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Am I worried about the possible future legal ramifications???</p><p>HELL NO! I'd hate for Open Source software to become as buggy and insecure as Microsofts crap!</p><p>So PLEASE, keep up the AWESOME job Open Source developers! Leave the bugs and security holes to the fine folks in Redmond...</p><p>Thanks.</p> perlguy 2004-02-13T13:29:46+00:00 journal Open letter to SCO <p>Dear SCO,</p><p>Haahaahaaahaaahaaaaahaaa. Bwaahaahaaaaa. AAAAhhhhaaaaahaaaahaaaaaa.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... and Darl, I am sending you a 55 gallon drum of KY-Jelly for when you get to meet "bubba" at your new country club - Federal Pound Me In The Ass Prison...</p><p>Yours truly,</p><p>Brent</p> perlguy 2004-02-11T14:16:30+00:00 journal Buying a SCO License Well, I have decided to take SCO up on their extortion^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hoffer... <p> <a href="">Here is my page</a>, documenting my purchase of a SCO license... </p><p><nobr> <wbr></nobr>:o)</p> perlguy 2003-08-08T12:25:02+00:00 journal Message to SCO <p> I just put up a quick message to SCO on my web site. <a href=""></a> . I tried to keep it simple so they would not have to read... </p><p> The stupidity amazes me... </p> perlguy 2003-08-06T12:31:30+00:00 journal Metallica's New CD <p> So, I downloaded Metallica's new CD over the weekend. No, I didn't use a terrible, evil P2P program... I simply went to the NNTP newsgroups and got it like I always do... </p><p> Anyway, I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad that I didn't pay even a penny for this steaming pile of crap! It sounds like they were TRYING so desperately to make music, but failed miserably... </p><p> I was so overjoyed that they were able to work the "F" word into a song also - that way they can get the "Parental Advisory" sticker on the CD and millions of grade-school kiddies will buy it! </p><p> Man, what a piece of crap. </p> perlguy 2003-06-30T12:38:48+00:00 journal I Love Windows! <p>Haahaa, just kidding.</p><p>I was trying to show someone at our church yesterday a video clip of a fight on They had a computer running Windows XP if I remember correctly... Anyway, I tried clicking on the link and got a message saying that this file (a<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.wmf file) was not compatible with the player (Microsoft's own media player)...</p><p>At home, on my Linux box, I simply viewed the source of the page and popped the URL of the video into MPlayer and WOW! I could watch the video!</p><p>I just cannot fathom why, when all you need to show is some low-quality video clip, sites like feel compelled to only offer a file that has been encoded by the "codec of the week" from Microsoft!</p><p>I am just glad that I run Linux since it seems more compatible with Windows media that Windows itself!</p> perlguy 2003-06-19T13:10:46+00:00 journal Ripped Off?! <p> So, over the weekend I got an email from someone who bought my latest book "Perl Database Programming" because it was listed on this site... </p><p> Note: I've removed the guy's name from the email to prevent any embarrasment... </p><p> The whole email follows: </p><p> Saw your ad on usePerl and bought your book.<br> Listing differ on website from those ( Ch. 2 ) in the book.<br> <br> <i>Yep, there are some changes</i> <br> <br> Listing 2.1 fails because you apparently no longer maintain the databases. (Err is: Unknown MySQL server Host ' <br> <br> <i>Of course, that was just an <b>example</b>, I am not maintaining an open database connection for the whole world to use!</i> <br> <br> I am sick of being ripped off by fellow Christians. <br> <br> <i>Wow, I thought that this was VERY harsh and uncalled for. So, am I to assume that since the book is not perfect, I am ripping people off?! Also, the problem mentioned above about the database connection - is NOT a problem with the book.</i> <br> <br> You say it's a new book and the imprint shows 2003 and the website says 2 Oct 2002. <br> <br> <i>I said it was new? Where? My description of the book was VERY non-descriptive! </i> <br> <br> Where's the errata page? Line 8, page 25 spells "dbi::mysql" as dBi::mysql" for example. <br> <br> <i>You got me here! I have not done a good enough job and prepared an errata page for this book. I am sorry and will try to get one up in the very near future.</i> <br> <br> Can you help? <br> <br> <i> Sure, you insult me and accuse me of ripping you off, but can I help you? <br> <br> Actually, since I *am* Christian and I *do* care - I would be happy to do what I can, within reason! No, I won't set up a server that the whole world can use, but I will do my best to get an errata page together for the book - it is long overdue. </i> <br> <br> I paid $40 for this on your usePerl say-so. <br> <br> <i> Actually, my usePerl post said "Go get it, or just send me a couple bucks and save yourself the reading!" - I would have preferred the cash<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:o) </i> </p><p> Sorry for the rant, but this email just struck a nerve with me. Writing a book is a lot of work for little reward. Publishers also place some rigid demands and sometimes want unreal deadlines. This book was actually supposed to be in the "Bible" series, but they wanted it to be rushed to market much quicker than was possible, so a lot was cut. </p> perlguy 2003-06-09T13:07:31+00:00 journal Forgive me, but... <p> Even though I am a Christian, I can't help but get irate about the ASSHOLES who are directing our government, and our laws... </p><p> By ASSHOLES, I mean hollywood. </p><p> <i>California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, appearing as a friend of the court, also sided with the industry, describing DeCSS as a "burglary tool" built for "entering and stealing the property" of the movie studios. Lockyer warned the court in stark terms that California's motion picture, music and technology industries would all suffer grave financial losses if