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Every one is welcome to attend regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, gender, or preference of language (There are even PHP people speaking!)</p> perigrin 2009-12-24T07:10:54+00:00 journal Perl Oasis 2010: Discount Hotel Rates End <p>November 25th is the last day for the Perl Oasis special Group Rate. The rate is $75 USD / night for what according to other sources is a $135-$150 / night hotel room.</p><p>Perl Oasis is a one day workshop in Orlando Florida focusing on Modern Enlightened Perl. This year we have speakers from three continents, and the entire Perl spectrum speaking. The Call for Speakers is still open so you can <a href="">submit your talk as</a> well!</p><p> <a href=""></a></p> perigrin 2009-11-25T01:48:30+00:00 journal What a Moose programmer would think... <p>So I&#8217;ve been integrating Ash Berlin&#8217;s work on making <a href="">MooseX::POE</a> work with <a href="">MooseX::Declare</a>. One of the things I came across was that the <code>method</code> keyword didn&#8217;t work as I expected.</p><p>I figured that something like:</p><p> <code>class Counter { use MooseX::POE; method START { $self-&gt;yield('increment_counter'); } event 'counter' =&gt; method { $self-&gt;counter($self-&gt;counter + 1); }; } </code> </p><p>would DWIM. But currently a <code>method</code> without a parameter list is slightly undefined. It happens to default to the same as an empty parameter list (ie <code>method ($self:) {<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... }</code>) but Florian and Ash both agreed that perhaps that wasn&#8217;t the best choice. To my mind I think that the right choice is that <code>method {<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... }</code> should be the equivlent of <code>method ($self, @_) {<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... }</code>. That is it should alias the invocant and pass through the rest of the args as a slurpy array.</p><p>Then tonight I was reading the <a href="">Perl 6 Design Minutes for 26 March 2009</a> and found the following:</p><blockquote><div><p>Patrick: </p><ul> <li>if you have a method declared without a parameter list, does it get @_ like a sub, or no parameters?</li> </ul><p>Larry: </p><ul> <li>I've been thinking it comes in the same way Perl 5 does it</li> <li>hadn't bothered to try to think about it the other way</li> </ul><p>Patrick: </p><ul> <li>Rakudo assumes @_</li> </ul><p>Larry: </p><ul> <li>but it leaves out the invocant</li> <li>that's the difference</li> <li>I haven't decided</li> <li>it's further from what a Perl 5 programmer might expect</li> <li>but it might be more useful</li> </ul></div> </blockquote><p>I think it&#8217;s closer to what a Perl 5 Moose programmer expects than Larry thinks.</p><p>UPDATED: upon talking with Ash I've clarified what I meant to say. Never blog while tired.</p> perigrin 2009-04-04T00:44:31+00:00 journal WebKit-- # breaks Catalyst::Controller::REST <p>WebKit is has a broken Accept header, it puts text/xml and application/xml<br>first which breaks Catalyst::Action::REST&#8217;s default configuration and makes<br>the idea of being able to dispatch html/xhtml different from XML difficult at<br>best.</p><p>The reason it turns out is that the webkit developers <a href="">cargo-culted from</a><br>Firefox, and someone in 2007 provided a <a href="">patch</a>. The<br>response to the patch is &#8220;buh buh Firefox is doing it!&#8221;. When I tried to<br>add the comment below I discovered that their bugzilla required me to log in<br>and didn&#8217;t appear to have an option for OpenID. Because I&#8217;m loath to create<br><em>yet another</em> account to file a single comment on a bug I&#8217;ve included the text<br>here:</p><blockquote><div><p>Firefox (3.1 beta 2 at least) is no longer sending this Accept headers.</p><p> &nbsp; &nbsp; </p><p>Currently writing a REST-ful interface that renders XML different from<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; XHTML/HTML at the same URI is difficult (requires us to browser sniff and do<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; we really want to go back to that?) because Webkit based browsers will all<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; send then wrong Accept headers first. I actually ran into this while writing<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; an app that targets Android/iPhone and I had to disable my XML rendering code<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; (luckily it was a stub and not a required feature).</p><p> &nbsp; &nbsp; </p><p>Last the logic &#8220;Firefox does this&#8221; is a fallacy that I thought most people<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; were taught better by their mothers at an early age &#8230; if Firefox were to<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; jump off a bridge should WebKit too?