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scrottie (4167)


My email address is Spam me harder! *moan*

Journal of scrottie (4167)

Sunday June 28, 2009
01:37 PM

Convo with YAPC2010 organizer: it's all about Sun, Oracle

[ #39185 ]

*** Candybar ( has joined channel #yapc
<Candybar> Hi... I hear some folks are chatting about YAPC::NA::2010 in Columbus
*** karen ( has joined channel #yapc
<cwest> that did happen
> I think after chatting about it, they said "yes".
> isn't that another steel town though?
> do we really need two steel towns, back to back?
<rjbs> Yes.
<rjbs> Bethlehem 2011
<Yaakov> Candybar: Howdy!
<Yaakov> Candybar: People are excited about Columbus, as is usual after a successful YAPC the next YAPC is anticipated.
> hrm, maybe if I take passage as a crewmember on a steam ship I could afford YAPC::EU...
*** lando ( has joined channel #yapc
<Yaakov> scrottie0: Stow away, its the cheapest.
<duaneb> as a first time attender of YAPC this year I'm looking forward to next years
<Yaakov> duaneb: Excellent.
<Candybar> I have already contacted the Bio Perl people
<Candybar> and they are very excited
<Yaakov> duaneb: Candybar is the crazy person^W^Worganizer.
<Candybar> here is our plan
<Candybar> two main threads
<Candybar> and a "misc" thread
<Candybar> bio perl thread
<Candybar> corporate perl thread
<Yaakov> Don't use threads!  fork()!
<Candybar> and misc things that kinda match
*** stash ( has joined channel #yapc
<Candybar> I have already contacted the OpenSource club at OSU
> I was talking to the SNOBOL guys after this go.  Myself and someone else have both done SNOBOL talks now.  It would be interesting to
+see them come out and even give a short talk themselves.
> 20 minutes is a wonderful thing.
> or, more broadly, I think it would be good for the Perl community to be exposed to more related topics if they can be presented by
+experts.  not every talk has to be a Perl tech talk.
<Candybar> the OpenSource club has already reserved the architecture building
<Candybar> for free
<purl> for free are they mad?
> shoot, go recruit someone to give a robotics talk.
> is there an I2C module for Perl?
<Candybar> my "Corporate Perl" is along the lines of how perl is used in big business
> sorry, I'm stuck on that "misc" track you mentioned.
<Candybar> I am talking to Oracle to see if I can get them involved and as a sponser
> oraperl, w00t!
<Candybar> dude I still got 4.036 clients man
<Candybar> they use oraperl 7.3.2 clients
*** Signoff: karen (Quit: karen)
<Candybar> ok YAPC is a year away and the misc track will probibly become somthing else
<Candybar> it all depends on what talks get submitted
> I missed the last DEFCON but there are always network security tools that get written in Perl... think about looking over that
+schedule and asking a few of those speakers to come out and give their talk again.
*** khaos ( has joined channel #yapc
*** Mode change "+o khaos" on channel #yapc by BinGOs
> YAPC is a wonderful thing but something isn't sitting right with me.  well, there's always something not sitting right with me.  and
+in this case, I think YAPC needs broaded horizons.  it's becoming too much of an echo chamber.
> and becoming too isolated.
> I should not be an example of someone doing something neat with Perl.  other people doing far more interesting things should be.
<khaos> Well at a YAPC around 50% of the attendees won't have been to one before
<Candybar> scrottie0: I would agree
<khaos> I'll have to wait for the survey responses to see what the stats are like for this one - but there were a lot of first time
+people there
<Candybar> but isn't that really what lighting talks are... people showing off cool things that end up being a talk later on
<khaos> Lightening talks are supposed to be that
> well, I wasn't refering to my lightning talk.
> but yes, lightning talks should be that.
> and various other things.  I was referring to the Vegas talk.
<khaos> but in the past few years they are become entertainment
<Candybar> ok here is what we have ...
<Candybar> we have a lot of corporations that need to see that perl is still used in business
> dunno.  I say we get Rocky Horror and pants the newbies.
<Candybar> we have a lot of students that use perl in the OSU biology department
*** Signoff: stash (Quit: Leaving.)
<Candybar> so that is two big hitters
*** stash ( has joined channel #yapc
<Candybar> so that is two big hitters
*** stash ( has joined channel #yapc
> and you have attendees that want to be excited about Perl.  but maintaining huge piles of legacy code ain't that.
> actually I almost put in a talk for maintaining huge piles of legacy code... which seems to be the defining characteristic of Perl in
+a large company.
> "How to Scale Your Big Ball of Mud Even Larger" or something like that.
<Candybar> **Wave** I get to maintain a big old warm pile of stinky "legacy code"
<Candybar> my unofficial title is "Perl Janitor"
> virtually everywhere.  it's not that companies have something against perl itself... they've come to hate the codebases, specifically
