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rjw1 (6661)

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  Comment: saw this the other day (Score 1) on 2009.11.26 18:51

by rjw1 on 2009.11.26 18:51 (#71247)
Attached to: Debian testing python version
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  Comment: Re:London (Newquay) next then..? (Score 1) on 2009.08.18 5:44

by rjw1 on 2009.08.18 5:44 (#70138)
Attached to: What's in a name?
when i went to newquay last year. it was quicker and cheaper to fly from london city than to take the train.
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  Comment: Re:other reasons to hate gems (Score 1) on 2009.07.25 2:49

by rjw1 on 2009.07.25 2:49 (#69628)
Attached to: Gems driving me to drink
i was ranting. :)
mostly i blame developers for wanting new shiny things.
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  Comment: opensearch (Score 1) on 2009.07.24 7:39

by rjw1 on 2009.07.24 7:39 (#69598)
Attached to: git firefox search? as implemented on openguides installs in firefox your search box icon should change colour click on the icon and it should ask you at the bottom if you want to add it. the rest is merely an implementation detail.
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  Comment: other reasons to hate gems (Score 1) on 2009.07.24 2:49

by rjw1 on 2009.07.24 2:49 (#69596)
Attached to: Gems driving me to drink
  • tests not run by default when you install
  • lots of gems now on github and dont make it to rubyforge
  • people have personal gem repos which you have to use sometimes.
  • up until gem1.3 installs would use a gig of ram.

there is one relatively nice feature. running a local repo is as easy as typing gem server

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  Comment: it would solve a lot of pain (Score 1) on 2009.02.21 18:49

by rjw1 on 2009.02.21 18:49 (#67523)
Attached to: WebKit-- # breaks Catalyst::Controller::REST
and we could all go back to using lynx. just like god intended
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  Comment: cash++ (Score 1) on 2008.12.30 10:02

by rjw1 on 2008.12.30 10:02 (#66663)
Attached to: Worth less, trending to worthless
this is why cash is always the best present. Just as long as you dont go and blow it on booze straight away :)
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  Comment: more proof... (Score 1) on 2008.12.29 10:27

by rjw1 on 2008.12.29 10:27 (#66650)
Attached to: Python and Perl on sourceforge
that statistics can mean anything that anyone one wants. there was a great one in the daily mail the other day. Do smokers pay more in tax than they recieve in benefit from the nhs? Yes. in an average year a smoker pays 950 quid of tax and receives 150 quid of nhs benefit. shame they didnt point out the mutliple thousands it costs the year they die of lung cancer. or indeed the people who die from passive smoking :)
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