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petdance (2468)

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I'm Andy Lester, and I like to test stuff. I also write for the Perl Journal, and do tech edits on books. Sometimes I write code, too.

Journal of petdance (2468)

Tuesday June 29, 2004
10:12 AM

Cross-country brainstorming with AIM

[ #19575 ]
Yesterday before I released Test::WWW::Mechanize, I had to figure out what I was going to name it. Naming's important, so I figured I'd gather some of my Mech and Test-lovin' cohorts together for an ad hoc brainstorming session in AIM. The results follow:

AIM Chat with Joe McMahon, Andrew Potozniak, Sam Tregar, Jason Gessner, Jason Crome, Ricardo Signes

6/28/04, 3:34:30 PM

Andy Lester: So this Mech sublcass will do testing-related stuff.
Andy Lester: kinda like Mech combined with Test::More
Andy Lester: $mech->title_is( "Andy's home page" );
Andy Lester: $mech->title_like( qr/petdance/ )
Andy Lester: etc
Ricardo Signes: Cool.
Jason Gessner: nice
Sam Tregar: that sounds neat, although my last attempt at automated live CGI testing was a total failure
Sam Tregar: it hasn't found a single bug
Sam Tregar: but I've had to fix it dozens of times
Andy Lester: So, what do I call it?
Jason Gessner: Test::Mech
Andy Lester: Is it Test::WWW::Mechanize?
Andy Lester: WWW::Mechanize::Test?
Andy Lester: ::Tester?
Andy Lester: ::Testing?
Sam Tregar: Test::WWW?
Sam Tregar: is that taken?
Andy Lester: That's kinda broad.
Ricardo Signes: Test::WWW::Mechanize would be my first thought.
Jason Gessner: your module sounds kinda broad, though
Andy Lester: And I'm not testing WWW::Mechanize.
Ricardo Signes: Something::Test modules seem to be for testing Something.
Jason Crome: WWW::Mechanize::Test
Sam Tregar: You're not testing WWW::Machanize
Ricardo Signes: Apache::Test, for example.
Andrew Potozniak: well since you're deriving the function/sub calls from a mech object it should be in the WWW::Mechanize package
Sam Tregar: so Test::WWW::Mechanize is probably wrong, in my opinion
Andy Lester: It WILL be a proper subclass of WWW::M
Jason Gessner: is it more of a mech object or a test object?
Andrew Potozniak: WWW::Mechanize::WebTest
Sam Tregar: that's Java thinking
Andy Lester: It's a mech object that is optimized for testing.
Sam Tregar: Perl has no such rules
Jason Gessner: put it under test then.
Andy Lester: OK, so is the thinking that it's T:W:M instead of W:M:T?
Ricardo Signes: There are a zillion Test:: modules that provide some kind of whatever functionality for use in Test scripts.
Jason Gessner: my $0.02 say put the mod under Test:: since that is it's purpose. Doesn't matter that it is a mech subclass
Ricardo Signes: What kind of ::Test modules are there, other than Apache::Test?
Joe McMahon: Test::WWW::Mechanized?
Ricardo Signes: I'm with the guy who just said that.
Sam Tregar: Definitely under Test::, in my opinion
Ricardo Signes: /me greps cpan
Andrew Potozniak: Test::Mechanized without the WWW
Joe McMahon: I think so. Testing is the primary functionality; what kind is the modifier here
Ricardo Signes: Hm... investigating HTTP::WebTest
Jason Crome: if you're not going to put it in the Test:: namespace, why put it in HTTP:: instead of WWW::?
Jason Crome: *wonders*
Ricardo Signes: No, HTTP::WebTest exists.
Jason Crome: oh, duh, ok
Sam Tregar: I wrote something similar and called it Krang::Test::Apache. Looking back that seems like a bad name. Docs here:
Andy Lester: And it's not just HTTP.
Andy Lester: Mech is more than that.
Andy Lester: OK, I'm pretty set on T:W:M
Jason Gessner: Test::Mech is very concise. Everyone calls WWW::Mechanize mech
Ricardo Signes: huh. CGI::Test exists, too.
Andy Lester: Any dissent?
Ricardo Signes: I think TWM is the Right Thing.
Jason Crome: Im ok with that
Ricardo Signes: It makes clear what the product is very very succinctly.
Andy Lester: Gessner: You think that T:W:M is too long?
Andrew Potozniak: i'll cast my vote for TWM
Sam Tregar: I think it's a pretty reasonable name. Most people should jump to the right conclusion, as long as they know WWW::Mechanize.
Andy Lester: right
Ricardo Signes: and even if they don't, I think it's fairly clear.
Sam Tregar: if they don't, then they're screwed
Sam Tregar: but who cares
Andy Lester: heh
Ricardo Signes: Tests something. What? The web. How? Mechanically.
Andy Lester: Ricardo: Beautiful.
Ricardo Signes: Or possibly with some sort of large humanoid tank.
Andy Lester: Like in Robotron 2084!
Andy Lester: And it does leave Test::WWW::* open to others.
Sam Tregar: Hmmm, now to start work on Test::WWW::Better
Ricardo Signes: Man, I'm interested in where CGI::Test and GTTP::WebTest have been hiding.
Joe McMahon: Test::WWW::Decepticon?
Sam Tregar: Or maybe Test::WWW::Lite
Andy Lester: OK, thanks fellas. Kisses all 'round.
Joe McMahon: You're welcome!
Jason Crome: anytime
Andrew Potozniak: you are very much welcomed

End time: 16:47:59

I was able to gather folks from around the country, most of whom had never been introduced before, to do some quick brainstorming and came to a decision I could feel confident with. IRC has its place, but for direct, specific discussions like this, I prefer AIM.

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