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Journal written by (8643) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2008.08.21 8:23   Printer-friendly

I have launched the website, which is intended to collect videos from Perl events we all organize.

I am not quite sure what will it be in a month of a year, but currently I am (very slowly) adding videos that were made at YAPC::Europe 2008 in Copenhagen, starting from lightning talks.

There are some ideas how to make video recodings more cool (all current ones suck in different aspects). I am going to implement one brilliant idea at Italian Perl Workshop in September if the organizers allow me do that :-)

Special thanks to Henrik Tougaard, who had presented me a tripod to replace one I forget at home.

By the way, domain was already registered, but I find name very nice.

P. S. If anyone can offer of suggest hosting where I could freely put large FLV files, please let me know. The problem is that foreign traffic is free for me untill it is less than traffic which goes inside Russia. Google, YouTube, Vimeo etc. are quite good but there I will not be able to manipulate video transformations as I wish.

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  • You can’t make a site like that and not make an Atom feed for it in this day and age. Get with the program! ;-)

    (Thanks for that, btw. And a cool, if in retrospect straightforward, domain name idea (just like a good name idea should be). Yay, now I can laugh about PMichaud’s LOLCODE compiler once more.)

    • Here you are :-) []

      By the way, up to date that lolcode talk was viewed more than 10 000 times!

      • Yay! Thanks for that. :-)

        I don’t know how you count views, but 10,000 is probably quite a bit higher than the number of real unique viewers. I must’ve gone to that talk’s page a dozen times. I also downloaded it several times – once from, once from, then again in high-res MPEG form from (Btw, the high-res MPEG was cut off at three minutes or so. :-( Can you check and fix that? (Or have you already?))

        Still, though, even if we take an extremely conservative gu

        • I don't count, counts :-) Such a number is due to posts in several blogs and is only applicable to Patrick's talk. View numbers of other talks is ~100 times fewer.

          I'll that large MPEG, but its size seems to be the same as a file on my computer, and local file is 6 minutes long. I'll repair the problem if it exists.

          What about multiplication coefficients, I agree with you, the way of spreading Perl talks is really cool :-)

  • You might consider [] for hosting the files. It would also allow downloading the videos more directly and in some better format than FLV.

    Regardless of where you go, it would be very nice if files were downloadable in a common format. (Btw, Flash 10 will support streaming and playing H.264 MP4 (I think) directly, so you wouldn’t need to create and host two versions of the same video if you go down that route.)

    • Thanks for the link, it helped :-) And I also took a hosting at for placing mpeg downloads.

  • []

    This is my collection of videos from last year and the official video for our bid to host YAPC::Europe in 2006. I still have lots of videos from The 2007 London Perl Workshop and YAPC::NA 2008, as well as this year YAPC::Europe, which I'll get to once I find a decent video editing tool for Linux!

  • We have in plan to make 'official' videos of all tracks and we'll publish them (of course under the permission of the presenters) on, the biggest italian video sharing site (where I also worked last years).

    However your ideas are welcome :-)

    Please, let us know about that

  • Thank you very much, great project.

    There are two things that you could improve:

    1) if no javascript is enabled, currently you are prompted to install the Flash player, which is the wrong error message. A nice tag would be nice.

    2) I'd really like to download some of the videos (presumably in best possible quality) to view them offline when I travel by train. So please provide a small download link.

    And finally, perhaps you could use coral for hosting: []
    • I made some slight changes in the code, and will review it again in some future :-)

      Downloads are now possible, there are links to four files, mpeg and flv, of two different sizes.

  • Any chance of an RSS feed for new videos?