi

  • 1. if my manager will will mandate on using some editor i will just ignore him. that makes no sense.

    2. another this that makes no sense is to write another editor these days. gabor why do you waste you talent and time on creating editor??? there are so many to choose and if you are missing some feature - contribute to one.

    i'm subscribed to since the beginning and there were two post in ~5 months. there is plenty to say about testing. that will be better spend time.

    to people

  • Being able to edit files across disparate systems would be spiffy.