</p></div></blockquote> perigrin 2009-02-21T23:17:06+00:00 journal Perl Oasis: Schedule, Soirees, and Sponsor! <p>We released our <a href="">schedule</a> last weekend and we're a little behind on announcing it. Actually we're a little behind on everything right now, things are hectic. Please note the after-workshop Party!</p><p>Not on the schedule is a speaker's dinner on Friday Night, so if you're a speaker please know that you're welcome to attend, contact us for details on when and where.</p><p>Finally we're happy to announce that <a href=";utm_medium=logo&amp;utm_source=perloasis&amp;utm_content=komodo&amp;utm_term=komodo">ActiveState</a> has donated some prizes for the Workshop Party Saturday night. Plans on how those will be given away will be announced Saturday. We look forward to having you all attend!</p> perigrin 2009-01-14T07:12:40+00:00 journal Perl Oasis Last Call for Talks <p>Just a reminder,</p><p>The Perl Oasis deadline for Talk Submissions is tonight (December 17th) at Midnight (11:59pm) Eastern Time.</p><p>Please if you're thinking about submitting a talk, do so. It will make organizing the conference schedule much easier. The URL for talk submissions is</p><p>Thanks</p> perigrin 2008-12-17T20:08:07+00:00 journal One Week Left for Perl Oasis CfS <p>There is only one week left in the Perl Oasis Call for Speakers. The last call<br>for speakers is December 17, 2009. Several speakers have already submitted<br>proposals and been accepted, but there is still room for more speakers. Please<br>submit soon so we can organize the schedule as quickly as possible. Talk<br>submissions can be made at <a href="">the</a><br>ACT site.</p><p>Perl Oasis is a one day workshop on January 17, 2009 focusing on Practical<br>Perl for Business. It is hosted by the Orlando Perl Mongers, and will be at<br>the Ramada Gateway Hotel, in Kissimmee Florida. For more information please<br>visit <a href=""></a>.</p> perigrin 2008-12-11T03:10:56+00:00 journal Perl Oasis - Keynote and Venue <p>Just posted to the <a href="">Perl Oasis Website</a>: </p><p>The Orlando Perl Mongers are pleased to announce the choice of our Keynote Speaker. <a href="">Mike Whitaker (Penfold)</a> will be flying in from the UK to give a keynote on <a href="">Enlightened Perl</a>. </p><p>Also the Venue for the conference has been chosen. The conference will be at </p><p> <a href="">The Ramada Gateway</a> <br> 7470 Highway 192 West<br> Kissimmee, FL 34747<br> (800) 327-9170</p><p>There are rooms available at the Ramada, just tell them you're with the Perl Foundation. </p><p>We hope to see you there!</p> perigrin 2008-11-25T15:36:58+00:00 journal Does this exist? <p>So I was writing a package similar to DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader which creates a tree of related packages. I realized that making a directory tree from a package name is a common problem between the two and I went to look to see how Schema::Loader did it, and eek<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... there has to be a better way.</p><p>Before I release Devel::GeneratePackagePath does anybody know if the lazyweb got there first?</p> perigrin 2008-11-08T04:14:55+00:00 journal Perl Oasis 2009 - Call for Speakers Attention Speakers! The Perl Oasis Workshop 2009 will be held in Orlando, on January 17th . We will have two tracks (advanced and beginner), and we expect approximately 100 participants. We will also try to arrange a hackaton on the Sunday after the conference. This workshop's topic is "Practical Perl for Business". We're interested in hearing about your talks on these topics: <ul> <li> Perl Success Stories</li> <li> Modern use of Perl</li> <li> Good testing practices using Perl</li> <li> Your Favorite Topic? (systems administration / life sciences / web development)</li> </ul><p> We accept these presentation types: </p><ul> <li> Short Talks (20 minutes)</li> <li> Standard Talks (40 minutes)</li> </ul><p> To submit a proposal for a talk/presentation, please register your proposed title and an abstract on Submissions are due midnight (23:59 EST) on December 17th 2008. Submitters will be notified within two weeks whether or not their talks have been accepted. If your proposal is accepted, you will be expected to confirm within 48 hours that you in fact will give the talk; otherwise, your slot may be given to someone else. If you have something which does not fit the formats listed please feel free to contact us anyway and we will evaluate it. Please include the following with your abstract(s): </p><ul> <li> A little information about yourself (and possibly an link to an image of your choosing - preferably of yourself).</li> <li> The expected minimum level of knowledge of your target audience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)</li> <li> An indication of the length of the presentation.