sbraun's Journal sbraun's use Perl Journal en-us use Perl; is Copyright 1998-2006, Chris Nandor. Stories, comments, journals, and other submissions posted on use Perl; are Copyright their respective owners. 2012-01-25T02:45:36+00:00 pudge Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 sbraun's Journal Milk, milk milk. It seems Jim is not growing fast enough, ~150g (5.3oz) last month instead of almost 500g (18oz).<br> <br> Why do we need to control every bit like this, when we were not measuring everything humanity was fine also, isn't it ? sbraun 2002-03-21T17:57:07+00:00 journal Birth - 15/11/2002 I'm now the father of a marvelous <b>Jim</b>. sbraun 2002-03-14T17:34:29+00:00 journal sbraun friend's I've just discovered that no one is my friend over here ! Hope to get <i>virtuals</i> friends soon<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... sbraun 2001-05-10T13:00:56+00:00 journal