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statico (5018)

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Journal of statico (5018)

Wednesday November 03, 2004
05:45 PM


[ #21689 ]

Here's how it started (abridged):

[14:00] <ua> I'm surprised we haven't heard any Diebold attacks yet.
[14:00] <dha> Or dalek attacks, for that matter.
[14:00] <dha> now that we have new daleks
[14:01] <statico> daleks are the supreme evil beings of the universe -- just don't ask them about stairs
[14:01] <dha> statico - as of their last tv appearance, they can climb stairs
[14:02] <statico> dha: intense!
[14:02] <dha> I'd give you a title, but the last, like, six dalek stories have practically the same title, so I can't remember whihc it is.  It's the McCoy one

What followed was both the beginning of a meme and the introduction of a standard unit of measurement, the Dalek Meme Run (equivalent to 5 hours).

<DrForr> Defeat of the Daleks, Day of of the Daleks, Daleks of the Damned, Those Damn Daleks...

And thus it began. Names have been removed to protect against the infringed.

Eight Daleks Are Enough
Earnest Saves Daleks, Casadaleka, Citizen Dalek, the Maltese Dalek
The Bad News Bears Meet The Daleks
The Daleks Strike Back
Schindler's Dalek
Sling Dalek
The Big Ledalekski
The Dalek Invasion Of Earth.
Dalek's Army
Army of Daleks
Das Dalek
The Princess Dalek?
The Marriage of Dalek Von Braun
8 1/2 Daleks
Twenty-Seven Daleks
La Dalek Vita
Snow White and the 7 Daleks
Dawn of the Daleks
Shaun of the Daleks
The Wedding Dalek
The Dalek After Tomorrow
My Big Fat Dalek Wedding
Boogie Daleks
Daleks Daleks Daleks baked beans and Daleks
The Day the Daleks Stood Still
Law & Order: Special Daleks Unit
The Day the Daleks Caught Fire
Never Say Dalek
Independence Dalek
When Daleks Met Sally
Live and Let Dalek
Faces of Dalek
Edward Dalekhands
H. R. Puf'n'dalek
yeah, sleestaks kick dalek ass any day!
I *heart* Dalekbees
daleks...that shoot bees...with FRICKIN' LASERS...
Butch Cassidy and the Sundalek Kid
The Usual Daleks.
The Goddalek.
Typically, there were not a whole lot of actual dalek props, so crowd scenes were often achieved with cardboard cutouts of daleks
EXTERMINATE is probably the daleks from dr who
purl, Dalek Barbie?
purl, Dalek Barbie is <reply>EXFOLIATE!
Extermination is hard!
The Daleks of Summer
Snow White and the Seven Daleks
It's Dalek-table!
Dial D for Dalek
Finding Daleks
My Dalek With Andre?
The Dalek in the Willows
Dalek of the Opera
Behind The Green Dalek
Bob & Carol & Ted & Dalek
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Daleks
Dalek On The Beach
Daleks and Sense
Wag the Dalek
Dalek, Interrupted
Daleks and Cents
For A Few Daleks More
Walk like a Dalek
Daleks' 11
Bridget Jones' Dalek
Bill & Ted's Excellent Dalek
Sky Master and the Dalek of Tomorrow
Weekend Daleks
Wayne's Dalek
Cheaper by the Dalek
The Dalek of Oz
The Dalek Reloaded
Terminator 3: The Rise of the Daleks (seriously! I'd pay to see that!)
Battlefield: Dalek
Our Mutual Dalek (BBC/Hallmark Production)
What a Dalek Wants
Do Daleks have sex?
I, Dalek  <- can't believe I was the first one to think of this
The Good, the Bad, and the Dalek
Episode III: Revenge of the Daleks
The Dalek Redemption
The Usual Daleks
The Evil Daleks
The Silence of the Daleks
I, Dalek
Dalek Fiction
Kill Dalek.
Requiem for a Dalek
Twelve Angry Daleks
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Daleks
Indiana Dalek and the Temple of Who
Blazing Daleks
Secrets and Daleks
Where the Daleks Are
Dalek vs Mechadalek
Raiders of the Lost Dalek
Das Dalekk
Full Metal Dalek
2001: A Dalek Odessey
Dalek, Queen of the Desert
Apocalypse Dalek
Hanna and her Daleks
The Dalek, the Dalek, his Dalek and her Dalek.
Snow White and the 7 Daleks
White Daleks Can't Jump
A Dalek Called Wanda
The Last Dalekfighter
Who Framed Roger Dalek?
Like Dalek For Chocolate
Dalek: The Hand of Fate
Lord of the Daleks
Who's that Dalek?
To Kill A Dalek
The Longest Dalek
The Legend of Drunken Dalek.
Cool Hand DAlek.
The Good, The Bad and The Daleks
Cool Plunger Dalek
The Scent of a Dalek
The Daleks Take Manhattan
Lethal Dalek
9 1/2 Daleks.
200 Daleks
101 Daleks.
Night of the Living DAleks
The Daleks of Eastwick
Dalek 571
Superdalek Me
One Flew Over the Dalek's Nest
Mystery Dalek
With Six You Get Dalek
How the Dalek got her Groove Back
Dalek Paradiso
7 Brides for 7 Daleks
Taxi Dalek
The Forbidden Dalek
Clockwork Dalek
Indecent Dalek
The Blue Dalek
A Clockwork Dalek
Young Dalekstein
Weird Daleks
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dalek
Dalek Day Afternoon
50 First Dalek's
The Man Who Would Be Dalek
The Dalek Nikita.
