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osfameron (3135)

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  Comment: Re:Amy Hoy? (Score 1) on 2009.07.15 7:56

by osfameron on 2009.07.15 7:56 (#69482)
Attached to: Italian Perl Workshop 2009 guests

Thomas Fuchs is a Ruby/Javascript guy and Amy Hoy user experience specialist: as far as I know, neither of them "do Perl".

I'm expecting this will be A Good Thing, as it broadens the appeal of the workshop, while bringing a new perspective.

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  Comment: Re:"Perl's modern..." (Score 1) on 2009.07.10 2:43

Heh, yes I may be overdoing the marketroid stuff... the blog I originally posted this to has a few FP readers and I like to stress Moose's theoretical basis pre-emptively. But yes, I could maybe tone that done a little ;-)
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  Journal: A brief note on technical translation: (Gentle Moose Intro) on 2009.07.09 9:14

Journal by osfameron on 2009.07.09 9:14
User Journal
Cross posted from my blog .
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  Comment: Re:Nitpick (Score 1) on 2009.07.04 15:57

by osfameron on 2009.07.04 15:57 (#69253)
Attached to: Italian Perl Workshop 2009 guests

"Hotting up" isn't a word... it's two words ;-)

The first 3 google hits for the phrase come from the Economist, St John's Ambulance, and the BBC.

The phrase has a rather different meaning (increasing in intensity) from "heating up" (making warmer). Sure it's informal. You may not like it, but I'm not sure that pretending it doesn't exist is very sensible.

osf (slightly defensive, as he recommended bepi to use it ;-)

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  Comment: but... (Score 1) on 2009.06.22 4:13

by osfameron on 2009.06.22 4:13 (#69128)
Attached to: Asking #perl about Modern Perl

for some reason 'use Modern::Perl' makes me feel queasy.

For one thing, it seems snide. For another, though the documentation suggests that in the future other modules might be added, it doesn't suggest how to resolve the case of different scripts that require different versions of the bundled modernity. I hope the plan is prettier than use Postmodern::Perl, then Really::Modern::Perl and finally I::Can't::Believe::It's::Not::Modern::Perl ;-P

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  Comment: Hostile documentation.. (Score 1) on 2009.06.19 16:56

by osfameron on 2009.06.19 16:56 (#69116)
Attached to: Package::Dynamic As Yet Unwritten

Um. I think Piers's post is from March: the docs for DD were released in April... Yes indeed, the current docs are the friendly, useful version ;)

The ::Simple modules are indeed still undocumented as you point out, but patches welcome!

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  Comment: Shiny... wants code! (Score 1) on 2009.06.05 8:52

by osfameron on 2009.06.05 8:52 (#68958)
Attached to: What's Not On the CPAN

Look forward to seeing this on github/CPAN ;-)

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  Journal: LPW2008, Functional Pe(a)rls talk on 2008.12.01 4:31

Journal by osfameron on 2008.12.01 4:31