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Which could be fine, but definitely isn't helpful. Looking in the helper application at the actual code to see where it decides that it has an error that it doesn't know about, which is an odd concept if you think about it, I came across the following construction: </p><blockquote><div><p> <tt>if ($errorstring =~<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/something/) {<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; return "Something error"<br>} elsif<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... {<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;<nobr> <wbr></nobr>...<br>} else {<br>&nbsp; &nbsp;return "unknown error"<br>}</tt></p></div> </blockquote><p> WTF? So the programmer of this code <strong>had</strong> the $errorstring, but chooses not to pass it back. Furffu. </p><p> Glad it is Perl though, where I can copy the code, change it and find out what actually is the problem.</p> merijnb 2003-09-04T14:19:30+00:00 journal Off to portland we go <p>Who thought Portland up as a venue? Trying to get there from London is just silly, you have to fly to somewhere in the states, then hop over. So now I'm going to Seattle, then take Horizon Air (who?) to Portland. It's a 53 minute flight, so I assume it's a 20 seater prop plane. Hope they let me fly it. Oh, I'm not 5 any more, dang. They won't issue tickets through my travel agency, wo've booked a seat, but I've got to pay at the airport before boarding. Guess who will be left stranded in Seattle? I'm just sure of it. Shall I start writing my talk now?</p> merijnb 2003-06-05T16:51:38+00:00 journal Thrown of my wire shackles <p>Battled somewhat with my new wireless setup. DSL at home since three weeks, which is just great. Missing part was the wireless connection, a 5 meter cat5 is no substitute.</p><p>Enter the Belkin wireless PC card. Plug it in the linux laptop and it just works. Amazing. Ok, when I compiled the kernel I compiled the modules for the most likely card, but still, it just worked. Things are not supposed to be like that under Linux. I always have a list of 10 things to straighten out, and after working on it the list has grown.</p><p>The router from Belkin is a different story. Turned out I probably could have done better with the simple access point instead of the router, but it was the same price, so what else is one to do?. Can't however get the thing to be a simple bridge, it insists on doing NAT or other routing. Managed to get myself locked out twice, to the point that the thing did not react to any connection.</p><p>It only is configurable via a web interface, no console port and the rest button only resets, though the FAQ on the website says it returns to the factory settings. Flip. Turns out that holding down the reset button for 7 (&gt; 5 and 10) seconds does so. Grrr. Thanks Belkin for making me think I had a nice paperweight.</p><p>So now I let it do its thang, and my laptop is a 192.168 ip. Mmmmm, shame of my lovely static ips.</p><p>Also found out the laptop support for a thinkpad under Linux is too good. Unplug the power, sit down on the couch, the whole machine is sluggish.<br>WTF? Turns out the processor powers down to 66Mhz.<br>Furrfu.</p> merijnb 2002-08-08T23:48:11+00:00 journal At TPC the sun is shining <p>Made it to TPC after a week in NYC. Too hot there and too many people to see. Good time though, I just don't go often enough, so lots of meetings and general talks.</p><p>Now in San Diego, where the sun has come out after a lovely cool morning. What a nice change after NY sizzle and bake. Just saw ziggy in the hallway after coming back from some shopping, in a bit the registration will start. Time for another hectic week<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p><p>Managed to get LILO working on the laptop I was handed last week with W2K pre installed, which I need to keep. Last time I installed a desktop linux is many years ago, and lilo never gave me problems before, but this time I struggled for almost the whole evening to get it booting with several options, at one point I got the laptop so upset it showed me neat text based grapics indicating it needed a floppy in a drive<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p><p>All stabilized now, can dual boot just fine. DHCP in the Hotel doesn't seem to work from Linux though, pump goes out and gets all the good looking network settings, but there is some strange user agreement page that automatically loads in windows, but not in Linux. Anybody know how to get that going?</p> merijnb 2002-07-21T22:22:48+00:00 journal Cultural divide <p>Moving from one country to another makes you wonder about ten thousand little things that are different, things that you never before thought about the reason. Case in point, how do people park their cars in your neck of the woods?</p><p>In my previous country, 99% of the people in big carparks will park nose forward, then reverse out. In this one, 99% reverse into the parking space, then drive out front first. In my mind the old way was "obviously" more sane, since reversing into a small space is difficult, while reversing into the wide open space is much easier.</p><p>People here get taught on their test to do it this way, they all continue to do it, and nobody could explain to me why. Until recently, when somebody told me a study had showed that reversing out of a parking space was much more prone to accidents then driving forward out of them.</p><p>Only one of ten thousand things, but this one I now understand, better then say, carpet in the bathroom<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)</p> merijnb 2002-03-11T16:30:40+00:00 journal FireWire is nice <p>Did he just say nice? </p><p>Upgraded my orange iMac with the Harmoni from Sonnet, added FireWire and a 500Mhz G3. Added<br>an external 40Gb FireWire drive. Nice. It Just Works.</p><p>Now for my DV camcorder. Pretty please, postperson.</p> merijnb 2002-03-06T15:00:55+00:00 journal Start <p>This is a start that will go down on my permanent record</p> merijnb 2002-02-12T15:47:24+00:00 journal