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mugwumpjism (1871)

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Journal of mugwumpjism (1871)

Wednesday August 08, 2007
04:46 AM

Pumpking conversion so far

[ #34045 ]

For those who didn't see the initial release, here's an annotated perlhist; the first column is the number of commits in the history at that point. As I release updates, I will log them here.

Com-    Pump-  Release         Date            Notes
mits    king                                   (by no means
                                                see Changes*
                                                for details)
        ======================================================================== ===

        Larry   0              Classified.     Don’t ask.
1       Larry 1.000          1987-Dec-18

                 1.001..10     1988-Jan-30
14               1.011..14     1988-Feb-02
        Schwern  1.0.15        2002-Dec-18     Modernization
        Richard  1.0.16        2003-Dec-18

        Larry   2.000          1988-Jun-05

17               2.001         1988-Jun-28

19      Larry   3.000          1989-Oct-18

                 3.001         1989-Oct-26
                 3.002..4      1989-Nov-11
                 3.005         1989-Nov-18
                 3.006..8      1989-Dec-22
                 3.009..12     1990-Mar-02
                 3.013..14     1990-Mar-13
                 3.015         1990-Mar-14
                 3.016..18     1990-Mar-28
                 3.019..27     1990-Aug-10     User subs.
                 3.028         1990-Aug-14
                 3.029..36     1990-Oct-17
                 3.037         1990-Oct-20
                 3.038..040    1990-Nov-10
                 3.041         1990-Nov-13
                 3.042..43     1991-Jan-??
62               3.044         1991-Jan-12

63      Larry   4.000          1991-Mar-21

                 4.001..3      1991-Apr-12
                 4.004..9      1991-Jun-07
                 4.010         1991-Jun-10
                 4.011..18     1991-Nov-05
                 4.019         1991-Nov-11     Stable.
                 4.020..33     1992-Jun-08
                 4.034         1992-Jun-11
                 4.035         1992-Jun-23
99      Larry    4.036         1993-Feb-05     Very stable.

                 5.000alpha1   1993-Jul-31
100              5.000alpha2   1993-Aug-16
                 5.000alpha3   1993-Oct-10
                 5.000alpha4   1993-???-??
                 5.000alpha5   1993-???-??
                 5.000alpha6   1994-Mar-18
                 5.000alpha7   1994-Mar-25
        Andy     5.000alpha8   1994-Apr-04
        Larry    5.000alpha9   1994-May-05     ext appears.
                 5.000alpha10  1994-Jun-11
                 5.000alpha11  1994-Jul-01
        Andy     5.000a11a     1994-Jul-07     To fit 14.
                 5.000a11b     1994-Jul-14
                 5.000a11c     1994-Jul-19
                 5.000a11d     1994-Jul-22
        Larry    5.000alpha12  1994-Aug-04
        Andy     5.000a12a     1994-Aug-08
                 5.000a12b     1994-Aug-15
                 5.000a12c     1994-Aug-22
                 5.000a12d     1994-Aug-22
                 5.000a12e     1994-Aug-22
                 5.000a12f     1994-Aug-24
                 5.000a12g     1994-Aug-24
                 5.000a12h     1994-Aug-24
        Larry    5.000beta1    1994-Aug-30
        Andy     5.000b1a      1994-Sep-06
        Larry    5.000beta2    1994-Sep-14     Core slushified.
        Andy     5.000b2a      1994-Sep-14
                 5.000b2b      1994-Sep-17
                 5.000b2c      1994-Sep-17
        Larry    5.000beta3    1994-Sep-??
        Andy     5.000b3a      1994-Sep-18
                 5.000b3b      1994-Sep-22
                 5.000b3c      1994-Sep-23
                 5.000b3d      1994-Sep-27
                 5.000b3e      1994-Sep-28
                 5.000b3f      1994-Sep-30
                 5.000b3g      1994-Oct-04
        Andy     5.000b3h      1994-Oct-07
        Larry?   5.000gamma    1994-Oct-13?

