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phillup (4419)

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Journal of phillup (4419)

Friday September 16, 2005
06:00 PM

Slow day

When I woke up this morning I realized that my high speed internet wasn't working.

So... I'm relegated to using my backup which is thru a different ISP via a modem. (I work from home)


I had forgotten how slow life was in the modem lane.

Monday September 05, 2005
06:22 PM


We bought a camper earlier this year since our oldest will be at that age next year where you get tied to the school schedule.

It has been a blast.

The downside is that I've had to let a few things slide over the summer in order to take off every other weekend for three days and still get stuff done for my clients.

One of those things has been reading the blogs on this site.

I normally use this URL and hit the Next 30 Matches link to get to the last entry I read and catch up.

Last week that put me about 720 journal entries behind. I thought about just skipping them... but it was kinda nice to see all the conversation.

Normally I read the entries before others comment and miss a lot of the feedback.

Anyways... I just finished catching up.

Just in time for a five day trip to the west coast starting Thursday.


Tuesday May 10, 2005
12:10 PM

$inserted == 0E0?

Posted here to help any others that have this problem.

I updated my Debian workstation yesterday.

Suddenly, my web based application that I work on was telling me that inserting data into the mysql database was inserting zero rows. But, the data was actually being inserted!

my $rows = $sth->execute($data, $to, $add);

Always returned a value of '0E0' with no errors or warnings, when it should be returning a value of '1'. But, only when running under mod_perl.

However, all of my tests passed with flying colors... and eveything worked perfectly in a command line environment.

Something was obviously different between the two environments but no amount of poking on my part could figure out what that something was.

(Lesson learned: tee the output of apt-get upgrade to a file to record what software was changed!)

Anyways... I noticed I had two libmysqlclient* libraries installed...

After removing libmysqlclient10, leaving libmysqlclient12, everything works again.

Apparently, libmysqlclient10 is used by mysql navigator... which I don't use any way.


Does anyone know how mod_perl decides which mysql client library to load... and how I could have narrowed down the problem? I'm thinking the problem may be DBI related, since I use Apache::DBI in the mod_perl environment but not in the bash environment... but that is just a guess.

Right now, finding a solution was just blind luck on my part! I was minutes away from restoring my backup, but kept poking at it since the problem is not likely to go away as Debian stabilizes towards the next version.


Friday May 06, 2005
04:34 PM

Slash and paging

I've never understood the algorithm that Slashcode uses for paging comments.

For example, if I go and read this article on Slashdot and get to the bottom of the first page... how do I read the very next comment?

Clicking on the '2' just shows me page one all over again when the thread on page one spans two pages...

Wednesday April 27, 2005
05:40 PM

Right needs more help

I'm constantly amazed at how much help the right needs when it comes to raising their kids.

It's like welfare for the "moral"... Of little use to most people.

I've never had a problem sending my kid to his room to play when I watch shows I don't think he should see. And I've never had a problem watching them when he is in bed.

Somehow I just don't think 'Blade: Trinity' would be the same...

04:50 PM

Judge for yourself

Why is it that there is so much talk from the GOP about reining in judges, while at the same time trying desperately to make it easier to put judges on the bench?

It seems to me that the proper response would be greater scrutiny, with a corresponding lower approval rating.

What I find really interesting, is all the complaining by the Republicans when 75% of the judges are Republican appointees. Perhaps they really should look at the "follow the leader" system they use.


Also, Three more judicial filibuster falsehoods.

Tuesday April 26, 2005
06:47 PM


I bought a pop-up camper in January at an RV show.

Since I bought it in a different state than the one I live in, they gave me a three day temporary tag... on Friday. Good for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So, when Monday rolls around... I don't have a valid license plate to drive on the road with the trailer.

Since I'm not going to go camping in January anyway... I park the thing.

Now, it is time to get ready and I go to the DMV to get license plates.

The kicker: You can't get license plates until you drive the trailer to the DMV office and let them verify the VIN. And no, you can not get temporary plates.

So, in order to legally drive on the road you need license plates, which you can't get until you drive the vehicle to the DMV.

The police were also very helpful when asked for advice: Don't get caught.


Monday April 25, 2005
01:41 PM

It's good to be the king

So anyone who donated money to the minority party candidate in this past presidential election, regardless of their level of technical expertise, is now, according to a White House spokesman, unfit for participation in the international standards setting process. The Bush administration may deny that they pressure scientists politically, but engineers are apparently fair game not just for ideologically driven political pressure, but for partisan political pressure.


Update: Now being covered on Slashdot

Friday April 22, 2005
05:21 PM

Say it isn't so!

While playing around earlier with Google I came across this:

Wait, by joining in the army (whether or not he claims to have "fired a shot"), wasn't Ratzinger actually defending the Third Reich?

Which would not have really stood out to me, except I had just read this earlier:

"On the contrary, precisely because they are iniquitous the Church makes an urgent call for freedom of conscience and the duty to oppose.
"A law as profoundly iniquitous as this one is not an obligation, it cannot be an obligation. One cannot say that a law is right simply because it is law."
He called on municipal officials asked to perform gay marriages to object on grounds of conscience and to refuse to go through with the ceremony, even if it meant losing their jobs.
He said: "They should exercise the same conscientious objection asked of doctors and nurses against a crime such as abortion.
"This is not a matter of choice: all Christians... must be prepared to pay the highest price, including the loss of a job."

"The highest price" seems to stop short of not joining an army whose cause you don't believe in.


10:24 AM

This is so wrong

"Laws must be in accordance with the well-being of the human person, that is the key condition for a law to be respected,"
"If the law goes directly against true values then it is not a law, since an unjust law just ceases to exist," said Archbishop Karlic.


Update: I just noticed that this article was from 2001. So, change tense as appropriate.