</li> <li> A listing of any requirements you might have for doing your presentation. We will try to accommodate your request. Projectors and internet connection will be available for all talks.</li> </ul><p> If possible, please include a link to your slides/paper ready for online publishing. The files are also accepted just after talk ends, so we can include any last minute modifications. We may take the liberty of filming presentations. If you are not interested in being filmed during your presentation, please let us know in advance. We cannot offer much for your lecture, except: </p><ul> <li> Free admittance</li> <li> A chance to meet a lot of Perl people</li> </ul><p> If you have any special requests which have to do with fee and payment please contact us at If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us</p> perigrin 2008-11-06T04:09:37+00:00 journal Perl Oasis <p>The Orlando Perl Mongers are pleased to announce the Perl Oasis Workshop (aka Orlando Perl Workshop) on January 17, 2009. This is a one day workshop with a focus on Perl solving Business Problems. The website (<a href=""></a>) is live, the venue (<a href=""></a>) is booked, all we need now are the people! </p><p>Being that we are in Orlando, and that our venue is within a mile of the Disney Main Gates, we are hoping to have a very Family Friendly conference. If you have suggestions and ideas for events you'd like to see please get in touch with us. We hope to see you there!</p> perigrin 2008-10-31T13:29:21+00:00 journal Missing in ACTion <p>Has anybody seen the ACT ( maintainers, It's been over two weeks since I started asking about how to make the Perl Oasis ( workshop go live, and the last 5 emails have gone off never to be heard from again. I'm also starting to hear from others that they're having issues with SVN and updating files on their live sites.</p><p>Has anybody seen Eric Cholet(Echo)? Should we send out a search party to his last known coordinates?</p><p>UPDATE:</p><p>BooK has responded on the ACT mailing list saying it as I feared. Real Life has gotten him. Also I don't want to imply that SVN is broken for *everyone*. I've just heard reports from one specific group of people who were having issues, but since their workshop is before mine I figured it behooved me to help figure out what's going on. Thank you for those who have responded.</p> perigrin 2008-10-23T14:40:55+00:00 journal Orlando.PM Social Tonight <p>Just a reminder tonight is our first Social meeting at 7pm. We're meeting Downtown tonight, at the Harp and Celt.</p><p>To quote Charles (who chose the venue):<br>---</p><p>I have chosen The Celt (the bar portion of The Harp and Celt) downtown.</p><p></p><p>This is a small Irish bar that has food and drinks. I have eaten there, the food is good. It is also close to a few other places if we want to migrate. Nearby there is Crooked Bayou, Central Station Pub, AKA Lounge, Casey's, Cleo's, Suite B, and is only a block away from Wall Street Plaza. There is a garage you can park in on Central between Magnolia and Rosalind or you can hunt around for a free spot. Parking should be free in any metered parking spot.</p><p>----</p> perigrin 2008-10-14T13:27:10+00:00 journal More Ubiquity <p>So I&#8217;ve been playing with <a href="">ubiquity</a> some more. Because all of the code runs in chrome:// space in firefox, you get to run as a first class citizen on the computer. Unfortunately this means if you want to do anything fun you need to deal with XPCOM.</p><p>Tonight I stole some code from <a href=""></a> and came up with the following (only works/tested on a Mac):</p><p><code><br>function system(cmd, args) {<nobr> <wbr></nobr>// create an nsILocalFile for the executable<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; var file = Components.classes[";1"]<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.createInstance(Components.interfaces.nsILocalFile);<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; file.initWithPath(cmd);<nobr> <wbr></nobr>// create an nsIProcess<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; var process = Components.classes[";1"]<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.createInstance(Components.interfaces.nsIProcess);<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; process.init(file);<nobr> <wbr></nobr>// Run the process.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>// If first param is true, calling thread will be blocked until<nobr> <wbr></nobr>// called process terminates.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>// Second and third params are used to pass command-line arguments<nobr> <wbr></nobr>// to the process.