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  Comment: Spread the load (Score 1) on 2010.07.26 9:54

by mpeters on 2010.07.26 9:54 (#72205)
Attached to: For people running Perl conferences

I'm not a professional video editor but I am a conference speaker. I'd be more than happy to learn how to edit videos and clean up any that exist for talks I've given at YAPCs, etc. Just let me at 'em :)

Also, there's been some talk about paying people in the Perl community to do various things. Maybe TPF could offer a grant to anyone willing to do it for the bigger conferences. It's not development but it would be good marketing. And as we've seen from various attempts at it, it doesn't seem to work well as a purely volunteer effort.

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  Journal: Perl hashes in comparison to C, C++, Python and Ruby on 2010.03.25 9:47

Journal by mpeters on 2010.03.25 9:47
User Journal
I just came across this blog post which benchmarks several hash implementations in C and C++ including the hashes or Python and Ruby.

I was wondering if someone wanted to fork the benchmarks on GitHub and add a Perl entry. I haven't done C in a while and I've never done XS, so I'm probably not the best person for that job.
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  Comment: some ideas (Score 1) on 2010.03.05 15:35

by mpeters on 2010.03.05 15:35 (#71753)
Attached to: Simple form validation with Data::FormValidator

I'd definitely focus on the new way to write constraint methods (using constraint_methods and not the old contstraints.

Also, (tooting my own horn) I like using Data::Form::Validator::Constraints::DateTime so that you can validate incoming dates in lots of ways and then get a DateTime object out if it when it's valid.

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  Comment: Re:me too (Score 1) on 2010.02.11 13:30

by mpeters on 2010.02.11 13:30 (#71689)
Attached to:

Thanks for pointing that out. I've commented that I'm experiencing the same thing on both of the bug tickets you guys posted.

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  Journal: on 2010.02.11 10:35

Journal by mpeters on 2010.02.11 10:35
User Journal

I'm trying to like the new site but every time I try to use it something goes wrong. Every time I try to comment on a post I get this strange error message (It's happened to me every day for at least a week. I decided to ignore the first few times since all sites have problems and it is still beta, but I guess I just got too annoyed today):

Comment Submission Error

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  Comment: SET NAMES (Score 1) on 2010.01.04 17:30

by mpeters on 2010.01.04 17:30 (#71480)
Attached to: spontaneous mysql UTF-8 encoding

Could any of your code be calling "SET NAMES uft8" which changes that connection's encoding.

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  Comment: Tags is a bad name (Score 1) on 2009.12.11 18:02

by mpeters on 2009.12.11 18:02 (#71370)
Attached to: Some module names don't deserve to be short

I can't think of a single good reason to have a global namespace taken up with something like Tags. If a module produces XML or HTML tags, then name it XML::Tags or HTML::Tags. Otherwise it could be topical Tags (like it seems november was trying to do), or price tags, or freeze tags, or any number of thing.

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  Comment: repeating what's been said (Score 1) on 2009.12.07 10:03

by mpeters on 2009.12.07 10:03 (#71339)
Attached to: Template::Tiny 0.01 - Request for features

These have all been mentioned, but I just wanted to add one more voice:

  • Loops - Not just loops, but also with the ability to tell first, index, last and possibly even vs odd.
  • Includes - Doesn't need to be as complicated or as varied as TT, but being able to break templates up avoids a lot of duplication.
  • Filters - You can't do web or XML stuff safely without having HTML escaping, and being able to define your own filters makes it easy to extend.
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  Journal: Obligatory giving of Thanks! on 2009.11.26 14:17

Journal by mpeters on 2009.11.26 14:17
User Journal
I'm currently waiting for the turkey and stuffing to cook and am feeling really grateful for lots of things, so I thought I'd share some of my programming gratitude here. In no particular order, I'm thankful for:
  • Mark Stosberg - Not only is he the driving force behind the CGI::App community but he's also great at helping out with important modules that have fallen a little stale (, CGI::Session, Data::FormValidator). He's also been a patient follower and contri
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  Comment: In agreement (Score 1) on 2009.11.17 10:07

by mpeters on 2009.11.17 10:07 (#71150)
Attached to: Why no plan for nested TAP?

I hate "me too" style comments, but I in this case I have to say that I completely agree. Why force testers to count something that we can have the computer count. If you'd rather count, fine whip out your abacus and have fun. Otherwise, let us get on with useful stuff.

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  Comment: SSD (Score 1) on 2009.11.10 10:08

by mpeters on 2009.11.10 10:08 (#71081)
Attached to: MySQL on a ramdisk

A lot of SSDs don't perform as well as people think they should because file systems haven't caught up with them yet. They are still trying to minimize seeks so they'll do extra processing that's unnecessary on SSDs.

How big is your working copy (the majority of your database that you use at a time, with indexes, etc)? It might make more sense just to buy a ton of RAM if you can fit most of your working copy in memory.

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  Comment: Re: Help needed on a new 5.10 warning (Score 1) on 2009.09.17 8:03

by mpeters on 2009.09.17 8:03 (#70609)
Attached to: Help needed on a new 5.10 warning

Thanks for the advice. I eventually tracked it down to Regexp::Common and was able to remove the warning if I just imported the number specific regexes:

  use Regexp::Common qw(number);

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  Comment: Re:The code knows (Score 1) on 2009.09.16 8:52

by mpeters on 2009.09.16 8:52 (#70602)
Attached to: Help needed on a new 5.10 warning

Yeah, I was also able to trace where in the *perl* code the warning was coming from, but I'm trying to figure out which *module* in the huge tree of modules being used is using a construct that is causing the warning to be thrown.

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  Journal: Help needed on a new 5.10 warning on 2009.09.15 16:48

Journal by mpeters on 2009.09.15 16:48
User Journal
I'm trying to run an existing application on 5.10 for the first time (5.10.0 for right now) and am getting a warning that is not making it easy for me to track down. Any help from the lazy web would be appreciated.

It goes like this:

  Variable "$x" is not available at (re_eval 1070) line 1.

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  Comment: Re:Why put state on the server? (Score 1) on 2009.08.20 8:20

by mpeters on 2009.08.20 8:20 (#70200)
Attached to: Handling login/logout correctly

I usually do something similar if I want to go to some other page after login/logout, but you don't need to prepopulate the login/logout links just use the REFERER header.

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