109     Larry   5.000          1994-Oct-17

        Andy     5.000a        1994-Dec-19
                 5.000b        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000c        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000d        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000e        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000f        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000g        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000h        1995-Jan-18
                 5.000i        1995-Jan-26
                 5.000j        1995-Feb-07
                 5.000k        1995-Feb-11
                 5.000l        1995-Feb-21
                 5.000m        1995-Feb-28
                 5.000n        1995-Mar-07
                 5.000o        1995-Mar-13?

128     Larry   5.001          1995-Mar-13

        Andy     5.001a        1995-Mar-15
                 5.001b        1995-Mar-31
                 5.001c        1995-Apr-07
                 5.001d        1995-Apr-14
                 5.001e        1995-Apr-18     Stable.
                 5.001f        1995-May-31
                 5.001g        1995-May-25
                 5.001h        1995-May-25
                 5.001i        1995-May-30
                 5.001j        1995-Jun-05
                 5.001k        1995-Jun-06
                 5.001l        1995-Jun-06     Stable.
                 5.001m        1995-Jul-02     Very stable.
                 5.001n        1995-Oct-31     Very unstable.
146              5.002beta1    1995-Nov-21
                 5.002b1a      1995-Dec-04
                 5.002b1b      1995-Dec-04
                 5.002b1c      1995-Dec-04
                 5.002b1d      1995-Dec-04
                 5.002b1e      1995-Dec-08
                 5.002b1f      1995-Dec-08
        Tom      5.002b1g      1995-Dec-21     Doc release.
207     Andy     5.002b1h      1996-Jan-05
                 5.002b2       1996-Jan-14
        Larry    5.002b3       1996-Feb-02
        Andy     5.002gamma    1996-Feb-11
        Larry    5.002delta    1996-Feb-27

321     Larry   5.002          1996-Feb-29     Prototypes.

431     Charles  5.002_01      1996-Mar-25

450             5.003          1996-Jun-25     Security release.

647              5.003_01      1996-Jul-31
649     Nick     5.003_02      1996-Aug-10
        Andy     5.003_03      1996-Aug-28
                 5.003_04      1996-Sep-02
                 5.003_05      1996-Sep-12
                 5.003_06      1996-Oct-07
976              5.003_07      1996-Oct-10
986     Chip     5.003_08      1996-Nov-19
                 5.003_09      1996-Nov-26
                 5.003_10      1996-Nov-29
                 5.003_11      1996-Dec-06
                 5.003_12      1996-Dec-19
                 5.003_13      1996-Dec-20
1085             5.003_14      1996-Dec-23
                 5.003_15      1996-Dec-23
                 5.003_16      1996-Dec-24
                 5.003_17      1996-Dec-27
                 5.003_18      1996-Dec-31
                 5.003_19      1997-Jan-04
                 5.003_20      1997-Jan-07
                 5.003_21      1997-Jan-15
                 5.003_22      1997-Jan-16
                 5.003_23      1997-Jan-25
                 5.003_24      1997-Jan-29
                 5.003_25      1997-Feb-04
                 5.003_26      1997-Feb-10
                 5.003_27      1997-Feb-18
1310             5.003_28      1997-Feb-21
                 5.003_90      1997-Feb-25     Ramping up to the 5.004 release.
                 5.003_91      1997-Mar-01
                 5.003_92      1997-Mar-06
                 5.003_93      1997-Mar-10
                 5.003_94      1997-Mar-22
                 5.003_95      1997-Mar-25
                 5.003_96      1997-Apr-01
1461             5.003_97      1997-Apr-03     Fairly widely used.
                 5.003_97a     1997-Apr-05
                 5.003_97b     1997-Apr-08
                 5.003_97c     1997-Apr-10
                 5.003_97d     1997-Apr-13
                 5.003_97e     1997-Apr-15
                 5.003_97f     1997-Apr-17
                 5.003_97g     1997-Apr-18
                 5.003_97h     1997-Apr-24
                 5.003_97i     1997-Apr-25
                 5.003_97j     1997-Apr-28
1597             5.003_98      1997-Apr-30
                 5.003_99      1997-May-01
                 5.003_99a     1997-May-09
                 p54rc1        1997-May-12     Release Candidates.
                 p54rc2        1997-May-14

1643    Chip    5.004          1997-May-15     A major maintenance release.

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