<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;, args, args.length);<br>}</code></p><p><code>CmdUtils.CreateCommand({<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; name: "say",<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; takes: {"your shout": noun_arb_text},<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; preview: function( pblock, theShout ) {<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; pblock.innerHTML = "Will echo: " + theShout.text;<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; },<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; execute: function( theShout ) {<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; system('/usr/bin/say', [theShout.text]);<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; },<br>})<br></code></p><p>This will run text-to-speech on whatever test you input (either via typing or that is selected in the browser) by using the <code>say</code> command on OSX. The important part though is not what it does, it is what it <em>can do</em>. This opens up all of CPAN to Ubiquity.</p><p>I think I&#8217;m gonna have some fun now.</p> perigrin 2008-08-29T03:38:59+00:00 journal Ubiquity <p>So <a href="">Ubiquity</a> was released today. This is the mozilla developers take on <a href="">QuickSilver</a> a popup sort of GUI version of the command line. I have to say Ubquity is slick as hell. I installed it this morning and in between work tasks I wrote out two quick and simple search scripts, and then set them up to <a href="">distribute online</a>. Note you can subscribe to my commands as a feed, and as I update them &#8230; <em>you</em> get the updates too. </p><p>The commands are written in Java script as chrome applications so they have full access to the harddrive &#8230; this is good and bad and the developers claim that in version 0.02 they&#8217;ll have a Web of Trust for the code setup. </p><p>All in all color me very impressed on a first date.</p> perigrin 2008-08-27T20:00:21+00:00 journal Net::Twitter and FTW! <p>So ct, the guy behind <a href="">Net::Twitter</a> totally thought ahead when he wrote the library and set it up so that you could set the api[url|host|realm] for authentication &#8230; so in case there was ever a twitter clone that supported the same API &#8230; things would <em>just work</em>.</p><p> <a href=""></a> just rolled out support for the Twitter API. Things <em> <a href="">just work</a><nobr> <wbr></nobr></em>.</p> perigrin 2008-07-18T19:37:18+00:00 journal The Perl Oasis <p>So tonight was the <a href="">Orlando Perl Monger&#8217;s</a> meeting again. Sadly the scheduled speaker had to cancel at the last minute leaving the floor open for us to talk about &#8230; The Perl Oasis Workshop. </p><p>Tonight we decided to go ahead and start planning on a workshop in mid January here in sunny Orlando. &#8216;If a hundred people are silly enough to go to <a href="">Minnesota in February</a> I bet a bunch to show up to Orlando in January!&#8217; The theme will be Practical Perl, with much more to come as the details get fleshed out. </p> perigrin 2008-06-11T04:17:40+00:00 journal Why I am Passionate About Perl <p>brian d. foy was asking for information about <a href="">&#8220;Why People Are Passionate About Perl&#8221;</a> for his keynote. I posted this originally to my <a href="">own site</a> but decided to save brain some google juice and repost here.</p><p> <strong> <em>The person who introduced me to Perl showed me that&#8230;</em> </strong> </p><p>Nobody actually introduced me to Perl. I found it on my own. In 1996 when you had finished learning HTML and CSS and wanted to have a job in the industry Perl was pretty much the best choice because most of the web apps back then were written in it. Things have changed, but Perl was my first serious attempt at learning a programming language.</p><p> <strong> <em>I first starting using Perl to&#8230;</em> </strong> </p><p>Find a job that didn&#8217;t suck. I succeeded but it took a while.</p><p> <strong> <em>I kept using Perl because&#8230;</em> </strong> </p><p>Well I didn&#8217;t. I went to VB and then to Pascal cause that&#8217;s what the Computer Science department was taught in, but I came back to Perl because I wanted to do web development. The biggest reason I came back to Perl was a job where the project was being ported from Cold Fusion to Java, and I was hired to install WebSphere on the target platform. The platform used Perl for all of the configuration managment. After 3 days of trying to get Websphere installed, I asked if I could try porting ot mod_perl, after a week I had more done than they&#8217;d had done in Java and the rest was history.</p><p> <strong> <em>I can&#8217;t stop thinking about Perl&#8230;</em> </strong> </p><p>Because after 10 years it is the way I think about programming. Perl has warped the way I think so that I naturally think the way it flows. This has improved a bit since I discovered <a href="">Moose</a>. I think that I can better express my ideas to others because of the new found clarity, but the fact remains that I still think first in Perl and then translate to whatever else I&#8217;m writing.