Close Encounters of the Third Dalek
A Connecticut Dalek in King Arthur's Court
Behind the Green Dalek
Radio Dalek
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Dalek
Radioland Dalek
A Fistful of Dalek.
It's A Wonderful Dalek
The Cable Dalek
Kentucky Fried Dalek.
er, Dr. Strangedalek
Geez, you guys are still on about the daleks?
The Manchurian Dalek
PerlJam: Daleks
To Kill a Mocking Dalek
PerlJam: Daleks  Are Forever
Once a Dalek
Minority Dalek
The Dalek Supremacy
Who's Afraid of Virginia Dalek?
Schindler's Dalek.
A Dalek for All Seasons
The Dalek Whisperer
The Dalek Who Stole Christmas
Dalek Graffiti
The Three Dalekateers.
The Last Dalek Virgin
you guys are starting to repeat yourselves.  "Schindler's Dalek" was said before I went to lunch
Fried Green Daleks
Vertical Dalek.
The Last Dalek of Christ
The Passion of the Dalek
An American Dalek in Paris
er, UHDalek
The Dalek's Advocate
Singing in the Dalek
Dalek Brew
Canadian Dalek
The Sixth Dalek.
10 Daleks I Hate About You
The Hidden Dalek
No, 10 Things I Hate About Daleks
The Dark Dalek.
I know what the daleks did last summer?
The Daleks Strike Back!
Manos: The Daleks of Fate
dalekworld was five minutes ago
Daleks With Wolves
The Fisher Dalek
Me, Myself, and a Dalek
Natural Born Daleks
Mr. Dalek Goes to Washington
The Adventures of Dalek Munchausen
Dalek vs. Mechadalek
The Replacement Daleks
Daleks Gone Wild
you're still at it with the daleks titles?
Enemy of the Dalek.
Pitch Dalek.
Debbie Does Daleks
Behind the Green Dalek
hachi:  Behind the Green Dalek.
Cool Daleks
Jerry McDalek
Dirty Daleks
Buck Dalek.
Uncle Dalek!
20,000 Daleks Under The Sea
Don't Be A Dalek In South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood.
The Dalek Wore Tennis Shoes
Not Another Dalek Movie
The Shaggy Dalek.A.
My Fair Dalek
Clifford the Big Red Dalek.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Daleks.
The Great Dalek Caper
Singin' in the Dalek
Neogenesis: Dalek.
West Side Dalek
Strangers on a Dalek
George Dalek in Love.
George of the Daleks
Cry the Beloved Dalek
Dalek versus the Volcano.
The Dalek Patient
The Lost Daleks!
Daleks at Tiffany's
Texas Dalek Massacre.
The Remains of the Dalek
A Touch of Dalek
Daleks Attack!
Mars needs Daleks
live and let dalek
Dude, where's my Dalek?
exterminate is the daleks from dr who
The Man in the Iron Daleki
A Streetcar Named Dalek
The Daleks of Wrath
The Daleks of Navarone
Daleks in Black
The Dalek Always Rings Twice
Dalek and Greg
Willy Wonka and the Glass Dalek
Dial M for Dalek
Dalek Dalek Bang Bang
Mighty Joe Dalek
Dog Dalek Afternoon
Attack of the Killer Daleks
Star Trek II: The Dalek of Khan
Star Trek VI: The Undaleked Country
Dalek Willy?
nah, Free Dalek
The Day the Dalek Stood Still
The Sweet Smell of Dalek
Honey, I Shrunk The Daleks
From Here to Dalek
Moby Dalek
The Quiet Dalek
Peter Dalek
The Crying Dalek
Heart Of Dalekness
The Dalek Mutiny
A Tale of Two Daleks
Easy Dalek
My Dalek Vinny
The UnDalek
OK, this is official Dalek overload
ah... a Clockwork Dalek
Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Dalek
Coal Miner's Dalek
Citizen Dalek
Dalek Family Robinson
Dalek and Furious
The Treasure of the Sierra Dalek
Did someone suggest "Dog Dalek Afternoon" yet?
Planet of the Daleks
Gone With The Dalek
The Daleks of Wrath
The Gods Must Be Daleks
Kentucky Fried Dalek
The Maltese Dalek
Amazon Daleks on the Moon
Natural Born Daleks
Dalek Fried Rice
It's a Wonderful Dalek
Being John Dalekovich.
His Girl Dalek
Mr. Dalek Goes To Washington
Being Dalek Dalek
Dr. Zhidalek
It's a Wonderful Dalek
In Like Dalek
Grosse Point Dalek
Arsenic and Old Dalek
The Dalek Job
The Magnificent Dalek
12 Angry Daleks
The Old Man and the Dalek
The Dalek Collector
Did someone get 12 Daleks?
Around the World In 80 Daleks
To Kill a Mockingdalek
4 Daleks, 3 Daleks.
True Daleks
Dalek's Peak
The Neverending Dalek
The Life and Death of Colonel Dalek
Barton Dalek
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Dalek
The Dalek Remains the Same
amazingly, lamech got it on "The Dalek, the Dalek, his Dalek and her Dalek."
Dalek Paradiso?
Deep Dalek.
Nightmare before Dalekmas?
The Dalek
007: Octodalek
the dalek is like 45th and baltimore
Daleks In Black.
The Palm Beach Dalek
The Dalek Brothers?
Bowling for Daleks\
Miracle on Dalek Street
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Dalek
Dalek 9/11.
Scared to Dalek
The Love Dalek
Triumph of the Dalek!
