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scrottie (4167)


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Journal of scrottie (4167)

Monday January 02, 2006
05:24 AM

Women in IT -- mechanics behind the male-centric office

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Recently, I had the pleasure of observing a work environment that included a flaming gay guy, a female cohort, a male gay-hater, and a male boss. There was exactly one loser in the lot other than the boss, and bosses are generally losers, and it wasn't the flaming gay guy.

I'll give you my conclusion first, but only after some ground rules:

I really hope no one I know is reading this. If you know more better than having come over to the house a few times and know me from PM, stop reading. Thank you. exec; die;

This is a topic, that of women in the workplace, that men care about a lot more than woman.

Women are more inclined to persue worthwhile perfessions, such as nursing (doctors regurtitate rote and then absolve themselves of any consequence of their haste and disinvolvement), school teachers, etc.

This post is probably a troll. It's probably wrong. It's certainly not authoratative. I'm talking out my ass based on a few observations of a few women.

Men don't respond poorly to women, they respond poorly to people who conduct themselves like women conduct themselves. Even gay men have enough sense not to conduct themselves like women. That's the conclusion. Here's the argument.

No male going into a workplace environment feels as though his skills will be recognized and his hard work rewarded. This is trained out of us (males) on the playground. Doing a good job is not a start -- it isn't even a significant factor. Neither is working hard. Remember this rule of thumb: the chief does no work.

You could do work if you wanted to. Assigned work from your boss, you'll do it if you want to kiss up, but you'll probably just sit on it use that as the only significant weapon you have in a power struggle.

Since you can learn anything you want, or find out how to do anything you want, take it as read that you already know it. Don't ever admit to not knowing anything. Maybe you're not fresh on it. Realisticly, they might know more than you, but it doesn't matter, because you don't want to have to deal with them acting like it. They can't prove they know more than you because proving so would require a comprehensive run-down of every topic, and that's infeasable. So, for all intents and purposes, they do not know more than you, so they aren't allowed to act like it.

Nice people are flexible. So, if a nice person says "no" in their sheepish, cooperative, respectful way, they most certainly haven't demonstrated a vailed disdain and threatened to sit on the assignment indefinately while finding endless alabis and excuses for having not accomplished what they agreed to do. A nice person wouldn't sit on a project and make excuses, so in a very real sense, a polite "no" is a hell of a lot more of a "yes" than demonstrated irritation, moderate avoidance, and a forced but unenthused "yes". Women tend overhwelming to be nice and as such, they're other people's pushovers -- pushovers for the cream of non-choice assignments crop.

Conversely, nice people ask for things to be done in open-ended, nice ways -- ways that don't include hard deadlines, include specific arbitrary acts to demonstrate submission ("great, after you've cleaned up my home directory for me, make a PowerPoint presentation of the work you've done, get on the phone, set up a conference call to India, and tell us all about it as part of the Saturday lunch meeting"), or are vague to the point of demonstrating disdain for the (obviously inferior hence submissive) underling. When asking for a task to be done, skimp on the details to keep your options open, throw in extra unrelated demands, and if you still haven't demonstrated disrespect, throw that in real quick too.

If you need any more pointers, tune in to the Discovery Channel and wait for the apes. Just leave the TV on. When you heard the phrase "old silverback", start paying attention.

Conclusion: women can succeed in the workplace just as men can, given the correct set of life experiences and the right attitude. A history of car theft and jail time, multiple divorces with no alimony or child support to show for it, teenage children, a nicotine addiction, and shattered dreams (such as of having been a ballerina) will put you in the correct mind-set for the ruthlessness and abusiveness of the male-centric workplace.

Oh, I didn't tie up my little story yet -- the flaming gay guy and the woman. The woman tried very hard to please and was hurt when her work was shat on. She was hurt when her requests, which were quite reasonably, where summarily denied with a puncuated lack of consideration. But she didn't fight. My requests, and the requests of the gay guy, where also denied, but I got snide (insinuating they were in the same class as other amaturely run failed businesses and that the decision making was making so poor of decisions as not to be qualified for the role) and he got passive aggressive. The other male employee just went full into dominance challenging.

It's time to go to work! Are you feeling nasty?

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  • You know, women just can't fucking win...either they're aggressive like me and get called a bitch or they're too nice and get called mary poppins. I've seen plenty of guys with the too nice problem and can't recall ever blaming it on their gender while pounding their heads against the bathroom walls trying to rile them. They'd just say, "Thank you mistress" and smile. Freaks.

    Maybe guys should get to work and make more money to support us in the way we have become accustomed so we wouldn't have to work a

    • You're both wrong IME..

      In about 6 years commercial programming I've worked professionally with probably > 20 blokes and ~ 3 women programmers.

      I haven't noticed the diffence really, the women I have worked with have generally been more consistently normal, with less freaks at either side of the passive and aggressive edges of the curve - probably because the sample is too small to get the same kind of results

      As for women getting the blame for being too passive or aggressive - this is the first time I'v


      @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
      print reverse @JAPH;
      • People doing the work they really want to be doing, such as at a worth while and well run non-profit organization, seems to me to be the best way to get rid of the work place pettiances that stem from people not wanting to do work or accept delegation. Actually, that statement is circular. Huh. Guess that makes it self-evidant ;)

        Wrong? Jolly good! Never admit that any other male knows anything you don't... don't ask him how many places he's worked, or how many times he's seen the same pattern, or whethe
        • nevermind, I thought I could provide some useful info and opinion based on university, work and actual meetings with people at cc4g who are investigating and working on the causes of the lack of women in IT -- that's not exactly pulling it from thin air.

          Of course you were just ranting about offices that suck and I'm glad I've never worked anywhere close to as bad as that.

          I just suggested that gender makes no difference, as did hfb and even you in your response. So whats with the arsey response?

          @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
          print reverse @JAPH;
    • Hi hfb,

      I'm always surprised and vaguely flattered when people read my drivil. Coming back this morning, this was a lot less interesting and poorly worded than I remember it being last night.

      The article was written in the tone of offering advise and solutions, but the advise and solutions were tongue in cheek jabs at men. This is satire. I write primarily satire. I'm probably really bad at it but that's what it's at least supposed to be. That what is required of woman, or indeed anyone going into the w