mkirank's Journal mkirank's use Perl Journal en-us use Perl; is Copyright 1998-2006, Chris Nandor. Stories, comments, journals, and other submissions posted on use Perl; are Copyright their respective owners. 2012-01-25T02:44:34+00:00 pudge Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 mkirank's Journal Getting started with selenium <br> <b>Version Details </b> <br> <br> Active Perl version 5.8.7<br> Firefox<br> <a href="">Selenium</a> RC 0.9.0<br> <br> <br> <b>Installation </b> <br> 1. Install Java 1.5<br> 2. Install Alien-SeleniumRC via ppm<br> 3. Install Test-WWW-Selenium via ppm<br> 4. Install the <a href=""> selenium-IDE </a> firefox extension<br> 5. Install the <a href="">xpath checker </a> <br> <br> <b>Creating tests</b> <br> 1. Using selenium IDE create tests (helpful to some extent in generating the code)<nobr> <wbr></nobr>,<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; and save the tests . Do not forget to set the format to perl in Options-&gt;format<br> 2. Start the selenium server I have manually installed Selenium RC so I go to the directory (Alien-SeleniumRC has a script) <br>, If you want to work with frames start selenium with a -multiWindow option (eg: java -jar selenium-server.jar -multiWindow)<br> 3.Run your tests<br> <br> Xpath Checker is used to get the Xpath <br> <br>Example: <code> $sel-&gt;click_ok("xpath=/html/body/table[2]/tbody/tr/td/form/table/tbody/tr[9]/td<nobr>[<wbr></nobr> 3]/a"); </code> <br> <br> <b>For <a href="">Pugs </a> like setup which displays the results in <a href="">HTML </a> </b> <br> <br> 1. Install Method::Alias via ppm (required for Test-TAP-Model)<br> 2. Download and install from CPAN (via commandline could not find ppm) Test-TAP-Model-0.06<br> 3. Install Petal via PPM (required for Test-TAP-HTMLmatrix)<br> 4. Install Petal-utils via PPM (required for Test-TAP-HTMLmatrix)<br> 5. Download and install from CPAN Test-TAP-HTMLMatrix-0.05 (commandline Install)<br> 6. Install YAML via ppm<br> 7. Install Html-Template via ppm<br> 8. Install Regexp-Common via ppm<br> 9. Install<br> <br> <br> <br> get the following scripts from the <a href="">Pugs </a> repository<br> <a href=""> </a> <br> <a href=""> </a> <br> <a href=""></a> <br> <a href=""> </a> <br> <a href="">catalog_tmpl </a> <br> <br> run the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/some/sandbox/dir with selenium tests<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/some/www/file.html <br> For Data Driven Tests Luke Closs has written some Modules<br> <br> Check out <a href=""> Wiki Tests </a> mkirank 2007-02-14T03:01:41+00:00 journal Anyone using Mac book Pro I am planning on buying a <a href=""> Mac book Pro </a>. I have never used a mac before and this will be my first mac. There seems to be some problems with the mac book pro machines as per <a href=""> this </a> and <a href=""> this </a> . Do you know of some one who has bought this ?. Any suggestions ? mkirank 2006-12-19T00:01:29+00:00 journal Not many perl talks at this conference Though I am registered here for sometime<nobr> <wbr></nobr>,this is my first Journal entry<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.. Yay! <br> <br> <i> some thoughts </i> <br> <a href=""> FOSS.IN </a> Is one of the biggest Open source conference in India , I had a chance to attend this in 2003. Its a pretty nice conference and each year speakers from around the world are invited to speak here, last year among their speakers were Alan Cox and Rasmus Lerdorf <br> I was looking at the schedules in <a href=""> 2005 </a> and <a href=""> 2004 </a> and was disappointed not to find any Perl talks (hope there is one this year), there are Ruby<nobr> <wbr></nobr>,Python and PHP talks , there is a <a href=""> Ruby Conf </a> scheduled to be held soon (I'm going to miss all of these<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-( ).. I know there are some pretty good Ruby<nobr> <wbr></nobr>,PHP and Python hackers there but not too many working on perl <br> I guess this is a pretty good market for Perl books and training {hint}. I know some trainers there who claim to know "PERL" and recommend some "PERL" books <br> Unlike here in the US we do not get Perl books as soon as they are released, it takes a few months , I had to order Higher Order Perl and Perl Best practices through amazon to be shipped in july last year and its pretty expensive to do it that way . <br> I am curious to know how perl books sell in India compared to other languages ?. <br> <br> Some Interesting Links <br> Column in <a href=""> LWN </a> by Jonathan Corbet was one of the speakers at the event, this give a pretty good Insight on the Indian software community <br> Take a look at <a href=";q=FOSS.IN"> This Video </a> this line is to register for the conference . mkirank 2006-10-09T00:55:24+00:00 journal