Road Dalek
I Know What You Dalek Last Summer
47 Daleks.
Law and Dalek
The Ox-bow Dalek
Dalek Brasco
Dalek and the Lost City
Artificial Dalek
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dalek
I, Dalek
Office Dalek.
Laura Croft, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Dalek
The Dalekityville Horror
9 to Dalek
mako132: that one is better as the Ammityville Dalek
Apocalypse Dalek
The Best Little Dalek in Texas
48 Daleks
Little Dalek on the Prairie
Rosemary's Dalek
Leathal Dalek
Saving Private Dalek
Hot Shots Part Dalek
Dances with Daleks?
The Once and Future Dalek
Of Mice and Daleks
Boondalek SAints.
War and Daleks?
Little Daleks?
Dr Dalek
Life of Dalek.
Tom Dalek?
I Was a Teenage Dalek
"clintp" at pasted "Dalek list for today, alpha order" (748 lines) at
A Dalek Of Their Own
Dalek of Arabia
American Dalek
The Three Daleks?
Monty Python and the Holy Dalek
Evil Dalek III: Army of Darkness
Monty Python's Life of Dalek
The Life of Dalek
The Seventh Dalek
geez.  I *just* said Life of Dalek and two other people repeated.  It probably hasn't even scrolled off the top of the screen yet.  :-)
All Quiet on the Western Dalek
Dalek and Clive Get The Horn
Harold and Dalek go to White Castle
I'm still partial to "Debbie Does Daleks."
Shaun of the Dalek
Dalek: First Blood Part II
Once Upon A Dalek In The West
Westside Dalek
A Fistful of Daleks
Blazing Daleks
Pale Dalek
Finding Dalek
The Dalek Josey Wales
For A Few Daleks More
Dirty Dalek
Howard the Dalek
The Dalek Crystal
Daleknation Alley
The Daleks of Flatbush
Il Daleko Rosso?
The Dalekship Potemkin
Daleks for Dummies.
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Dalek
At Play In The Fields of the Daleks
Russian Dalek
Citizen Dalek
Watership Dalek
Big Dalek
Watership Dalek
Back to the Dalek
The Dalek Brothers.
The Right Dalek
Fear and Daleks in Las Vegas
Wild Dalekberries
I hope someone got Faster, Dalek, kill! Kill!
The Dalek and Daniel Webster
Ben Dalek
Surf Nazis Must Dalek
Amazon Daleks on the Moon
Beyond the Valley of the Daleks
Surk Daleks Must Die, rather
The Last Dalek
Fast Times at Dalek High
Beverly Hills Dalek
Dalek des Sources
Dr. Strangedalek, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Extermination
hehe: Pee-wee's Big Dalek
The Wicker Dalek
Big Dalek House
Le Dalek Sur Le Pont
Charlies Daleks
Dalek in Seattle.
You've got Dalek!
Space Daleks
When Harry met Dalek
Dr. Strangedavros, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Dalek
I, Dalek
So I married an Axe Dalek.
Out of Dalek
[15:49] ::: nwp_ tries to imagine the restaurant scene in "When Harry Met Dalek"
The Dalekhead
6 Daleks 7 Nights
O Dalek, Where Art Thou?
9 1/2 Daleks
Valley of the Daleks
The Wild Daleks
Top Dalek
Boogie Daleks
The Mighty Daleks
Good Morning, Daleks!
Dead Daleks Society
The Dalek Identity
Dalek Sky
Dalek and Daleker
Mr. Dalek Goes To Washington
The Running Dalek
The Dalek Crown Affair
I Was a Teenage Dalek
The Talented Mr. Dalek.
The Longest Dalek
Meet Joe Dalek
A Dalek Too Far
Wild Wild Daleks
Dalek Gully.
Dalek of the River Plate
Dalek over the River Kwai
I, Dalek.
The Manchurian Dalek
Dalek Wood
The Italian Dalek
Daleks at the Gate.
50 Daleks over Tokyo
It's a Wonderful Dalek
The League of Extraordinary Daleks
The Secret of Dalek
The Daleks Must Be Crazy
An American Dalek in Paris
Hook, Line and Dalek
Dalek in Paradise
The 6th Dalek
Shall We Dalek?
Dalek of the Rings
Bonnie and Dalek
Enter the Dalek
Eat, Dalek, Man, Dalek
North Dalek Forty
Earth Daleks are Easy.
Throw Dalek From the Train
Donnie Dalek
Born to be Dalek
Mr. Dalek's Opus
[15:55] ::: lamech joins #dalek
Monty Pythons Flying Dalek
Yet Another Dalek Channel North America?  :-)
Hey, hey.  It could be worse than mindless dalek-ness.... we could be discussing the election or something.
Daleks of Fury
BiDalek Man
The Brothers Dalekazov
I'm still hoping the "Debbie Does Daleks" refernce will start an even more mindless pr0n tangent.  I'm killing time till I can go pick up my truck.  :)
Dalek Ho-Tep
Harry Potter and the Philosphers Dalek
Almost Dalek.
Harry Potter and the Secret Dalek
Logan's Dalek
Animal Dalek
Red Dalek
A Dalek is Born
Hedwig and the Angry Dalek
Dalek on the Roof
It Came From Dalek Space
Yaakov: Dalek on a Hot Tin Roof
Willy Wonka and the Dalek Factory
South Park: Bigger, Longer and DALEK
Dalek in Wonderland
Cat on a Hot Tin Dalek
From the Earth to the Dalek
A Beautiful Dalek
Waiting for Dalek
who replaced #perl with dalek-eliza?