</p><p> <strong> <em>I&#8217;m still using Perl because&#8230;</em> </strong> </p><p>Happily I&#8217;m paid to write Perl for a living. I&#8217;ve worked damn hard to make sure that continues to be true because I hate working in a place where I can&#8217;t give my full effort.</p><p> <strong> <em>I get other people to use Perl by&#8230;</em> </strong> </p><p>JFDI. Write code, release it, tell others about it. You can&#8217;t force people to something just because you love it. You can only show them how enthusiastic it has made you, and show them how it solves your problems. Hopefully they catch on, or at least stay out of your way.</p><p> <strong> <em>I also program in &#8230; and &#8230;, but I like Perl better since&#8230;</em> </strong> </p><p>I&#8217;ve worked in Java, PHP, VB (ASP and Straight VB), Pascal, etc. I like Perl because it (mostly) lets me express the idea or algorithm rather than forcing the idea or algorithm to express the language. The hardest part of re-learing Java after having worked in Perl for several years was realizing that you had do to things the way Java decided, not the way that they most naturally were expressed. With ASP and PHP the fact was I constantly felt I had to write around holes in the language. </p> perigrin 2008-05-20T14:43:23+00:00 journal Orlando Perl Mongers <p>So tonight I got to speak to the <a href="">Orlando Perl Mongers&#8217;</a> group on <a href="">Moose</a>. The group for only having two meetings was surprisingly well organized and seemed to have some very good people involved with it. They are however trying to expand (like any good group), and I thought perhaps people in the echo chamber would be able to come out of the woodwork and support the Orlando group. We have a talk on board for next month, but are looking for speakers for the month(s) after. </p> perigrin 2008-05-14T03:30:01+00:00 journal Make Perl Exciting ... Hack and Discuss <p>So there is <a href="">a thread</a> on PerlMonks talking about how to bring the excitement back to Perl. Which is something I&#8217;ve been thinking about a while myself. Stevan chimed in with <a href="">his own analysis</a> of Perl vs PHP and Ruby spot on which is as far as I can tell accurate. However it doesn&#8217;t really talk about how exciting Perl is, and how to explain that to others. chromatic <a href="">said it best</a> </p><p><div class="quote"><p>Step one: do something you think is cool with Perl. </p><p>Step two: get a weblog and post about the results of step one. </p><p>Step three: make sure that Google and Technorati and other aggregators index your post. </p><p>Step four: repeat.</p></div><p>Which is exactly right. Write code, publish apps people want to use, then talk about how Perl solved the problem in a public forum.</p> perigrin 2008-03-25T21:16:10+00:00 journal Mixed Messages <p>So today was full of mixed messages. First O&#8217;Reilly sent out acceptance letters to speakers for <a href="">OSCON</a>. I did not get one. My two talks are still &#8220;under review&#8221;. My boss&#8217; talk was accepted, and it&#8217;s on roughly the same topic (though a very different talk). Since OSCON was the only conference I could attend this year due to schedules and whatnot, I may be conference free this year. Which is sad cause I am really looking forward to traveling some and talking some.</p><p>Second, <a href="">The Perl Foundation</a> made it into the <a href="">Google Summer of Code</a> as a <a href="">mentoring organization</a>. And I am a (potential) mentor! I also am backing up my boss on being in charge of the Moose projects (if there are any), and will generally help pitch in where neccessary. This is good news cause I would really like to help new people discover Perl and Moose and the fun that I&#8217;m having. I&#8217;d also like to see fresh blood start building new and exciting toys that we can all play with!</p><p>If I get picked up to mentor I&#8217;m expected to be more visible and public with my praise and commentary. I will probably cross post to both <a href="">my own blog</a> and to use.perl <a href="">journal</a>. Something I shoudl really start doing more of (like this post! You&#8217;re soaking in it!).</p> perigrin 2008-03-18T06:01:51+00:00 journal (Minimal Perl)++ <p>Several months ago now I made work buy me a copy of <a href="">Minimal Perl</a> because it looked like it would be useful for formalizing the writing of small one off scripts. </p><p>It is.