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ybiC (3108)

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I was born a poor black child...

Journal of ybiC (3108)

Saturday December 04, 2004
04:11 PM

Good news, bad news...

It's next fall again and I haven't capped the chimney against drafts nor done any ( heat taping above the gutter or around the downspout top )ing.

I sit here at my IBM Trackpoint keyboard again with a fairly bad case of bronchitis.

perl -we 'print "Gah!\n" x 2;'

But enough whining.   On the bright side...

We had an outstanding tomato crop this past summer, and my new compost bin has been a good place for grass clippings on occasions when I (coul|did)dn't mow for weeks at a stretch.   According to local gardening sages*, tomato vines *don't* go into compost, for to avoid some disease, mold, or blight.

My in^H^Hconsultancy is growing a wee bit, having recently picked up a new small-business client what looks to be a reasonable source of ongoing work and income, plus a good shot at providing recurring "Practical Computer Security For The Home And Small Business" sessions for a nearby tech training facility.




*bad pun intended

Thursday April 22, 2004
08:46 AM

Kayak++ Coughing--

I sit here at my IBM Trackpoint keyboard with a fairly bad case of bronchitis.   Gah.

But I had a great first-run-o-the-season the past weekend with my kayak on a local damsite lake.

Beeline from the boat ramp about a mile to one of the 8' tubes under 144th street and into the calm shallows.   Gently paddling upstream a bit, watching large and small dragonflys hover and dart.   A hawk dove straight toward me to pluck a huge dragonfly out the air, perhaps 15' right in front of me.   Waycool, and especially since the attack/capture was completely silent!

A bit further upstream, still surrounded by broad low waterlogged meadows, I got a couple glimpses of I think 4 deer bounding away from me through copses of trees maybe one hundred yards away.   And on multiple occasions I got to within maybe 20 yards of 2 or 3 ducks, and they'd fly off, quacking noisily.   Scolding me for invading their territory?

It was a bit surprising how jumpy the deer and ducks were, as I make it an intentional point to be as silent, slow, and stealthy as possible.

As I progressed upstream, eventually the waterway narrowed so much as to make it difficult to paddle, and I began thinking about backing up to some spot wide enough to turn around, when suddenly I felt something cold and wet franticly spazzing about inside the kayak opening, bouncing around off my right hip.   I barely righted the kayak from tipping over just as the frog found his way out and to safety.   Hard telling who was more startled, me or the frog.   Woof!

Wednesday February 18, 2004
10:23 PM

Some assembly^Weducation required


How to help the decision-making senior pastor at one of my clients understand that network infrastructure and cable plant are among the very worst places to cut corners or go with the lowest bid. Not that extravegance is warranted in this planned new build-out of course, but they be the very foundation of a computerized office.


10:16 PM

I'm INVINCIBLE! *or* Frostbite Falls Feigns Fortitude

Securely harnassed via tether to the chimney, I managed to melt a small section of ice completely out of the frozen-far-past-overflowing south gutter. Then, using a hammer and cold chisel, I cut and chipped out small sections o'ice for hours on end until the entire gutter was free!

~ Free free, free at last! ~ I thank God almighty I'm free at last! ~

Next fall, I might just wrap the top section of downspouts with heat-tape, which would have haffachance of preventing them dammnable ice damns.

Sunday February 08, 2004
10:31 AM

Snow snow snow snow snow... Ice damns!

Yours truly is now among the elite few, the chosen ones, the proud select. I had to get up on the roof of my house and shovel snow.

Before you nominate me for the 2004 Darwinism Awards, let me explain...

Four inch ice damns have accumulated in the gutters due to near-record snowfalls, and the various exhaust and vent pipes protruding through the roof cause localized melting, which then backs up under the shingles and runs down the inside of the walls then across interior floor joists before dripping to the floor below. Water on structural wood is bad, very bad.</rain man>

My technique for avoiding a nasy slip and fall is to first shovel the 4' drift from the patio deck so the ladder has solid footing, then while on the roof always keep my center of gravity low and at least one foot braced against the bottom of one of the most solid vent pipes. If I ever have to do this again, I may well rig me up a safety harnass tethered over to some permanent structural fixture like a tree or my truck in the driveway. (taking dangerous chances)-- (calculated, ameliorated risks when necessary)++

I may experiment with outdoor-approved electrical heat tape in the vicinity of the varied and sundry vent/exhaust pipes. This would provide a channel through/across the ice damn, to allow meltwater drainage out instead of back-in-and-under.

But don't cry to me if you try this and fall to your death or break your neck and are permanently paralyzed for the remainder of your bleak, miserable, haunted, takes-a-nurse-to-wipe-your-arse-for-you existance. Or electrocute yourself and spouse and chilluns and the paper boy and all your beloved housepets plus the nest of mice in your attic. You've been warned!

Wednesday January 28, 2004
01:11 AM

/me peers about...

Tap, tap. tap...
Is this thing on?