Dalek Torkington
All the Dalek's Men
O Lucky Dalek!
Bulletproof Dalek
How dalek that make you feel, modred?
Naked Dalek
in the future all political discourse will be replaced with mindless dalek cascades.
Mission Dalek 2
Dead Dalek Walking
The Dalek Mile
Forrest Dalek
Clear and Present Dalek
Dalek Quest
From Dalek to Eternity
The Runaway Dalek
All the Kings Dalek
Dalek is Dalek
Crimson Dalek
Daleks Courageous
Good Dalek Hunting
Oh.. um... Dalek
Battlestar Dalek
Dalek Burning
My Big Fat Greek Dalek
The President's Dalek
'Twas mine. "My Big Fat Dalek Wedding"
The Name of the Dalek
The Dalek Club
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Dalek
Daleks of Madison County
Calendar Daleks
Butch Dalek and the Sungo Kid
Austin Powers: The Dalek Who Shagged Me
Chicken Dalek
The Blair Dalek Project
Dalek Theory
Star Wars Episode V: The Dalek Strikes Back
Erin Dalek
The Dalek of Dr. Caligieri
Star Wars Epsiode VI: The Return Of The Dalek
For Love of the Dalek
Invasion of the Dalek Snatchers
The Hunt for Red Dalek
The Hound of the Dalekvilles
The Dalek from the Black Lagoon
History of the Daleks: Part I
Dalek and Death on Long Island
Kiss Me Dalek
Four Daleks and a Funeral
Daleks, Inc.
The Dalek Always Rings Twice
The Princess Dalek
The Art of Dalek
Fear and Daleks in Las Vegas
The Dalek in the Window
Dalek by Dalekwest
All the President's Daleks.
Short Dalek
Dalek History X
The Count of Monte Dalek
Trading Daleks
Rush Dalek
Do The Right Dalek
A Dalek to Kill
sex, lies and daleks
Crocodile Dalek
Along Came Dalek
9 1/2 Daleks
The Man Who Shot Liberty Dalek
Oloryn: Crocodile Dun-Dalek
Mark of Dalek
Sgt Dalek
Outlaw Dalek Whales
good lord, STILL with the daleks?
Courage Under Dalek
She Wore a Yellow Dalek
The Big Dalekski
Ride the High Dalek
The Dalek Trap
lamech: already did The Dalek Josey Wales
waltman: Daleks Are Forever
Oh Dalek Where Art Thou?
McDalek and Mrs. Miller
Last of the Daleks
Not Another Dalek Movie
101 Dalek
The Dalek's Daughter
Bang the Dalek Slowly
You Only Dalek Twice
Don't Tell Mom The Daleksitter's Dead
High Plains Dalek
The Dalek has landed
Dalek of Montreal
Dalek in Manhattan
The Dalek Escape
Dalek To Victory
Cheaper by the Dalek
Dalek in a Bottle
The Dalek Before Christmas
The Dalek Who Came To Dinner
The Sungoshank Dalektion
Half Daleked
Who Framed Roger Dalek?
12 Angry Daleks
The Story of Dalek of Arc
The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Dalek
Lady and the Dalek
Dalek For One
Bring Me the Dalek of Alfredo Garcia
The Talented Mr. Dalek
Ordinary Decent Dalek
Cowboy Dalek: Tengoku No Tobira
You're still doing Daleks, two hours later.
Dalek Mononoke?
The Dalek Upstairs
Cruel Daleks
Dalek Intentions
what the hell is Dalek?
rumour has it Dalek is like 45th and baltimore
The Last Action Dalek
The Fast And The Dalek
Raging Dalek
2 Fast 2 Dalek
Enter the Dalek
no, purl, dalek is EXTERMINATE EXTERMIN... oh, wait, \you don't have a ramp\? Shit.
Three Daleks and a Baby
Interview With The Dalek
Rear Dalek
Daleks In the Hood
Blazing Daleks
Dalek for the Prosecution
Artificial Dalek?
Daleks of a Summer Night
Save the Last Dalek
Minority Dalek
Truth about Daleks and Daleks.
The Evil that Daleks Do
In the Heat of the Dalek
The name of the Dalek
Everything you wanted to know about Daleks but were afraid to ask.
The Dalek, the Dalek, the Dalek and her Dalek
And Then There Were Dalek
The Usual Daleks
Dalek Hall
Dalek and her Sisters
Dalek's Party
A Dalek story
Dalek's Eleven
pdcawley: I had "Hanna and her Daleks", dunno if that counts
House of the Dalek
Does your nick mean "Dalek Hell Agitator" or something similar?
Daleks and Fog
All Your Dalek Are Belong to Us
Basic Dalek
Aroung the Dalek in 80 days
Dalekgarry Dalek Ross
Dalek Instinct, surely?
The Mask of Dalek
The Eternal Sunshine of the Dalek Mind
City of Daleks
City of Lost Daleks
Man, Woman, Eat, Dalek
Children of the Dalek
Mission to Dalek
Calendar Daleks.
The Legend of Robin Dalek
The Iron Dalek
Daleks of Fire
The Man in the Iron Dalek
Dalek A. E.
Sinbad the Dalek
Little Big Dalek
The Invisible Dalek
Bruce Lee: The Dalek Gang
Dalek Who
well, Dalek is EXTERMINATE EXTERMIN... oh, wait, you don't have a ramp? Shit.
