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I thoroughly recommend it to other Perl monger groups.</p><p>Oh, and cheers to Chris Williams, aka bingos, winner of <a href="">The Less-Than-A-Metre-Of-Beer Challenge</a>.</p> oneiron 2007-04-28T07:17:15+00:00 journal Tang spices up a Sydney Monday <p> Perl and Haskell maestro Audrey Tang delivered a magical cure for Mondayitis to a diverse bunch of lucky Sydneysiders with a series of <a href=";tid=30&amp;tid=40">energetic and inspiring talks</a>. </p><p> After the afternoon talk, Audrey enjoyed a constructive couple of hours in the leafy John Lions garden discussing Pugs and Haskell with perhaps the leading bunch of Haskell boffins in the world, namely the computer science group at UNSW. </p><p> usually gets six or so people attending their monthly meetings, but the room was overflowing last night with more than 20 in attendance: a diverse group, including members of <a href="">SLUG</a> (doubtless the most active geek group in Sydney) and <a href="">SyXPAC</a>. As you might expect, a couple of new Pugs committers were unearthed.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-) After <a href="">all four talks</a> were delivered, the evening was washed down with a bowl of Vietnamese noodles in nearby Chinatown. </p><p> Some feedback from the SLUG crowd:</p><blockquote><div><p> <i> This was one of the most interesting and inspiring talks I've seen in a long, long time. </i></p></div> </blockquote><blockquote><div><p> <i> Likewise! Even though it was long, we got three great talks in one night, and every bit kept our interest. Thanks! </i></p></div> </blockquote><p> Thanks Audrey! </p> oneiron 2005-12-13T01:25:18+00:00 journal perl 5.8 hang on aix <p> One of our customers had two "identical" aix boxes. On one of these, perl 5.8.6 worked fine; on the other (with identical binary perl build) running <code>perl -v</code> hung. Apparently, google did not help, and they then spent hours trying to trouble-shoot this problem, without success. </p><p> In desperation, they asked me for advice. I did a quick google and also came up dry. I then suggested they run <code>perl -v</code> via the aix <code>truss</code> command, which showed perl was hanging on an <code>open</code> of<nobr> <wbr></nobr><code>/dev/urandom</code>. After fixing the offending<nobr> <wbr></nobr><code>/dev/urandom</code> device, all was well. A happy ending. </p><p> The main reason I'm writing this journal entry is in the hope it will be indexed by a google robot and so be of use to someone who suffers this problem in the future. If perl 5.8 is hanging, run it with <code>truss</code> (or equivalent tool) to see where. And be suspicious of<nobr> <wbr></nobr><code>/dev/urandom</code> or<nobr> <wbr></nobr><code>/dev/random</code>. I guess this open of<nobr> <wbr></nobr><code>/dev/urandom</code> was added in support of the new hash randomisation feature of perl 5.8 (designed to thwart denial of service attacks). </p> oneiron 2005-06-12T04:44:30+00:00 journal rises again <p> After a long break, Sydney Perl Mongers Fraze, Stennie, gav,<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/-\ and the peripatetic Mike Bissett grogged on at the Evening Star Bar in Surry Hills last Tuesday night. And our <a href="">mailing list</a> is finally back up again (thankyou jarich!). So, after a dismal 2004, 2005 is looking very bright for </p><p> I really enjoyed Tuesday night. Many topics were discussed over the beers, including Mike's connection. Mike spoke very highly of head honcho (and new father), barbie, but was hazy when quizzed about the origin of this intriguing nickname. I'd always assumed it was somehow related to <a href="">throw another shrimp on the barbie</a> or perhaps <a href="">Mattel's Barbie doll</a> or even a shortened form of "barber" or "barbarian". But, if I heard Mike correctly over the pub boisterousness, it's apparently somehow related to either barbel (a carp-like fish) or barbell (a metal rod used in weightlifting). </p> oneiron 2005-02-13T02:00:54+00:00 journal YAPC::Australia and Spoon <p>I have been feeling very sad about Spoon for some days now. I've been a quiet admirer of his work and was looking forward to seeing much more because he was definitely a rising star. He contributed in a number of areas that I am also keenly interested in: perl-qa, Phalanx, CPANTS, WWW::Mechanize, Perl books,<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... but I never had the chance to meet him. So I was looking forward to meeting him at YAPC::Australia in Melbourne in November.</p><p>The first ever YAPC::Australia is yet to be announced and may not happen this year, but it has certainly been discussed on the Melbourne.PM mailing list. If it does go ahead, Spoon will be sorely missed, as I'm sure he would have given several excellent talks there. I think it would be wonderful to see someone give a YAPC talk describing Spoon's contributions to the Perl community during his (too short) lifetime.