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Journal of rafael (2125)

Monday October 22, 2007
05:15 AM

Code freeze for 5.10

Wednesday July 18, 2007
04:06 AM



I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Thursday June 21, 2007
03:04 AM


I'm happy to announce to the unsuspecting world that I've released to the CPAN a new Perl module, encoding::source . Like I say in the docs, this is like the encoding pragma, but done right. In other words, it allows you to change, on a per-file or per-block basis, the encoding of the string literals in your programs.

That's probably some of the scariest Perl code I've written. Note that it won't run on any released perl. You'll nead bleadperl (or the upcoming 5.9.5) for that. That's because it uses the new support for user-defined lexical pragmas.

(also published at consttype)

Monday April 30, 2007
06:40 AM


I decided to try Blogger, because that eats less tuits than hosting one's own general-purpose log. (Perl stuff will remain here.) So here's the very first attempt (still rough): ConstType. (I don't expect you to fully understand the threefold meaning of the title if you're not fluent in French.) -- (oh, and for a first post, don't expect something really interesting, of course.)
Thursday March 08, 2007
12:09 PM

The Perl Unicode FAQ

I think I should mention that Juerd contributed a Perl Unicode FAQ (perlunifaq) to bleadperl. It probably deserves a wider audience than the little P5P circle.

(Of course, comments welcome. Send them to P5P.)

Monday December 11, 2006
06:43 AM

PHP security

We all know that, due to the poor design of the language, security and PHP applications don't mix well, because PHP makes writing secure code difficult; apparently security doesn't mix well either with the mindset of the PHP core developers.
Friday November 24, 2006
04:34 AM

Neat Grammar Graphs

(Seen via LtU)

Nobody wants to make a Perl grammar graph, similar to the ones found here for Ruby, JavaScript and Java? Bonus points if you include a Perl 1 grammar and a Perl 5.9.4 or bleadperl grammar.

Thursday November 02, 2006
07:42 AM

New features in bleadperl

I added two features in bleadperl recently:

# new prototype character !
# _ is just like $, except that it defaults to $_ :
sub foo (_) {
    print "<@_>\n";
foo(42); # prints <42>
foo(); # equivalent to foo($_)

And another one, you can now override readpipe() :

    *CORE::GLOBAL::readpipe = sub($){ ... }
qx/foo/; # calls the function with "foo" as argument
`foo`; # same thing

Tuesday October 24, 2006
03:04 AM


I'm 0x20 years old today. Not a teenager anymore :)
Tuesday August 15, 2006
11:19 AM


So, Perl 5.9.4 is out. And 5.10 begins to appear real close now. I wanted to release a development snapshot before YAPC::EU, as a basis for work and test, for us perl5ers but also for the lambdacamels. I hope everyone will enjoy. Meanwhile, I'm taking a short vacation in Nice (France). See you in Birmingham maybe! (If I manage to get a plane...)