To Catch a Dalek
The Dalek Show
Dalek Age
The Pink Dalek
The Opening of Dalek Beethoven
The Wages of Dalek
Take My Advice: The Dalek and Dalek Story
or The Daleks of Fear
The Dalek in the White Suit
Sophie's Dalek
Dalek in white
Dalek in Black :)
Rosemary's Dalek
Ace Ventura: Pet Dalek
The Andromeda Dalek
Soylent Dalek
Yaakov: dalek from orbit. it's the only way to be dalek.
American Dalek
lamech: Dalek==Psycho?
Only Daleks Have Wings
You've got Dalek!
Dalek Beauty
Dalek Pie
Dalek Pie.
Dalek in My Hometown
The Daleks Have Eyes
A Dalek Named Desire
lamech: had "American Dalek" earlier
The Daleks Under the Stairs
Dalek Violations
Dalek Graffiti
Superdalek, Spiderdalek, etc.
Dalek A.E
The dalek count is over 800 lines.
Bridge over the river Dalek
Max Dalek Returns
Dalek Mnemonic
Mad Max: Beyond ThunderDalek
Dalek Baldwin
Dirty Daleking
Porky's II: The Next Dalek
Dalek Guiness
The Breakfast Dalek
Five Golden Daleks
Fried Green Daleks
Heavy Dalek
Back to Dalek
Seven (Daleks)
The Good, the Bad and the Daleks.
Dalek's On the Run
Once Upon a Dalek In America
Plan Dalek
Beverly Hills Dalek
SDalek 17
Petticoat Dalek
The Year of Living Dalekly
Dalek Impossible
DALEK 1138
DALEK 1138
Trois couleurs: Dalek
Dalek 10 from Navarone
Y Tu Dalek Tambien
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dalek
purl: dalek is an appropriate election-talk ender, like "hitler"
...but dalek is EXTERMINATE EXTERMIN... oh, wait, you don't have a ramp? Shit....
The Seven Dalek
Groundhog Dalek
Sea Dalek
Top Dalek
Inspector Dalek
Dalek's Crossing
Monty Python's Flying Dalek
Dalek Marklar
Spinal Dalek
Enter the Dalek
Dalek Academy
Romancing the Dalek
The Station Dalek
Dalek in Pink
Dalek and the Temple of Doom
Whale Dalek
Dalek and the Temple of Dalke
Dalek and the Temple of Dalek
Raise your dalek
Dalek and the Dalek of Daleks
A Dirty Dalek
The Whole Nine Daleks
The Four Dalekteers?
Dalek at Nuremberg (now *that* woulda been *funny*)
Thin Red Dalek
Surviving Dalek
Chasing Dalek
Das Dalek
Crocodile Dalekdee
le fabuleux destin d'am&#195;&#169;lie dalek
Dalek don't live here anymore
Who's the Dalek
the Dalek is EXTERMINATE EXTERMIN... oh, wait, you don't have a ramp? Shit.
Dalek: The Musical
Les Enfants du Dalek
Stop or my Dalek will shoot
The Man With One Red Dalek
Les Daleks Terrible
The Year Of Living Dalekly
Fat Dalek
Grand Theft Dalek: Jelly Baby City
The Wild Woman of Dalekwoman
Freddy vs Dalek.....or is that Dalek vs Jason?
The Wild World of Dalekwoman
Daleks, The new beginning
Team Dalek: World Police
Seed of Dalek
A Dalek Named Charlie Brown
Dalek full of grace
The Color Dalek
Van Daleker
Giant Dalek Invasion
Dalek on the Bounty
Throw Daleks From the Train
The French Dalektion
Dalek and Commander
A series of unfortunate daleks
Dalek 2
Dalek In My Eye
Dalek infinity!
Johnny Dalekly
A slipping down Dalek
Police Academy Five - Assignment: Dalek Beach
Deep Throat Daleks
Dalek Story
Crossing Dalek with John Edward
Kiss Me Dalek
Blazing Daleks
anybody do Falling Dalek yet?
being dalek malkovich
Blazing Daleks
Naked Dalek 2 1/2
blazing daleks has been well beaten
I, Dalek
Play Dalek for Me
The Big Dalekski
The Dalek that Wouldn't Die
The Dalek who shot Liberty Valance?
hunt for the dalek october
Christmas with the Daleks
Me without Dalek
Dalek Christ, still with the Dalek movie titles??
Dalek Off
chasing dalek
Mighty Morphin' Power Daleks: The Movie
Legally Dalek
Dalek Me, Amadeus
Dalek Pryor: Live in Concert
The Dalek in the Hat
Being Dalek
Carpe Dalek
Dalek City
All the Presidents Daleks?
Ernest Goes to Dalek
Universal Dalek
les daleks de belleville
2001: A Space Dalek
Ali Baba and the Fourty Daleks
Cape Dalek, Dalek of the Lambs, The Daleks of Belleville....
A Time To Dalek
The Dalek Suicides
or |The Virgin Daleks
Dalek's list
Four Weddings and a Dalek?
had dalekheart
Dalek, actually
Dalek 9/11
Bridget Jones' Dalek
Dalek in Traslation
Four Heads in a Dalekbag
The Bad News Daleks Go to Japan
pdcawley: we had "Four Daleks and a Funeral"
10 Daleks I hate about you
Four Daleks and a wedding
Daleks of the Carribean
The Legend of Bagger Dalek
100 Daleks
The Life of David Dalek
Driving Miss Dalek
25th Dalek
Dalek In The Shell; Princess Monobumpy; Dalek Genesis Evangelion; Dalek 1/2; Maison EXTERMINATE; EXTERMINATE Hina; Dalek Muyo!; Dalekball Z
No Daleks Barred
Gross Point Dalek
28 Daleks later
Point Dalek
40 days and 40 daleks
abre los daleks
Better Off Dalek?