</p><p>At work we have some database imports that we do from Excel Spreadsheets supplied by the client. This process is mostly a manual process (for now), and it requires converting to CSV, making sure everything is Latin-1 and creating some SQL and YAML for our application. When I started taking over this process I took the opportunity to use the tools I learned. I now have three or four 40 line scripts that start with such gems as</p><p> <code> #!/usr/bin/env perl -nasF/\t|,/ </code> </p><p>and have 30- lines of <code>END</code> block. I cannot reccoment <a href="">Minimal Perl</a> enough if like me you started with Perl as an Application Language (mod_perl) and want to pick up a good style for doing the quick-and-dirty hacks in a not-so-quick-and-dirty way.</p> perigrin 2008-03-11T23:53:23+00:00 journal JSON::Any 1.16 or Why I Should Be in <p>So first I saw <a href="">this</a> when I woke up this morning and checked my feeds. I muttered to myself that I&#8217;d need to patch JSON::Any soon and then a coworker pointed out <a href="">this</a>. All of which is to say: </p><p>JSON::Any 1.16 is heading to the CPAN mirrors as we speak. It includes Simon Wistow&#8217;s patch for supporting both versions of JSON::Any, as well as some minor documentation clean up and a tweak to the Makefile.PL logic so that you really have to <em>work</em> at it to install JSON::Any without a JSON package.</p><p>Hopefully this will make everything better. </p><p>(*) Apparently there was a rant/discussion about this on this morning which lead to Simon Wistow&#8217;s patch and Acme&#8217;s Release &#8230; all of which I sadly missed until after the fact.</p> perigrin 2008-02-14T00:40:12+00:00 journal Cleaning house hoping visitors come <p>So the <a href="">Frozen Perl Workshop</a> is coming up in a little less than three weeks. Since I&#8217;ve been responsible for <a href="">The Open Guide to the Twin Cities</a> for the last two years I thought I&#8217;d go about trying to clean it up and get it running nicely for people commig to the workshop. First was making sure everything was running after the recent change in hosting. We&#8217;re now running on a modern exciting setup of <a href="">nginx</a> and <a href="">lighttpd</a> (I&#8217;ll go into details on that later and possibly elsewhere). </p><p>Currently the Guide is low on content around the <a href="">McNamara Alumni Center</a> but I hope that in the next three weeks I can expand the coverage <a href=";latitude=44.974665&amp;longitude=-93.226923&amp;Go=Go">there</a>. If anybody has the time, energy, and desire to help out please feel free.</p><p>If you have no idea what <a href="">OpenGuides</a> is. &#8220;OpenGuides&#8482; is a network of free, community-maintained wiki guidebooks to places around the world. Anyone is free to contribute, whether it&#8217;s by writing new articles or editing the articles that we already have.&#8221; &#8212; <a href="">OpenGuides Website</a> </p> perigrin 2008-01-27T21:39:59+00:00 journal JSON::Any 1.14 (Coping with JSON/JSON::XS 2.0) <p>So as Ovid recently <a href="">mentioned</a> <a href="">JSON</a> (and <a href="">JSON::XS</a>) recently update themselves to support a common API. While admirable that will now use JSON::XS behind the scenes when possible &#8230; they both broke backwards compatability without warning or notice*. </p><p>This post however is not to bitch about spilt milk, it is to annouce that JSON::Any 1.14 is winging its way to CPAN and has 100% backwards compat with the old JSON::Any interfaces and so should &#8220;just work&#8221;. Note that currently 1.14 only supports 2.0+ of JSON/JSON::XS &#8230; if this turns out to be not enough I&#8217;ll add in the logic to detect which version of JSON is installed and do the right thing but I wanted to get something out there now.</p><p>(*) Now I did get an email after the fact stating that this was gonna happen. But this was two days after I got the first failure from cpantesters.</p> perigrin 2007-12-20T17:40:08+00:00 journal New JSON::Any 1.09 <p>So I&#8217;ve just released JSON::Any 1.09. It is heading down the tubes to your local CPAN mirror now. The big change over 1.08 is better unicode support. Yuval Kogman has added support so that &#8230; well here&#8217;s the pod explaining it:</p><blockquote><div><p>The one parameter that is universally supported (to the extent that is supported by the underlying JSON modules) is C&lt;utf8&gt;. When this parameter is enabled all resulting JSON will be marked as unicode, and all unicode strings in the input data structure will be preserved as such.</p></div> </blockquote><p>Since I only speak a language that is ASCII compatible I&#8217;m happy someone else took up the gauntlet for UTF8 isims.</p><p>Update: This will break compatibility with 5.6.*, let me know if this is a stopper for you and something can be worked out.</p> perigrin 2007-10-10T02:17:38+00:00 journal Power to the People <p>We had lights for all of 5 out of the last 66 hours (and yes it is out again).