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If you have any suggestions on the new name, please let me know.<p> Thanks,<br> Scott</p> sboss 2002-05-10T19:01:56+00:00 journal More code written... <p>Well On friday morning on the way to Las Vegas, I wrote some more code for RDF Fetcher. I have most everything I want in the code for release of 1.0. The admin stuff is still not there and will not be there for 1.0. It will be in a later release. I just need to add a little bit of error checking and clean the code up some. Then it will be out.</p> sboss 2002-05-06T20:06:11+00:00 journal RDF Fetcher I really have not done much on this app except add more entries in the default<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.conf for more sites. I need to get working on this again so I can get it out there.<p> This is what I have gotten done so far:</p><p>fetch sites based on minutes of the hour (runs every 5 minutes from cron). </p><p>downloads the file to a temp file, and it download is successful copies it over to the spool directory to the correct filename. </p><p>will override the schedule and fetch on the next pass any names in the override directory. </p><p>debian<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.deb file of the app. </p><p> What I need to work on:</p><p>admin tool to add/remove/active/deactive sites </p><p>man/documentation </p><p>.tar.gz of app </p><p>make the debian<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.deb lintian clean. </p><p>website that has the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.deb/.tar.gz and basic info on it. </p><p> that is it. hopefully I can knock the list down soon so I can get the beta out there.</p> sboss 2002-04-19T14:39:34+00:00 journal DSAdmin (Debian Startup Admin) I am working on a little utility that will have people enable/disable things that startup/shutdown on their <a href="">Debian</a> machines. Why debian? Simple, it is what I use.<br> <br>I do not know about you, but sometimes I want to disable a given service (like samba or nfs) from starting at boot time. You have to go into each of the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/etc/rc?.d directories and s/S##/s##/ for each of the services. Then later do vice versa for getting them started again. Also, so services have more than one startup/shutdown file. And you have to remember that too. For experienced UN*X administrators, it is not a big deal (unless you are at 38th straight hour at work today). So I am wiritng this tool that will help make it easy to enable/disable the init scripts.<br> <br>How much have I gotten done? Not much. Some designs in my head, some code that checks to see which scripts are in which rc?.d directory and are then enabled/disables. Needs much more work.<br> <br>I will problably change the name of this. I just do not have a name yet. All suggestions welcome. Email me the suggestions at "scott at sboss dot net" (you can read the address...<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:&gt; ). sboss 2002-03-29T16:35:25+00:00 linux HTML::Mason I really enjoy (and hate at the same time) <a href="">HTML::Mason</a>. I like it since it is perl based (<a href="">mod_perl</a>) and does a great job of templating the website, gives a lot of flexibility. But this is why I hate it at times, I do not know the little gotchas that it has and they bite my in my ass. And I have to work and work and work to find a new way of doing something so I can get it done.<br> The reason I went from it to <a href="">PHPWebLog</a> last year was I could not get Apache, mod_perl, &amp; php4 to work together. Can they coexist? yeah! but my setup at the time (and still today) does not let me do it. <a href="">Brian</a> and I have worked on building a new box. Between hardware issues, OS issues and so forth we still do not have the box up. Once we do get the new box in place, we will have Apache, mod_perl, php4 &amp; mod_ssl. Cool. That is when I am going to move my site back over to HTML::Mason.<br>I can not stay away from the power of <a href="">Perl</a>. sboss 2002-03-29T16:26:48+00:00 internet RDF Fetching I have been working on a tool that runs out of cron to fetch the RDF/RSS news feeds from various sites at a given time each hour to a common directory. This will make it, so products like <a href="">PHPWebLog don't flood sites (like slashdot) by fetching the news feeds over and over again. Also for those of use that have multiple sites running on the same physical box, can run this one instance for the physical box and all the websites can use which ever feeds they want to.</a><br> The basic program works, I am testing it now. I have the following items that I need to do before I can release it.<p>admin tool to turn on/off fetching of news feeds </p><p>man page </p><p>installation howto </p><p>debian packaging </p><p>.tar.gz package <br>Currently I do not have a website/page up for the program but I will in the future. Anyone that wants to test this program, please email me at "scott at sboss dot net" (you know how to translate the email address<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:&gt; ).</p> sboss 2002-03-29T16:12:02+00:00 internet