Dalek: The Gathering
One Crazy Dalek?
Dalek: The Exterminating, surely
One Upon a Time in Daleko
(aka vanilla dalek)
About a Dalek
Training Dalek
Dalek's 11
A Day in the Life of Ivan Dalekovich
Ai no Dalek (Ai no Corrida)
Reach for the Dalek
All the real dalek
Pulp Dalek
The Dalekbusters
almost dalek
Allegro Non Daleko
along came a dalek
Yu Mama Dalek
A Fistful of Daleks
Reservoir Daleks
For a Few Daleks More
dalek spelndor
Surely Yu Dalek Tambien
Y Tu Dalek Tambien!
Son of Dalek!
Dalek Hur
Monty Python's Flying Dalek
The Island of Dr. Dalek
This Island Dalek
Shipping Daleks
Mullholand Dalek
The Dalekillers
The Rising Dalek
the sure hand of dalek
The Dalek With Teh Golden Plunger
That Obscure Dalek of Desire
A Connecticut Dalek in King Arthur's Court
Au Bout de Dalek
Dalek Wedding
Amored Daleks
Much Ado About Dalek
Cool Hand Dalek
Amores Daleks, I mean
Babette's Dalek
The Sweet HereDalek
Mother, Jugs and Daleks
The Undearable Dalek of Dalek
Dalek By Law
The Undearable Dalek of Being
Am&#233;lie Dalek
The Count of Monte Dalek
Dalek 13
The Maltese Dalek
Dalek Considered Harmful
Bramstoker's Dalek
Dalek - The lost empire
All the Presidents Daleks
Dalek Now
Dalek Powers 2
20,000 Daleks Under the Sea
3 men and a little dalek
Bad Daleks
-- The Dalek Who Exterminated Me
This Planet Dalek
Yaakov: shouldn't that be Dalekalypse Now?
Behind Dalek Lines
Saving Ryan's Daleks
Betten than Daleks
Good Daleks Wear Black
saving dalek's privates!
The Dalek Who Came In From the Cold
Grosse Point Dalek
Daleks in the Outfield
Daleks in Black
Big Dalek
On Golden Dalek
Black Dalek Down
Field of Daleks
Yaakov: see ya, dalek
Rooster Dalekburn
dalek, Yaakov
Dalek Q.
Dalek Witch 2
Dalek Collector
Wallace & Dalek
Dalek RUn
The Chronicles of Dalek
Debbie Does Dalek
Run Dalek Run
Run, Dalek, Run
The Land That Dalek Forgot
Turner and Dalek
Deep Dalek
Silent Dalek
the looney looney looney bugs dalek movie
Who Killed Roger Dalek
Dalek's Moving Castle
Mortal Dalek
Brother Dalek
Dougal and the Blue Dalek
Kindergarten Dalek
Dalek Run III
Chitty Chitty Dalek Dalek
Does saying Dalek enough times get Kerry elected or something?
Dalek: Off the Leash
Forget Dalek
statico: I forgot dalek
Chitty Chitty Dalek
Dalek's Angels
Chasing Dalek
Bring Dalek On
To Dalek and Dalek Not
Dalek Run
Bring Dalek On, Again
Jay and Silent Dalek strike back
Carry On Daleking
Varsity Daleks
The Talented Mr. Dalek
"ua" at pasted "ALL FUCKING DALEKS REFERENCES, SORTED" (887 lines) at
Carry On Up The Dalek
Carry on Dalek
It came from Dalek
Dalek Wish
Children of Dalek
Jesus Christ Superdalek
The Neverending Dalek
City of Dalek
Quatermass and the Daleks
Judge Dalek
Collateral Dalek
Tank Dalek
Once Before I Dalek
Village of the Daleks
the little dalek that could
The Dalek of Notre Dam
Dalek Trebek
Aleksander Daleksky
Little Dalek Wants to Fly
Dead and Dalek'ed
Dalek on 34th Street
Daleks Trebek?
A Miracle on Dalekth Street
the ghost and mrs. Dalek ?
No Dalek's Land
Dalek 2000
Die another dalek
Bowling for Daleks
And Now for Something Completely Dalek
'Dalek' Morant
Mystry Science Dalek 3000
Doctor Dalek
a dalek named desire
Boogie Daleks
The Big Dalekowski
Dungeons and Daleks
Mystry Science Dalek 3000: The Movie
A clockwork Dalek
Embrace of the Daleks
Tin Daleks
The Black Dalek
Enemy of the Dalek
Exit Daleks
Dalek At the Gates
Glendalek Glenross
Bad News Daleks
Daleks wide shut
House of Daleks
Minority Dalek
Good Morning Dalek
Birth of a dalek ?
Little Dalek On The Prarie
The Dalek in the White Suit
Cold Dalek
Casual Dalek
The Man with One Red Dalek
Saving Private Dalek
The Titfield Dalek
Joe versus The Dalek
Field of Dalek
Dalek to Pimlico
The Red Daleks
Where Daleks Dare
National Lampoon's Dalek Vacation
Two Daleks for Sister Sara
Kentucky Fried Dalek
Dalek Perversions
Daleks of the Valley
Chez Dalek ?
pirates of the carribbean: the curse of the black dalek
Guess Who's Coming To Dalek
Dalek! Dalek! Dalek!