+the difficulty in extending them, that are written in Perl
<Candybar> I get to help clean up everyone piles of warm "code"
> they can't separate "rewrite" from "switch to <other language>" in their head.  no one wants a rewrite, but everyone wants to switch
+to Java|Ruby|Python|whatever
<Candybar> Ok so I know that Oracle uses perl.  I know Veritas uses perl.  I know that SUN (now Oracle) uses perl
<Candybar> and I have sales contacts in each one that I am working
> well, don't just worry about catering to your sponsors -- cater to your audiance.
<Yaakov> Candybar: I expect great things in Columbus.
> in fact, the way you're presenting this to me now, I'm nervous about the whole thing.
> I don't mind in principle of YAPC gets commercialized up a bit one go but if the content isn't geared towards me or anyone I know, I
+lack incentive to go.
<Candybar> the Columbus.PM bid was all about "involving" corporations in perl
<Yaakov> scrottie0: Another selling point!
<Candybar> the TPF decided that this was the direction that they wanted to try and go
<khaos> the theme for YAPC::EU this year is "Corporate Perl"
<khaos> and their program looks fine to me - as it is a good mix of things
> again, you've said a lot about what you're doing for your sponsors but not a thing about what you're doing for the attendees.  is this
+a free conference, like InteropNetworld?
<Candybar> I am not planning on "selling" perl out to anyone
<Yaakov> Candybar: I was thinking "Enterprise Perl" is a good way to go.
<Yaakov> scrottie0: Don't make Candybar cry you bastard.
<Yaakov> scrottie0: He's working one side at a time.
<Candybar> Sorry my 18 month old just threw her cheerios at me...  Back for a sec...
<Yaakov> Heh.
<Yaakov> She is also afraid you are selling out!
<purl> okay, Yaakov.
<Candybar> The message that I get all of the time from my Corporation is that perl is dead and java is the word
<Candybar> yet
<Candybar> they continue to purchase vendor applications written in perl
<Yaakov> Perl is the hidden hero.
<Candybar> they continue to use perl but "hide" it
<Candybar> exactly
> what corporations think matters.  what corporations can offer YAPC matters.  but I want to hear it out of your flapping pie hole
+feeder appendages that the people going to this and paying money to do so matter too.
<Yaakov> scrottie0: We are waiting for you to leave before revealing thesexy details of the attendee "special benefits".
<Candybar> here is what I don't want to do
<Candybar> I don't want to have T-Shirts that have Oracle or SUN spread all over them
> I don't care about that.
> the shirts already have sponsors on them.
<Candybar> I don't want to rename YAPC to Oracle World
> Java Mongers.  been there, done that.
<rGeoffrey> yippie, shirts that can be worn without extra advertising
> I hope youporn sponspors YAPC.
<Candybar> why not... lets ask em
<dngor> Has Mexico put in a bid for 2012?
<Yaakov> dngor: Amnesiac is an USAian now!
> Candybar, that's all tangent to what I was asking about -- yet again, do any of your plans revolve around bringing interesting content
+to the attendees?  or is this just Oracle's and Sun's job?
<rGeoffrey> 2012 should be extra special as we will never beyond the winter solstice that year
> your reasons listed for the two tracks you talked about had to do with the sponsor's wishes, not the betterment of the attendees.
> I wouldn't suppose that that's your only motive but you're not helping me dispel that myth either.
<Candybar> ok so I support over 300 perl programmers in my little corporation
<Candybar> I know tht this sounds crazy but I am their perl dude
<Candybar> I am planning this YAPC to cater to the corporation perl programmers in Columbus to get them excited about using perl more
<Candybar> the tracks are not set in stone but you might find the Bio Perl then more interesting
> okay, that's something.  but it still sounds to me a bit like a career fair, not a technical gathering.
<Candybar> actually it will be a career fair in a way
<Yaakov> People need jobs, a lot.
<Candybar> because I am working with the OSU office of student affairs
<Yaakov> It is currently very relevant.
<Candybar> and I want a perl class taught to seniors
<Candybar> with the understanding that right after graduation that they can attend and talk to recruiters
<Yaakov> yay!
<Yaakov> Candybar: Idea: One of the forks can be a "Practical Perl" fork.
<Candybar> that is interesting
<Yaakov> Enterprise Perl, Bio Perl, Practical Perl
<Candybar> because I already have a committment from my friend Mr Conway to come
> okay, so my Vegas talk shouldn't be an example of someone doing something exciting with Perl; doing maitenance with 299 other Perl
+programmers should be.
<Candybar> ok my kids are now screaming at me louder then scrottie0
<Candybar> I will be back sometime...
> give them icescream and a triple lattes and Mickey's for me.
<Candybar> take care and keep track of your thoughts
*** Signoff: Candybar (Quit: Leaving)

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