submersible_toaster's Journal submersible_toaster's use Perl Journal en-us use Perl; is Copyright 1998-2006, Chris Nandor. Stories, comments, journals, and other submissions posted on use Perl; are Copyright their respective owners. 2012-02-08T22:45:37+00:00 pudge Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 submersible_toaster's Journal Padre Swarm plugin releases in anger <p>Let it never be said that I am a good release manager. </p><p> Padre-Plugin-Swarm-0.091 is making it's way to cpan. Much of the groundwork for some real collaborative editing in now in place, albeit buggy.</p><p> Upon enabling the plugin - padre users are able to chat with other padre users in a small panel at the bottom of the editor. In addition to the standard padre Directory/Project file tree in the left panel - swarm adds a resources view allowing other swarmers to see what files you have open and if they choose - open a copy of those.</p><p> The 'Run document in other Editor' feature has been disabled temporarily - despite all the disclaimers I believe that feature to be just too evil for use until swarm can distinguish between global and local swarm messages - on the assumption that someone on your local network will be <b>less</b> inclined to do evil things to your editor if the victim is able to walk across the office / domicile and slap the offender soundly across the head.</p><p> Much thanks go to Peter Lavender (waxhead) the present Padre release-manager for the most recent live test of the swarm global network transport, and for his kind and encouraging words.</p><p> Swarm is now at a stage where the network layer can be abstracted away enough to allow me to get on with the more interesting features detailed in the original swarm charter - namely editor collaboration.</p><p> It is my hope that some of the padre developers can be drawn into this vortex and "Surrender to the Swarm!"</p> submersible_toaster 2010-02-12T14:22:29+00:00 journal Padre-Plugin-Swarm becomes useful almost useful. <p>The experimental plugin for collaborative editing in Padre is making it's way to cpan. Padre-Plugin-Swarm-0.07 no longer depends on IO::Interface and should be installable in a <i>very</i> recent Padre like 0.56.</p><p> <strong>Features</strong></p><ul> <li>no-config networking</li><li>chat console</li><li>see other users list of open files</li><li>steal other users files</li><li>open your files in other editors</li><li>run your files in other editors!</li><li>... other remote execution bugs and more</li></ul><p> Screenshot <a href=""><nobr>i<wbr></nobr> n-Swarm-0.07.png</a></p> submersible_toaster 2010-02-04T13:25:29+00:00 journal