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schwern (1528)

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Journal of schwern (1528)

Monday September 10, 2007
10:54 PM Gravatars are go!

[ #34412 ]

Graham added Gravatars to author pages on search! Have a look!

Because of performance issues with, they're cached and the cache is still being populated. If yours isn't there, just give it a bit of time.

Here's the FAQ entry I've proposed.

Where do the author's pictures come from and how do I set mine?

They come from the Gravatar associated with that author's email address. To set yours, simply sign up with gravatar using your address. We cache the gravatars so give it a day or so to catch up.

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way.
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  • Looks cool, although I think we probably need to go through a few rounds of look and feel tweaking...

  • Why are we using a commercial service? I tried to add one for my main email address and then when I wanted to add another for my CPAN address I got: "You could add another email address if you had a premium account". $10 a year for hosting one image? No thank you.
    • See also this related thread [].
    • You even have to pay $10/year for adding another email address with the image you already had. I'll pass on this one too and wait for the OpenID implementation ;-)
    • NO thanks indeed. Why not just let users upload a gravater.jpg to their author directory?
      • That was my thought also, but note that CPAN and are not the same thing. How would the CPAN mirrors feel about carrying those photos? I guess it will be so little data in total that it doesn’t matter, but…

        • If the problem is the space, I'm willing to host it and invite the Perl Hackers out there to write something similar to gravatar ;-)
          • The problem is very unlikely to be space. almost certainly has more than enough. The problem is just that the CPAN mirrors consented to a particular kind of use of their service, as a precondition to providing it, and I wouldn’t want to give them valid reason to object for not being consulted.

            I don’t know if it’s actually a problem. Someone who knows more about the CPAN politics will have to tell me.

        • My original idea was to have authors upload face.jpg and icon.jpg files. It's unlikely to be a real issue, there's all sorts of crap on CPAN that's not a module and nobody really cares, and this is actually useful. As long as its freely redistributable and has something to do with Perl.

          Even if every single author uploaded a picture and an icon it would be about 8 megs (an 80x80 full color jpg is about 2k and there's about 2000 authors), maybe more depending on your block size. Peanuts. CPAN is currently
          • As I said, it’s just about whether the mirrors will object to this use of their resources. But I didn’t do the math myself, so yeah – I guess we’re talking about such minuscule amounts of data that no one will possibly bother to complain. We have probably blown more bandwidth by reloading this use.Perl thread than the images are likely to consume for a good amount of time.

            Btw, if we do use these files, it would be nice if their names were added to the exception list of files that c []

    • Why are we using a commercial service?


      1) It was easy to implement.

      Which is very important as I wanted to have Graham and Andreas do as little work as possible in order to have the best chance them to agree to it. I've been kicking around this idea for a long time and Gravatar solved a whole lot of problems all at once. Rather than wibble another year we JFDI'd. Remember "rough consensus and running code"? That.

      Now we have something working and can play with and improve rather than the idea j

  • It's only displayed on the one page, the author's home page, which I bet is veeery unvisited on a day by day basis.

    I think that to make any difference it would need to be displayed on the distro/module pages as well.
    • Yeah, that's my feeling as well. I suggested it to Graham. Let him know you feel the same [].
      • Can we just have the source for search.cpan, please? I'm tired of all changes having to go through one person, AND I'm tired of reimplementing all the good stuff just to get to the same place search.cpan is now.
        • Although Graham has been wonderfully responsive and helpful of late, I have to second this opinion.
      • Seeing that this has now been implemented, frankly I think it looks wrong. I don't *want* to see people's faces in my documentation, thanks. If it absolutely has to be done, a scaled-down 16x16 version on the left of the author's name at the top of the page would be a more appropriate place for it.
        • If a 40x40 image on a web page really bothers you, you're free to block it. That's the great thing about the web. If you haven't yet figured out how to block images in a web browser, here ya go! [] That will make your entire browsing experience much more enjoyable.
          • Did you even read his complaint? He doesn’t want his own pic to show up on his POD pages when other people look at them. What is the point of telling him how he can block all Gravatars everywhere on the web in his own browser?

            Which is, btw, the reason I’m not even interested in uploading a Gravatar at the time being. Having it on the author page, great; on the POD pages? Not so much.

  • I completely agree with all that here is told So you can find the information on it on my search [] resource