Finding Dalek
Oh! Dalek!
Flash Dalek
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Dalek
Friend Green Dalek
Daleks in the Night
Daleks of new york
The Maltese Dalek
Gone is 60 daleks
The League of Extraordinary Daleks
Dial D for Dalek
The Dalek Redepmtion
Lock Stock and Two Smoking Daleks
The Dalek Always Rings Twice
A Shot in the Dalek
Dalekheit 451
Dude, Where's My Dalek?
Hot Daleks
to Dalek a mockingbird ?
Dalekhouse 5
The Old Man and the Dalek
Shaun of the Daleks
3 Men and a Little Dalek
E.T. the Extra-Dalek
boxing Dalek
Meet Me in St. Dalek
Much Ado About Dalek
Panic Dalek
Dalek Park
Fanny and Dalek
Kill Dalek
Under Siege 2: Dalek Territory
Dalek! Dalek! Dalek!
Four Weddings and a Dalek
kiss of the dalek
Dalek Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
knight dalek
Swallows and Daleks
The Dalek Machine
Five Daleks and It
La lengua de las Daleks
The Dalek Identity
The Thief of BaghDalek
Eddie Murphy: Dalek
The Curious Incident of the Dalek in the Night
Dalek Canyon
Dalek and Persuasion
Dalek Noon
Dalek vs. Aztec Mummy
Le Dalek Rouge
Dalek and Prejudice, obviously
Legally Dalek
Mommy Dalek
Le Rouge et La Dalek
Santa Claus Conquers the Daleks
Dalek of the flies
Honey, I shrunk the Daleks
Three Daleks: Red
Three Daleks: Blue
Three Daleks: White
Lost in Daleks
A Hard Day's Dalek
Santa Claus COnquers the Daleks on Mars
nwp_: I had 'Trois Couleurs: Dalek'
That Think You Dalek
Lost in Daleks
Dalek Eye for the Exterminated Guy
Lovely Dalek
They Shoo Daleks, Don't They?
Monsoon Dalek
Lucia y el Dalek
Dalek Dancing
Dalek Revolutions
The Divine Secrets Of The Dalek Sisterhood
Husbands and Daleks
The Sixth Dalek
LotR: in that case, "Det Sjunde Dalek", I think...
Dalek Reloaded
Four Daleks
Run Dalek Run
Baz Luhrmann's Dalek + Juliet
Dalek Attack, USA
The Dalekhouse
Or possibly Romeo + Dalek
Modern Dalek (Modern Tiems)
Night Dalek to Mundo Fine
Dalek smile
A la recherche du dalek perdu
Goodbye Dalek
Dalek INC
Hiroshima, Mon Dalek
Bring Up Dalek
Last exit to Daleks
Dalek Alone
Morvern Dalek
Flash Dalek
Flesh Dalek!
Dalek On the Roof
Last Exit to Dalek
Requiem for a Dalek
Mulholland Dalek
The Dalek Who Came in From the Cold
Oh Dalek, I love you! But we only have 6 hours to save the planet.
Harold and Kumar Go To White Dalek
Dalek Soup
My dinner with dalek
OT: Acme::Dalek
La Daleka
A dalek at the opera
dalek does dallas?
Mystic Dalek
Mark Jason Dalek
Dalek Wall
dalek d foy
Behind the Dalek door ?
Programming Dalek
LotR: debbie does daleks
Yet Another Dalek Movie
Things To Do In Dalek When You're Dead
Being John Dalek
Bo Dalek in "10"
Laziness, Impatience, Dalek
I am a Fugitive from a Chain Dalek
O Dalek, Where Art Thou
Planes, Trains, and Daleks
Oh Dalek, Where art thou?
Doctor Dalek and the Whos
xantus: Planes, Trains, and Automodaleks
The Daleks of Eastwick ?
A Nous La Dalek
Ong Dalek
Dalek in Love
Honey, I shrank the Daleks
The Unbelievable Dalek
Phantom of the Dalek
Planet of the Daleks
Pretty Dirty Daleks
I'm a Dalek, get me out of here!
Playboy, Hot Daleks
My, Myself, and Dalek
Gold Daleks of 1933
Big Dalek.
Of Daleks and Men
Raiders of the Lost Dalek
The Heart of Dalek
La Dalek Humaine
Mutiny on the Dalek
Blue Dalekii
Queen - Dalek tribute concert O:-)
2 Dalek 2 Exterminate
Dalek of Red Cap
The Curse of the Black Dalek
Zorba the Dalek
Resident Dalek
revenge of the pink dalek
Cradle 2 the Dalek
Revolution Dalek
Dalek and Commander: The Far Side Of The World
Dalek Stories
The Mysterious Mr. Dalek
Ghost Dalek
Dalek of the Pride
Scary Dalek
House of a Thousand Daleks
Alien vs. Dalek
The Dalek Express
Fulltime Dalek
Scooby Daleks
How the Grinch stole Dalek
sex with daleks
Dalek the Hedgehog
Daleks in Pink Lace
Dalek in the Rye
sinteen daleks
Sex, Lies, and Dalektapes
now daleks
Gunga Dalek
snow daleks
Hold the Dalek
9 Daleks
The Diary of Anne Dalek
Secret Dalek
Dalek Little
Dalek Resurection
Some Like it Dalek
Reservoir Daleks?
