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scrottie (4167)


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Journal of scrottie (4167)

Friday June 20, 2008
08:11 PM

Perl 6 implementation attempts

[ #36739 ]


Asking around on #perl6 about getting pugs going, I was told it's basically abandonware. ghc has passed it by, and the code in the repository has been known not to build for some time now. No one is working on fixing it or extending it.

Quoting extensively rather than paraphrasing, mostly from diakopter:

also, [...] is *the* Perl 6 grammar; Larry's effort is separate from that - his effort is comprised of gimme5/Cursor5, which together produce from

Larry's effort:

Larry Wall, at YAPC, demoed his Perl 6 parser (generated into Perl 5 from (Perl 6) by gimme5/Cursor5).
That's src/perl6/*5.* in the pugs source code.
  at one point TimToady had a program that would convert to a dialect pugs could understand... but nowadays his script
takes it all the way to Perl 5.
That's in /src/perl6 in the pugs repo.

Naturally, the denizens suggested other projects:


  scrottie: there are actually other attempts... smop/sm0p promises to reignite in early July when ruoso finishes his $project...
also there's the measly parser/interpreter I built and am actively working on


  well, there's also elf, which is a very fast implementation on Perl 5
  mncharity runs elf
  elf is fairly complete, actually... I just can't read the code for the life of me or else I'd help out :)
  scrottie: pmurias and moritz_ help out with elf
  scrottie: it doesn't have a homepage, I don't think... the source is in the pugscode svn, like every implementation but rakudo


  scrottie: there is also MP6/KP6, which is a (bootstrapped!) implementation in Perl 5... but apparently (I can't substantiate) it
turned out to be quite slow... (probably not nearly as slow as yap6 will be).... fglock built that.

  so anyway, in order of activity, it goes rakudo, STD5 (Larry's parser), elf, yap6, smop, kp6, pugs.... but smop will shortly be 2nd/3rd again, I'm sure. in order of completeness, it goes pugs, elf/rakudo (not sure on that order), kp6, smop, yap6
(probably shouldn't be on this list yet)... I'm sure I've left out something somewhere...

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  • moritz has a great log of the #perl6 channel at []

    Revision mentions are linked to the pugscode and perlcabal repository diffs.

    Synopsis references of the form Snumber:linenumber are linked to the appropriate line in the appropriate Synopsis.

    The synopsis references make it easy to follow along at home and learn perl6 without really trying.