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mpeters (5802)

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Journal of mpeters (5802)

Thursday March 25, 2010
09:47 AM

Perl hashes in comparison to C, C++, Python and Ruby

I just came across this blog post which benchmarks several hash implementations in C and C++ including the hashes or Python and Ruby.

I was wondering if someone wanted to fork the benchmarks on GitHub and add a Perl entry. I haven't done C in a while and I've never done XS, so I'm probably not the best person for that job.

Any volunteers?
Thursday February 11, 2010
10:35 AM

I'm trying to like the new site but every time I try to use it something goes wrong. Every time I try to comment on a post I get this strange error message (It's happened to me every day for at least a week. I decided to ignore the first few times since all sites have problems and it is still beta, but I guess I just got too annoyed today):

Comment Submission Error

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Text entered was wrong. Try again.

Really? My text was wrong? Do tell, how could it have been made "right".

Not only is this error message completely unhelpful, but it takes me to a separate page where I have to click my browser's back button to try again. Really? That's so 90's.

I've tried clearing out any cookies that might be bad for some reason; I've tried changing my content, my name, my url, etc. Nothing seems to work. Anyone know what's going on or have a clue as to how I can fix this?

Thursday November 26, 2009
02:17 PM

Obligatory giving of Thanks!

I'm currently waiting for the turkey and stuffing to cook and am feeling really grateful for lots of things, so I thought I'd share some of my programming gratitude here. In no particular order, I'm thankful for:
  • Mark Stosberg - Not only is he the driving force behind the CGI::App community but he's also great at helping out with important modules that have fallen a little stale (, CGI::Session, Data::FormValidator). He's also been a patient follower and contributor to my Smolder project.
  • Brad Oaks - Not a CPAN contributor, but the main organizing effort behind and a fellow co-worker. Our technical meetings are good geekery and our social meetings are pretty fun too. Not all of us programmers are good at organizing social things, so I'm glad that he is. Not only is he a good sounding board for my ideas at work but he makes me think of things that I didn't see on my own.
  • Ricardo Signes - Great speaker, prolific module author and very funny guy. I've had the privilege of hanging out with him at lots of YAPCs and a couple Perl QA Workshops and it's always a blast. His willingness to delve into the abyss that is Email and make it sane (or saner) for the rest of us is enough to earn him permanent Perl sainthood.
  • Perrin Harkins - mod_perl guru and former co-worker, I really learned a lot from him about architecture, code structure, maintenance and a million other things. He's usually playing with lots of different new toys and sharing all his benchmarks and comparisons so the rest of us can make better decisions.
  • Jim Brandt - Current President of the Perl Foundation which means he has the hardest thankless job which everybody takes for granted in the Perl community. It's amazing how much gets done in a completely volunteer effort like the TPF and we should all be grateful for his work (and those of past presidents like Allison Randall and Richard Dice).

I know I've left lots of people off this list, but the turkey needs basting, so I'll leave the rest of the thanks to other people.

Tuesday September 15, 2009
04:48 PM

Help needed on a new 5.10 warning

I'm trying to run an existing application on 5.10 for the first time (5.10.0 for right now) and am getting a warning that is not making it easy for me to track down. Any help from the lazy web would be appreciated.

It goes like this:

  Variable "$x" is not available at (re_eval 1070) line 1.

I'm assuming this is pretty deep inside some dependency I'm using (of which my application probably has an old version which doesn't play nicely with 5.10). Google is no help here as it returns a lot of CPAN testers results with the same warning for various modules (,

My normal trick of using

  $SIG{__WARN__} = \*Carp::cluck;

to get a nice stack trace of where the warning is coming from is not actually giving me a stack trace. Anyone have any extra ideas?

Thursday July 16, 2009
08:05 PM

What Perl can learn from OpenBSD

Will all the talk about trying to improve the Perl core development and release process it's interesting to see what other (non-commercially backed) open source project are doing -

From the slashdot overview:

Twelve years ago OpenBSD developers started engineering a release process that has resulted in quality software being delivered on a consistent 6 month schedule — 25 times in a row, exactly on the date promised, and with no critical bugs. This on-time delivery process is very different from how corporations manage their product releases and much more in tune with how volunteer driven communities are supposed to function.

Thursday June 25, 2009
11:44 AM

My Slides from YAPC

Just wanted to post links to my slides from YAPC for the 2 talks I did there. Not sure how interesting they are without my accompanying tenor, but here they are:

TAP in Depth

Continuous Integration Testing in Perl
Wednesday June 10, 2009
01:27 PM

Open Source Advertising

Just saw this announcement on reddit.

Please take a few seconds to find Perl and Parrot and upvote them. And if you feel like downvoting some other projects, no one would hold that against you :) It's a nice way to show them that the un-dead Perl programmers can still click on links.
Tuesday June 09, 2009
03:37 PM

Another perltidy lazyweb request

Having been inspired by Domm to fix one of my perltidy annoyances (it says something about the greatness of a tool that I keep using it even though there are some annoyances...).
I have these .perltidyrc settings:


And I have this code:

        foo => 3,
        bar => 2,
        baz => 1,

Now I want those opening and closing tokens to be closer together and not waste so much vertical space. So I added this:


Now my code looks like this:

        foo => 3,
        bar => 2,
        baz => 1,

Which is fabulous except that the inner args are indented 2 levels (8 spaces) instead of just 1 (4 spaces). So how do I get this?

    foo => 3,
    bar => 2,
    baz => 1,

Tuesday April 21, 2009
01:06 PM

Article about Person duplicate data

Just thought I'd mention it since it's in another place:
Monday March 30, 2009
08:12 AM


Building off my lastest CPAN release module (Module::Build::TAPArchive) I've just released Module::Build::Smolder. Now if you want to use Smolder in your Module::Build based projects all you need to do is use this new subclass and then you can say:

    $] ./Build smolder ...

The "..." lets you specify which Smolder server the results are sent to and for which project, etc. Both this and Module::Build::TAPArchive are preludes to another big announcement that I was hoping to have done this morning, but looks like it will have to wait until at least later tonight.