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Marc Koderer shows how you can use his Module to record all actions.<br> <br> * Test::Class Best Practices<br> <br> Translation of Ovids great article about Test::Class. <br> <br> * 111% DBIx::Class<br> <br> Some more tricks about DBIx::Class. <br> <br> and many more... reneeb 2009-05-01T08:26:07+00:00 journal Perl PR: There&#8217;s more than one way to do it I've just found a nice blog entry: <a href=""></a> reneeb 2008-12-30T17:47:58+00:00 journal PerlNews on Twitter I've updated my "project" <a href="">PerlNews</a> (german). The news are also published on Twitter now (see <br> <br> This update was finished really fast. Registered on Twitter, installed Net::Twitter, wrote about 15 lines of code. That's it. reneeb 2008-12-28T10:00:52+00:00 journal 8th issue of $foo The eighth issue of $foo - Perl-Magazin (the german magazine devoted to Perl) is here.<br> <br> In this issue we cover:<ul> <li>Perl::AI</li><li>SQL::Abstract</li><li>CPAN on a stick with MiniCPAN</li><li>Logging with Log::Log4perl</li><li>special classes in Perl</li><li>Typglobs</li><li>XS - enhance Perl with C</li><li>Perl 6 Tutorial - part 5</li><li></li></ul><p> and many more...</p> reneeb 2008-12-03T19:05:18+00:00 journal "Why I'm passionate about Perl?" <a href="">brian d foy asked people why they are passionate about Perl</a>. This is my reply to this question...<br> <br> <b>The person who introduced me to Perl showed me that...</b> <br> There was no person who introduced me to Perl. In my vocational training I worked for two different companys, both in the bioinformatics sector. In the first company I had to write a parser for files in a special format - and I had to use Java. In the second company they asked me if I can use Perl for the same kind of parser. I haven't heard about Perl until then. But I said that I'll have a look at Perl and give it a try. I was impressed that I can do the same job with less pain. The parser in Perl was shorter, faster and more robust.<br> <br> <b>I first starting using Perl to...</b> <br> do a lot of bioinformatics stuff.<br> <br> <b>I kept using Perl because...</b> <br>Perl is the right thing for me. I feel good when using Perl and I get my jobs done. And the people in the bioinformatics department only knew Perl. There is BioPerl, a great bundle of modules for bioinformatics and it helped me a lot.<br> Everyone knows that one of Perl's strengths is "text processing" and bioinformatics mean a lot of "text processing", so it was the right tool.<br> <br> <b>I can't stop thinking about Perl...</b> <br> Indeed, I think about Perl all the time. My jobs require Perl, and there is "<a href="">$foo</a>",...<br> <br> <b>I'm still using Perl because...</b>Perl is the right thing for me. I feel good when using Perl and I get my jobs done. It makes my life easier.<br> <br> <b>I get other people to use Perl by...</b> <br> talking to them. I show them how fast they can get solutions for their problems. CPAN to the rescue<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-)<br> <br> <b>I also program in<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... and<nobr> <wbr></nobr>..., but I like Perl better since...</b> <br> I also use PHP and Java, but there is no CPAN for PHP (ok, there is PEAR, but that is not as good as CPAN) or Java. I like that Perl is so flexible and much more... reneeb 2008-05-09T07:31:53+00:00 journal $foo 6 is here The sixth issue of <a href="">$foo - Perl-Magazin</a> (the germanspeaking magazine devoted to Perl) is here. <br> <br> In this issue we cover:<ul> <li>Perl 6 Tutorial - part 3</li><li>TWiki - a wiki for companies</li><li>SANE Backend for Canon USB scanners and reverse engineering with Perl</li><li>How to write maintainable Perl/Tk-Applications</li><li>Creating executables for Windows</li><li>Report from the 10. Deutscher Perl-Workshop</li><li>Tips &amp; Tricks - Operator precedence</li><li></li></ul><p> and many more...</p> reneeb 2008-04-30T13:21:56+00:00 journal 10th German Perl-Workshop // CfP The 10th German Perl-Workshop will take place from 13.02.2008 to 15.02.2008 in Erlangen, Germany. As always we welcome proposals for talks or tutorials from international participants. See for the detailed Call for Papers. Deadline for proposals is Monday, 29.10.2007. reneeb 2007-08-21T12:49:24+00:00 events $foo - Summer 2007 The second issue of the german Perl magazine <a href="">"$foo"</a> is out. The PDF version is online and subscribers should have already received an email. <br> <br> The "Summer 2007"-issue covers several topics like <br> <br> * Introduction to Catalyst<br> * Rapid Webdevelopment with CGI::Application<br> * Perl 6 - the Project<br> * Perl::Critic<br> * Interview with Malte Ubl about<br> * Perl 5.10 Advanced Regular Expressions<br> <br> <br> and some other topics... reneeb 2007-05-09T10:15:43+00:00 journal German Perl magazine It's been a very long time since my last journal entry, but I've published some notes on my <a href="">other blog</a>.<br> <br> Nevertheless it's time to post at my journal again<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-)<br> <br> I've started to publish a <a href="">german Perl magazin</a> and after many weeks of hard work it's done - the first issue is published.<br> <br> And now I have to start to prepare the next issue that will be published in May. It's a long time 'til May, but there is lot of work to do.<br> <br> There is a great advantage when you publish a magazine: You can play with bleadperl, test new modules or even older ones you didn't know they exist. You do something for the reputation of Perl. You can show everybody that Perl is still alive. And many other things...<br> <br> I know that everyone *can* do this, but not everyone get the time to do it. And as a publisher you have to do it to be up to date. reneeb 2007-02-07T11:13:09+00:00 journal My own blog I've just started my <a href="">own blog</a>. reneeb 2006-07-22T06:37:53+00:00 journal UPC - my current private project I just want to tell you something about my current private project. It is an UML editor for Perl. Unfortunately I have not much time at the moment, but I think I can start programming again in about 2 months! <br> <br> My goal is to write a small UML editor for Perl to make documentation easier. The project is in a pre-alpha phase. I will write about it from time to time... <br> <br> <a href="">more...</a> reneeb 2006-07-17T18:25:34+00:00 journal CPAN modules under version control <a href="">gabor</a> listed in his journal some public version control systems and one question crossed my mind: <br> <br> Wouldn't it be nice to have one central repository for "all" modules? <br> <br> A system similar to RT or CPAN itself! Every author/maintainer can tick a checkbox in PAUSE whether the module should be loaded into a version control system. And the auther can grant access to the module to other authors. <br> <br> This would have some advantages:<ul> <li>one account for every module</li><li>one system for all modules</li><li>...</li></ul> reneeb 2006-07-03T12:52:13+00:00 journal - a new Perlmonger group Darmstadt - a city in Germany near Frankfurt - has now its own Perlmonger group. Our first meeting is on Thursday 23rd, 2006 at the <a href="">Nachrichtentreff</a>. <br> <br> more information: <a href=""></a> (german) reneeb 2006-03-10T13:35:06+00:00 journal