trial courts had to treat computer code as speech when considering legal bids to suppress a program. </i> </p><p> I am sorry, but when <i>I</i> watch a DVD on <i>my</i> Linux box that <i>I</i> <b>PURCHASED</b> (the DVD AND the Linux box), I find it disgusting that I am being called a thief, criminal, and a liar by hollywood. </p><p> Hollywood (MPAA, DVD-CSS, et al). Please, explain to me how I am causing you harm?! I bought the DVD, I own DVD players too, but by choosing to watch it on my computer, that somehow causes you to lose money?! Am I supposed to pay you each time I watch it on my Linux box - but not in my regular DVD player?! </p><p> I guess I am missing something here. DeCSS for me, and 99% of the others out there who REGULARLY USE IT, is used so that we can CHOOSE what we watch OUR LEGALLY PURCHASED movies on. </p><p> Why can't hollywood, the courts, and our government figure that out? </p><p><nobr> <wbr></nobr>...if only the horseless carriage people had lobbyists as powerful as hollywood does these days, we'd still be driving horses... </p> perlguy 2003-05-30T12:48:31+00:00 journal YAY, I am back <p> So, I am finally back use.perl, after about a year away. Does anyone really care, well probably not, but I don't either. </p><p> I am now at a job as Washington University in St. Louis, working in the Human Genome department. It is super-cool and I get to use Perl every day! </p><p> <a href=""></a> </p><p> Bye! </p> perlguy 2003-05-29T12:37:07+00:00 journal Today... <p>So, I am still writing this book. What? You think these things happen overnight?</p><p>Anyway, I was happily writing last night when the God decided it was time for me to go to bed. How did I know this, well, lightening struck near the house and knocked out the power. Ever since then, this system has been locking up A LOT. System lockups are very annoying!!!</p><p>Anyway, I got another chapter submitted, now I am starting another, woohoo....</p><p>Cheers.</p> perlguy 2002-04-18T01:14:15+00:00 journal Notes on writing a book <p>So, I am writing this book, "The Perl Database Bible". If you've ever considered doing this, give it some serious thought. Why?</p><p>1) Deadlines suck. They actually *expect* you to be on time with everything!</p><p>2) Editors suck. Mine recently said now that he's not tied up with a different book, he'll concentrate on mine.. Oh, BTW, he didn't like the writing style - 3/4 of the way through the book I get this! My response, tough shit, let's tweak it a bit, but that is all.</p><p>3) It takes WAY more time than you could imagine. I promised myself after my last book that I'd wait until I had most/all of my "next" book written before I'd even contact a publisher.. Well, the contacted me and like a dolt, I said sure....</p><p>4) You will NOT make a lot of money from writing a book! Unless you a Steven King or something, don't plan on writing to get rich!</p><p>5) English teachers don't know shit! I failed English once back in Jr. or Sr. High. I would love to figure out which teacher had failed me and send them copies of my books....</p><p>That is all.</p> perlguy 2002-04-16T16:46:45+00:00 journal We HAD The Way Out <p> First off, this is simply a shameless plug for my website at: <a href=""></a>. </p><p> Other journal entries will follow around lunchtime, i hope... </p> perlguy 2002-04-16T14:56:22+00:00 windows Pudge is right, you are all wrong. <p>So, yes, Pudge is correct about his views on the bombings. I am sure more of our British friends would be more understanding if terrorists had crashed planes into Buckinham Palace instead.</p><p>We cannot, and will not, stand for this type of shit. Suicide bombers blowing up 5 or 10 people in a market are bad, yes, but that typically wouldn't require a massive military response.</p><p>However, suicide bombers killing 6,000+ people and destroying several huge buildings - plus the new threat of bio-terrorism, well, um, something HAS to be done. No, negotiating with psychos is not going to help. Removing any power and means that these people have is the only option.</p><p>My hope and prayer is that the government that replaces the Taliban is a decent, just, government. I am not so sure of this from what I have read about the Northern Alliance though.</p><p>Anyway, to our troops: Good luck, Godspeed, and hit the frik'n targets!</p> perlguy 2001-10-11T11:49:19+00:00 journal Random Thoughts <p>Well, continuing on with the Excel spreadsheet bullshit. I should have it finished tomorrow...</p><p>I am going to also write a script for moving all of the MP3's that I download into the proper directories (based upon their ID3 tag data.) I have a shitload of songs on a couple drives, but can't find anything because it is all lumped together. I hope to have a beta of this out very soon.</p><p>Next, I want to work on some stuff to make my PalmOS experiences easier... I have 3 kids in sports and entering their sports schedules is a pain in the ass - so I want to come up with something that will allow me to select the kid and the sport, and then just choose the dates and times for the games/practices and have the whole schedule fill in... Sure, it is a bit unrefined right now, but it will pan out as I code.</p><p>(Please send a laser-guided, 1,000lb bomb to Osama for me...)</p><p>Brent</p> perlguy 2001-10-09T15:24:16+00:00 journal First Entry <p>Well, this is my first journal entry, hopefully not my last...</p><p>First off, congratulations to Nat!!!!</p><p>Current project: I am sitting here at work. My objective is to create a Perl application that will go out and read our WebTrends report files, scrape the data we are interested in, and then generate an Excel spreadsheet with the data formatted nicely for our business owners...</p><p>Yes, WebTrends already has nice reports, but they are not in the format or style that our business owners like...</p><p>Thank goodness for HTML::TableExtract!!! This is a cool module that makes my work much easier!</p><p>Ok, enough for now...</p> perlguy 2001-10-02T13:16:22+00:00 journal