</p><p>Storms with 70mph winds blew through here at 4am Saturday night, wreaking havoc and throwing 100K+ people in the cities into darkness. Since our line only holds about 50 people (despite being in teh center of the city!) we were last on the list to get repaired. They fixed it this evening early enough for us to clean out the sodden fridge, and the now-thawed freezer and fix a meager meal of what we had been able to save.</p><p>We were just finishing dinner as the news was reporting of a second storm blowing through the area. My wife sent me out to move her car out of Hail range, and I was waling back in from the garage when POP, sizzle<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... the transformer blew out (with pretty green sparks).</p><p>I sit here again in the dark, wondering if I will have power tomorrow. *sigh*</p><p>Also: Vonage doesn't work without electricity.</p><p>UPDATE: after 81 hours we have electricity again.</p> perigrin 2007-08-14T03:28:18+00:00 journal Summer release causing a Chaotic Schedule <p>I had made a personal promise that I would attempt to blog more this summer. Which failed miserably but at least this time I have a reasonable excuse. I sit here at 4:45 am local time having just done the last of my "shift" of feedings for Eoin Fionn Prather, who arrived home from the hospital yesterday, only 55 days after he was born (premature). </p><p>This is mostly a blatant excuse to share my joy with others, and to explain why I will be on a chaotic and random schedule if you are trying to find me.</p> perigrin 2007-08-09T09:50:34+00:00 journal Looking for a few good books... <p>[Note: For context, my mom works in a library in North Georgia. ]</p><blockquote><div><p>Chris,</p><p>Can you send me the names of some good Science Fictions Authors, other than the popular ones such as Robert Jordan? Susie&#8217;s looking for authors to add to the collections at the library.</p><p>Thanks,</p><p>Mom</p></div> </blockquote><p>Actually there was a series of books they published when we first moved to London that was brilliant:</p><ul> <li> <a href="">Science Fiction</a> </li><li> <a href="">Fantasy</a> </li></ul><p>My roomate and I would buy three or four of these when we&#8217;d run out of material while we were living there and then share them. Any of the authors of those books would be worthy, the ones I remember being particularly good were Sam Delany, Greg Bear, Brian Aldiss, JG Ballard, Theodore Sturgeon, and James Blish. In the fantasy section Hope Mirrlees and George RR. Martin. Fantasy books I liked not included in that series anything by Neil Gaiman. Ellen Datlow and Terri Wyndling have a series of collections they&#8217;ve edited together that have major SF&amp;F writers re-telling fairy tales which is very well done (I have Black Heart, Ivory Bones). I&#8217;d point out Terry Prachett if I didn&#8217;t think he fell into the obvious ones (like Robert Jordan). If you can swing Graphic Novels into the mix as well Alan Moore would fit into this category and is completely brilliant (Watchmen, League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta &#8230;).</p><p>Also they&#8217;re about to release a new move based off Richard Mathesons: I am Legend. and Rodger Zelany&#8217;s Lord of Light is in my pile of books to give to Mark actually since I think he&#8217;d love it.</p><p>I could probably be a librarian for a SF&amp;F library section in and of itself<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</p><p>Who did I miss?</p><p>UPDATE: Susie replied directly to me:</p><blockquote><div><p>Thank you so much for the great list of authors for me to wade through. I know nothing about Sci-Fi/Fantasy other than the well-knowns like Jordan, Tolkien etc. Any time you read a great book that you recommend please feel free to let us know. We&#8217;ve officially given you the position (sadly, unpaying) of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Advisor for UCPL.</p></div> </blockquote><p> I have to say I'm happy to have a large list of authors I haven't even heard of (and a few I have) in the comments below. A few that my former roomate in london brought up that I haven't seen mentioned below China Mieville, C.S. Friedman, William Gibson, and Kim Stanley Robertson.</p> perigrin 2007-07-13T19:34:41+00:00 journal Macports and GD <p>So I run perl from Macports because except for gentoo my experience with system perls has been<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... poor. This tends to lead to fun when installing non-standard external libraries and the perl modules that love^Wwrap them. </p><p>Today was GD in which I found <a href=""></a> invaluable. </p><p>I leave this as a pointer for others. Also a tip, when trying to install pdflib_lite<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... it helps if you have a shared perl (libperl).</p> perigrin 2007-07-06T19:55:23+00:00 journal