</p> oneiron 2004-01-19T08:44:15+00:00 journal How to revive a Perl Mongers group? <p>Due to an unfortunate mixup, missed holidaying New York Perl Monger Ross Lonstein by 24 hours, the fleet-footed New Yorker already on the road to Melbourne. Only two mongers gorged at the Chinese Noodle restaurant, Shop 7/8 Quay St, Haymarket. After asking the only non-Chinese eater, "Erm, are you Ross Lonstein of New York City?", Stephen and I hatched our evil plan for reviving over a huge plate of spicy noodles, washed down with a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (espresso coffee mixed with caramel syrup topped with foamed milk and yet more caramel syrup). Well, we discussed several possibilities, but don't really know what to do.</p><p>Any tips on reviving a Perl Mongers group? I heard Gabor gave a talk about the leading Perl Mongers groups at YAPC::Europe; does anyone have a reference to that talk? Who are the leading Perl Monger groups and why are they successful?</p> oneiron 2003-08-12T09:16:53+00:00 journal What is it about Portland Oregon? <p> Why does Portland Oregon attract so much Perl talent? (Being from the other side of the world, I have no idea). Many Perl celebrities seem to reside there: schwern, Ingy, chromatic, Ovid, Randal x 2 (Allison, Schwartz), Tom Phoenix, Ward Cunningham, Tonya Harding, Monica Lewinsky,<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... Is that right? Any others? Can any other city in the USA boast such a large pool of Perl sharks? </p> oneiron 2003-08-06T09:17:36+00:00 journal My first Perl talk <p>I gave my first Perl talk to this week. Noone threw peanuts. I started with an overview and history of the lighter side of Perl culture in general before settling down to step through <a href="">Acme's beautiful orange slides</a>. Curiously, the slide that provoked the maddest cackling was the source code.</p><p>The lovely David Adler esq.'s contribution to CPAN, the pioneering and seminal Semi::Semicolons, also drew wild applause.</p><p>I certainly learnt a lot from giving this talk and the pre-game advice mercifully dished out by and proved invaluable.</p><p>I did attempt one innovation of my own, however. Instead of just tossing the Mongers a packet of luxurious Arnott's Cavetto biscuits (as Ken Williams did) I threw assorted tidbits (mini Cadbury timeout biscuits, Mars bars, etc.) but only to those who correctly answered my probing questions.</p> oneiron 2002-11-16T02:21:51+00:00 journal davorg's Orange Outback Adventure <p>In case you are wondering what has happened to <a href="">davorg</a>, our beloved Perl Monger leader for life, Perl's answer to <a href="">George Clooney</a>, has gone walkabout in Orange, New South Wales, leading a herd of wild camels in a joyful naked romp through the dusty streets of the Australian outback town of <a href="">Orange</a>. Well, he attended a wedding there. When we asked to see the photos he took of the town sign of Orange for Leon, he said: "Erm, I won't tell Leon I went there".</p><p>After dusting himself off, our fearless leader spruced himself up for a meeting with an eager at the VC Bar at 60 Miller St, North Sydney. It was indeed a great honour to shout Dave an Aussie beer, er, orange juice. Talk ranged over many topics, even *gasp* a possible YAPC::Oceania.</p><p>When I last saw him, Dave was being hauled off into the night by the equivalent of Gellyfish. And he jets off to Singapore tomorrow at the crack of dawn.</p><p>Dave, it was great to meet you and your charming wife in person and thankyou for taking the time to chat to us.</p><p><nobr> <wbr></nobr><code>/-\</code> </p> oneiron 2002-10-22T12:23:55+00:00 journal AI::Categorizer presentation at <p>Contrary to recent rumours, is alive and well. We had our first meeting for nearly a year last night in the Engineering Link building at Sydney University where "Aussie" Ken Williams presented his masters thesis <a href="">AI::Categorizer</a> module, treating the agog seven-strong monger throng to a virtuoso technical presentation -- and a packet of Arnott's Cavetto biscuits, which were promptly dispatched. The luxurious Cavetto range, launched in 1992, consists of a thick layer of silky smooth milk chocolate on top of a light crisp vanilla biscuit.</p> oneiron 2002-10-09T06:42:30+00:00 journal Training Perl Beginners <p>I noticed a nice new Perl 5.8.0 <a href="">perlintro</a>. I am trying to train and inspire some absolute Perl beginners and started by pointing them at the URL above (while warning them *not* to visit the intro author's Kink album at <a href=""></a><nobr> <wbr></nobr>;)</p><p>Oh, and I just subscribed to Any advice on how to train Perl beginners welcome.</p> oneiron 2002-10-03T07:21:38+00:00 journal The History of Perl Golf <p>Dave Hoover (nick redsquirrel) and Jerome Quelin have done a fantastic job of running the recent <a href="">TPR</a> golf tournaments; see <a href="">TPR01</a> for the most recent one.</p><p>Here are some statistics from the recent series of games:</p><p> <tt> fwp Santa........... 