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Topic Images on use Perl;

posted by pudge on 2002.07.09 10:14   Printer-friendly
The topic images on use Perl; mostly really suck. Please make me new ones. Be mindful of the size, and make them transparent where appropriate. I suppose PNG is probably OK (anyone, please tell me if their browsers don't do PNG well these days), and GIF and JPEG are acceptable as well.

I reserve the right to reject your topic images, and maybe we'll have votes (ha!) for competing images. Some of the images are OK in my opinion, like Python, Tcl, The Conway Channel ... it's pretty obvious which ones don't need replacing in many cases. The ones that have a camel because we couldn't come up with anything else pretty much all need replacing.

So help me, those who are graphically inclined. I suck at this sort of thing, and we could really use improved topic images here.

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  • Maybe throw together an index page with the good and the bad so noted? Give people an idea what you're looking for.

  • But that would mean updating the Poll  ... and we can't do that!  ;)


  • I don't feel the images are all that useful anyway. I turned them off on day 1.

    If the images were updated on a frequent basis (like every day  :), then I might find them entertaining and leave them on.

    But if you consider them as eye-candy to draw in new users, go ahead.

    Moderate this as "Useless" as I can't draw graphics either. Gimme ASCII and a big fat crayon and I'll be happy.

    • Yeah, I agree. What Icons?

      I always go to "Light" mode on Slash sites. I really prefer the clean look of content, without somebody else's idea of visual design. I wish all sites had a "Light" mode. It's the way the Web was meant to be.

  • I'd say most of the existing icons only need to have WHITE set to Transparent to be useful. (Might be able to just close some sections that only have 1..3 posts in 'em though.)

    • Events -- Good concept, busy background
      Maybe the Events icon could have the sky airbrushed to transparent. Otherwise a conflagration of camels seems quite appropriate.
    • Modules -- could use something Different. Maybe Camels stacked like elephants on a tortoise? How do you draw a modular camel? Camels with Lego-like attachment po
    # I had a sig when sigs were cool
    use Sig;
    • I'm sooo slow. (Witness my response to the really good pun about "faster than C" during Damian's Time::Space::Continuum talk [].) It took me about a month of reading use Perl; to get the pun involved with Elmo and TCL.

      I had always pronounced "Tee Cee Ell," so it wasn't immediately apparent. I thought the icon was saying TCL was a Sesame Street language.  :)

      J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
    • n1vux wrote:
      • Events [...] Otherwise a conflagration of camels seems quite appropriate.
      • Modules [...] Maybe Camels stacked like elephants on a tortoise? How do you draw a modular camel? Camels with Lego-like attachment points?
      • Perl 6 [...] If Perl is a camel, what is Perl 6? Maybe a camel with racing number 6 on the saddle?
      • Release -- how about a camel escaping from a gate?
      • Llama -- Why not?
        Should have a Learning Perl section with a Llama icon!

      I would strongly suggest to dump all references to

  • One problem I see is that all icons should have a similar size. I usually use a simple script that acts as a wrapper to imagemagick and rearranges all icons to a fixed area value. An icon can then be taller or wider than the others, but they look the same size.

    This thing looks very obvious on the topic list page.
  • While I love transparency in PNGs and I love seeing other webmasters to turn to PNG and use it's features, there still is a downside. Namely that few browsers just don't have propper support for it. This is true for Opera (all versions before 6), Netscape 4.x and (of course..) MSIE (up to the highest version, AFAIK). You can check wether your browser has propper transparency support for PNGs by checking out this Transparency Test [] [].

    But as for most bugs (or features?) in MSIE there is a work

    • Well, worst-case is to just use GIF, too.  :-)
    • I am satisfied with the current topic logos,
      but the punctuation in the background of the
      Download Perl logo looks out of focus. []

    • So IE only works with PNG transparency at 4bit color, which is what truely iconic icons always used in the old days, and probably SHOULD still be using anyway, if they're really icons and not miniature JPEGs. So maybe the Camel crowd scene can't stay photo-reallistic and have transparency ... unless someone photoshops it to use a real old GIF format.
      # I had a sig when sigs were cool
      use Sig;
  • Not exactly relevant, but looking at the page of images made me think of it: There's a (defunct) place in the mall called (IIRC) Cin City, which apparently sold cinnamon rolls and cookies and things. I'm going to have to get a picture of their signage before it gets taken down, because their logo is the BSD daemon with a chef's hat and, I think, a cinnamon roll on his pitchfork. The first time I saw it, I had one of those "That's familiar, but so out of place I can't figure out why" moments.
  • Here's a camel with a 6 banner [] per earlier suggestion, and a mutated penny [] like the one Dominus suggested for donation requests.

    You are what you think.