Ass Daleks
Kill Dalek Vol. 1
Seven Brides for Seven Daleks
The Princess Dalek
Throw Dalek From teh Train
The Princess Dalek
karma dalek
dalek has neutral karma
Around the Dalek in 80 Days
The Dalektrix
The Dalek Effect
Theory: the princess dalek
Around the world in 80 Daleks
Kenneth Moore as Davros in Reach for the Daleks
A matter of Life and Dalek
Dalek! The Musical
The count of monte Dalek
Resident Dalek
Hey, Dalek!
the day of the dalek
Bowling for Dalekbine
Dalek 911
A Hard Dalek's Night
The big Dalek
the dalek next door
The big Dalekowski
Flock of Daleks
the daleks new groove
There's Something About Daleks
The Dalek Storm
Tiki Tiki Dalek
the good dalek
My brother went to Skyro and all I got was this lousy dalek!
the good old naughty dalek
Don't Say A Dalek
the haunted dalek
Dalek and Kumar go to White Castle
Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the life of Robert S. Dalek
the italian dalek
Cheaper by the Dalek
Rita, Sue and Dalek too.
Dalek In The White City
The Times of Harvey Dalek
My beautiful Dalek
the last dalek virgin
Hearts of Dalek: A Filmmaker's Extermination
Kelly's Daleks
Capturing the Dalek
Charlie's Daleks
the league of extraordinary dalek
Hamburger Dalek
Uh, Dalektraz
Who's Afraid of Virginia Dalek?
Dalek County, USA
3-2-1 EXTERMINATE (comes on after The Dalek Company and Mr. Dalek's Razed Neighborhood)
How Green Was My Dalek
The last Dalek of cadavra
Dalek-9: P.I.
The Shape of Daleks to Come
the quiet dalek
The Thin Blue Dalek
The Dalek Stuff
The Night of The Dalek
Dalek Day Afternoon
The Dalek After Tommorrow
Going Upriver: The Long War of John Dalek
The return of the Texas Dalek Massacre
Ghost Dalek: Way of the Samurai
The Desert Daleks
The sweetest dalek
Stop Making Daleks
Dalek Hur
Tomb Dalek
When We Were Daleks
Somewhere over the dalek
Once there were daleks
never say dalek again?
Faces of Dalek
The Thin Dalek
1000000 daleks BC
The Day the Dalek Stood Still
A Date with your Dalek
Van dalek: the london assignment
Weird Dalek
Green Grow the Daleks
Hangin' with the HomeDaleks
Dalek Shadows
what a dalek wants
The Dalek Crystal
Who framed Dalek Rabit
the werdaleks of london
snowwhite and the seven daleks?
Alexander the Dalek
The Gay Dalekee
Dalek's Really Big Movie
Dalek Tale
Rush Dalek
White Daleks
The Magnificent Daleks
The Royal Dalekbaums
My big fat greek dalek
Mean Daleks
For a Few Daleks More
Harley Dalekson and the Marlboro Man
lamech: yes, Van Daleker
bill & ted's excellent dalek
damn those daleks
Daleks in America
American Dalek
Ryan's Dalek
Daleks and Cigarettes
The Hudsucker Dalek
Daleks Gone Wild
Dalek Family Vacation
dalek's angels? nah
The Manchurian Dalek
Dalek on Fire
Thirty Daleks Over Tokyo
Dalek Q
Grand Theft Dalek
Derek and the Daleks / Dalek and the Dominoes
Super Dalek Bro
Dalek the Daleks and Dalek them with Daleks
Mrs. Frisby and the Daleks of NIMH
The passion of Dalek
lamech the Dalek :)
The Dalek Children
The Midwich Daleks
holy fuck... this is the last time i talk do dha about daleks
Gangs of New Dalek
THe Polar Dalek
The Dalek Syndrome
What About Dalek?
The Hudsucker Dalek (You know, for kids)
Ladder Dalek
The Dalek who wasn't there
Ice station Dalek produced by howard Dalek hughs
The business of Dalek
Shall we Dalek
Friday Night Daleks
Team Dalek: World Police (2004)
The sound of dalek
Swimming With Daleks
Dances With Daleks
Dalek Scene Investigation
The Dalek Returns
My Dalek and Other Animals
Fists of the Double Dalek
How the Dalek Stole Christmas
The Daleksitters club
Breakfast at Daleks
What Daleks Beneath
The Breakfast Daleks
Dalek Games
Hot Dalek in the
Yom Dalekpur
Habla con Dalek
Dalek 12
Journey to the center of the Dalek
The Dalek of the Baskervilles
All in a Dalek's Work
Take Care of Daleks
Ladri di Dalek
Miss Dalek
Family Dalek
Couch Daleks
Singing in the Dalek
Dalek now
Autobiography of a Dalek
12 Angry Dalek
I wanna see something about dalek diggler
the full dalek?
Talk Dalek To Me
Dalek. Shlong.
Dalek Hard
Shallow Dalek
If Daleks could kill
Shadow of a Dalek
The Rocky Dalek Picture Show
.oO(Dalek and Bullwinkle?)
Dalekian Pie?
Steamboat Dalek
Life of Dalek
Ed Dalek
Edward Dalekhands
Dalekburger Hil
President Dalek the asshole
Gone with the Dalek
Dalek destroys earth
everything you always wanted to know about dalek, but were afraid to ask
The Art of Dalek
or, everything you never wanted to know about dalek, but were forced to find out
Almost Daleks
A Dalek at the Races
Bridget Dalek and the Edge of Reason
It's The Great Dalek, Charlie Brown
To Dalek or not to Dalek
Dalek Cozens
Batman and Dalek
My StepDalek is an Alian
EXTERMINATE is the daleks from dr who

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