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The first cut of this module is available at <a href=""></a>. <br> <br> If you don't know what Nagios is, visit <a href=""></a>. <br> <br> There are three modules in the distribution (for now):<br> Nagios::Object - represent Nagios objects as perl objects<br> Nagios::Object::Config - parse Nagios object configs<br> Nagios::StatusLog - parse Nagios status logs<br> <br> Some possible modules in the future:<br> Nagios::Default - parse files like nagios.cfg (this one will be in version 0.02)<br> DBD::Nagios - DBI/SQL interface to the Nagios configuration<br> Nagios::HTML - HTML widgets for Nagios configuration &amp; statuses<br> <br> My hope is that as time goes by, these modules make it possible to rewrite the Nagios CGIs in perl. I also plan on looking at making the backend of Nagios::Object be able to read Nagios v2's DBM cache or even get it directly from Nagios via SHM or something crazy like that. <br> <br> All (451) of my tests succeed on my Linux laptop, but I'd like for some of you out there to beat on it and let me know what you think. I'm planning on posting version 0.02 to CPAN this weekend if I get some feedback. tobert 2003-11-25T15:39:17+00:00 modules Nagios:: modules I've been hanging out in #perl on for the last few days. Good group in there - Spoon is a god. It has been interesting having it there as a crutch when my brain fails me - I use most of my mental power during the day (when I'm being paid). That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. <br> <br> I've been working hard on the Nagios::Objects module. It can parse Nagios object files and create objects for them quite fast, but still doesn't link them all together, which is going to be tricky. My current tactic is to follow the Nagios C sourcecode as closely as possible for the algorithm, making changes where needed to make it "perl written in perl" instead of "C written in perl."<br> <br> If you don't know what Nagios is, look at <a href=""></a>. My Nagios::Cmd module is already out on CPAN and can be installed thusly: perl -MCPAN -e 'install Nagios::Cmd' Of course, Nagios::Cmd will understand Nagios::Object(s), so everything should play together. My eventual goal is to be able to rewrite the Nagios CGI's in perl to run in mod_perl.<br> <br> I should also have some updates to Net::SNPP::Server (newest part of Net::SNPP) soon as I've had to add some stuff in order to use it in a project at work. tobert 2003-11-18T02:04:19+00:00 modules Becoming a CPAN module maintainer. It's really easy. Just write a pile of code for some module that hasn't been updated in a while and send it to the maintainer. Seriously, though, I'm now the maintainer of Net::SNPP on CPAN, which I'll probably be releasing an update to today (v1.15). I added Net::SNPP::Server and a test script (rudimentary) to verify that things still work. Net::SNPP now functions properly when sending 2-way messages to my Nextel phone and retrieving my replies. I also added three scripts to it for sending those 2-way messages, retrieving replies, and a server using<nobr> <wbr></nobr>::Server. The real question is: does anybody actually use this thing besides me?<br> <br> I'm also chatting with the guy who wrote the initial Nagios::Config modules, but doesn't have much time to work on them anymore. I wrote a bunch of objects to handle hosts, service, and timeperiods, so all they need now is a configuration parser. Easy right? Just Extract the Practical parts of the configuration and Report it using some programming Language. Hmm<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... tobert 2003-10-03T13:41:22+00:00 journal Welcome to me. So, I wanted to comment on heusserm's journal entry about DBI exceptions - I needed an account to do that. Well, creating an account means I have this space to record my every thought for other to consume.<br> <br> I've been kindof doing this on my website, <a href=""></a>, but since they haven't enabled SSH for me yet, it's a pain in the butt do update it more than once a month.<br> <br> <br> Perl Musing: Test/Test::More<br> <a href=""></a> had Andy Lester out yesterday (my birthday!), and his talk was quite good. Fortunately, I could follow along pretty easily as I had gotten testing religion earlier in the week. I wrote two modules, each having about 15 functions (they're not OO), while writing tests for each function as I fleshed it out. I can't believe how many bugs I killed up front. I'm sold. <br> <br> Later. tobert 2003-09-26T14:28:13+00:00 journal