35 players on scoreboard<br> irc Christmas....... 11 players on scoreboard<br> fwp Get Even........ 51 players on scoreboard<br> TPR Base-36......... 82 players on scoreboard<br> TPR Secret Number...127 players on scoreboard<br> </tt> </p><p>I'm amazed at the number of new golfers the TPR games are drawing!<br> All this recent golfing activity has led Stephen Turner and me to ponder: <i>What is the history of Perl golf?</i> </p><p>As far as I can tell, the term <i>Perl Golf</i> was coined by Greg Bacon <a href=";">here</a>.</p><p>Here is an interesting post: <a href="">Larry plays golf with himself in 1991</a>.</p><p>If anyone has more information on the history of Perl golf, please let me know, as I am eager to write an article on it. In particular, I am interested to learn the first occurrence of an organised golf competition, similar to the TPR tournaments mentioned above.</p> oneiron 2002-03-12T07:50:21+00:00 journal Mowing the fairways and raking the bunkers <p>Today I am putting the finishing touches on the golf course to be played on <i></i> next week. The game starts Wednesday afternoon (USA time), evening (Europe), and runs for five days. So, if you enjoy a competitive round of golf, subscribe to fwp and join in the fun! You don't have to be an expert to play as there is a separate leaderboard for beginners.</p><p>Each player's solutions are kept secret. Only a daily leaderboard is known. Watching the thrust and parry between the leading pack of golfers can be quite entertaining at times. At the end of the game, all solutions are made public, and it is then amazing to behold the incredible variety of creative solutions found in the heat of battle.</p><p>The first fwp golf game, held around Christmas, was won by Eugene van der Pijll, the Flying Dutchman. Here are some references to that game:<br> <a href="">game start</a> <br> <a href="">final leaderboard</a> <br> <a href="">game solutions</a> </p><p> The companion <a href="">ircnet Christmas game</a> saw Eugene dethroned by Spiff, aka Karsten Sperling. </p> oneiron 2002-01-20T05:31:25+00:00 journal Weirdest post of the week <p>I take <i>Perl Ascii Art</i> seriously. No, really I do. I even wrote a CPAN module <a href="">Acme::EyeDrops</a> to help me.</p><p>I felt honoured because my first such post to was singled out for a special <a href="">weirdest post of the week</a> award. They may regret encouraging me, however, for today I posted perhaps the <a href="">weirdest reply of the week</a><nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</p><p>Anyway, enough of this time-wasting nonsense. I've got a golf course to prepare for next week's <i></i> golf tournament.</p> oneiron 2002-01-19T03:00:08+00:00 journal Is my CPAN module being used? <p>I recently joined the ranks of CPAN authors, but have only written one module, namely <tt>Acme::EyeDrops</tt>. I have not received much feedback on it and only one bug report, making me curious to see if anyone was actually using it. Searching with good old google revealed, to my great surprise, that it is being taught at Harvard University! Well, I don't really know what <a href=""></a> is -- part of <i>Harvard Extension School</i>, whatever that means. Anyway, here is their homework assignment.</p><p> <b>Homework 2 problem 5</b> </p><p> <tt> Just follow the instructions...<br> You will install Acme::Eyedrops.<br> <br> You will write a program,, that uses Acme::Eyedrops<br> to convert a program into a prettier version of a program.<br> <br> $<nobr> <wbr></nobr>./ &gt;<br> 1 shapes completed.<br> $ perl<br> Hello world!<br> </tt> </p><p>Interestingly, the lecturer manually added <tt>use strict</tt> to the top of an EyeDrop'ed program, and, shock, horror, it worked! It never occurred to me to test EyeDrops under <tt>use strict</tt>.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</p><p>Oh, and it got a mention at Purdue University too, in a talk by Dave Jacoby titled <i>The Joy of Perl</i> in an unfortunately titled section: <i>Programmers on Crack</i>. But since it is mentioned in the same breath as the maestro's <tt>Acme::Bleach</tt> and <tt>Coy</tt>, I will forgive the author for the unfortunate section name.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</p> oneiron 2002-01-06T08:28:54+00:00 journal Christmas Golf Tournaments <p>My first post. Wow!</p><p>Who is the World's best Perl golfer? I don't know, but Eugene van der Pijll and Karsten Sperling must be right up there.</p><p>In early December, I organised the Santa Claus Golf Apocalypse on the mailing list, which was fun and much more popular than I expected, drawing 35 entries. One pdcawley played superbly, only to be narrowly beaten by Eugene van der Pijll, the Flying Dutchman. BooK also played well.</p><p>This event was closely followed by a similar <em>recovery</em> tournament for those addicts finding it difficult to come down, hosted by the ircnet folks. See <a href=""></a> for details. This time Eugene was dethroned by Spiff, aka Karsten Sperling.</p> oneiron 2002-01-04T08:28:30+00:00 journal