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This year I hope I can make a substansial contribution to this site. mercedo 2006-01-03T19:16:27+00:00 journal Blue Rose My ex-wife and I went to the flower festival in our city. There 'blue rose' was exhibited, and because it was widely advertised, just too many people were making a queue to take a glace at the rose. <p>We too wanted to see the rose but it would take about an hour to reach the rose. </p><p>'Blue rose' in English ideom, means something impossible. We were able to understand the real meaning of the rose. Of course we didn't queue in a line. Apart from that, we had another perfect holiday since 30th of October when we went to another orchard &amp;flower garden. The flowers of cosmos are still in the festival, except a few very cold days we are having unusually warm days these days. </p><p>It is certainly a blue rose to love my ex-wife once again but we are now on good terms with one another, that's going to be a good reason for us to spend another warm holiday. That was possible.</p> mercedo 2005-11-20T19:29:32+00:00 journal Future of the Internet Journal System Fifteen years ago we had only two foreigner's bar in our city -Yahoo! City 1.3 million population. One has been the 'Internatinal Bar' and the other was 'Bollox'. We stll have the International Bar at the same place, but I don't think we still have 'Bollox'. Bollox was open only at weekends -Saturday night once in a week.<p>Thirteen years ago, we had 'The Big Apple' and a year later 'Off Broadway', both were foreigner's bar. Off Broadway has changed their locations three times and the premise is still located at the midst of downtown. 'The Big Apple' was a perfect example of successful foreigner's bar. It was very small but it had got millions of people from both domestic and foreign people, and because of the very reason, the bar was closed after just 3 years.</p><p>Now we have probably more than 30 foreigner's bar or more exactly foreigner's bar styled bar anyway now many many bars are just like those of ten years ago. </p><p>I started talking about under the title of the future of the internet journal system. Many years ago it must have started among limited people in just small circles. Then look at now. I don't know who started exactly but their spirit has been succeeding transformed variously and will be flourishing as now we see.</p> mercedo 2005-10-30T15:16:43+00:00 journal The Subtitle tells Us <i>All the Perl that's Practical to Extract and Report</i> <p>Probably the subtitle itself is telling us that why Perl is so strong.</p> mercedo 2005-10-18T06:03:49+00:00 journal Why Perl Is So Strong Why Perl is so strong in many search engines? You see I just wrote very limited entries here in use Perl;, but I've got lots of entries in many search engines. <p>I think there's a secret for this mainly it owes to the superiority of the system -programming itself. </p><p>But apart from that I just enjoy browsing the site.</p> mercedo 2005-10-18T05:56:31+00:00 journal Perfect Image Here is the perfect image of cosmos garden in <a href=""> <i>Nokonoshima</i> Island.</a><p> I recall what I saw in spring this year, that's very similar to this photo. Here's <a href="">the link</a>.</p><p> I am very pleased to find the images in my mind in the Internet, almost exactly these pictures express my images in my mind. This is very direct way to transmit what I want to express. Amazing!</p> mercedo 2005-10-08T14:56:29+00:00 journal All Greek To Me I've been browsing use Perl site, but in almost all cases many are Greek to me. But it's OK, everything's new to someone in the first place, only late we are accustomed to the atmosphere. <p>I happened to stray into use Perl site, now I want to learn something.</p> mercedo 2005-10-07T17:06:59+00:00 journal Two Days Off It was a great fun to be able to have two consecutive holidays. I was unable to take any holidays for these six months. I just wonder how many hours I've got to spend for the sake of others, not for myself. But oddly enough it's the time to work for others for us to be able to find something precious usually we were unable to grasp.<p>Nothing is meaningless in our life.</p> mercedo 2005-10-05T18:03:55+00:00 journal Cosmos After all I didn't go out anywhere outside my room. It was rainy whole day long. For two days I was able to take a rest well.<p>I plan to see my girlfriend on Friday night and go to see cosmos flower in the park nearby on Saturday . My world is a little cosmos, though nobody cares about it. </p><p>Such beautiful autumnal days, it would be a good chance for us to reconfirm our love in the cosmos garden in full swing. In our terminology, we read 'cosmos' in writing 'autumnal cherry blossoms'.</p><p>Personally I like to appreciate cherry blossoms in spring, hydrangea in early summer, cosmos in autumn, then throughout winter I will be taken care of by cyclamen. The time is nigh to say hello again to cyclamen soon. </p><p>But now is time to appreciate cosmos, may our love will be deepen through this oppotunity.</p> mercedo 2005-10-05T15:35:38+00:00 journal It's Fun It's a lot of fun to see another name in my fan's list. Today I found cogurov(5192) in my fan's list, I really appreciate that, thanks.<p>Writers are anti-nihilist, we are always in favour of constructive way. We are opposed to the destiny of entropy. I resist, I challenge, even if only for a fan left in my fan's list I keep on writing for the sake of only one fan. This is the destiny of writers.</p> mercedo 2005-10-05T00:45:30+00:00 journal Rainy Day Yesterday it was really overcast, we could get rid of thick cloud today. We can see the blue sky between the clouds high and ray of sunshine also sheds light on the head of us though, today is a rainy day.<p>Today is one of two consecutive holidays and I have intended to go out but instead I am facing before the screen again. If rain stopped, I would like to go out later today, otherwise I will keep on staying in my room. </p><p>The more we have the rainy day, the more we hear the steps of autumn.</p> mercedo 2005-10-05T00:29:53+00:00 journal Low Pressure System Why low pressure system so affects my day? I wanted to start my day in short excursion, but now it's 3 past fifteen p.m. still I am home browsing the Internet. It's not too late to start excursion, so I do.<p>Oh, I see merlyn(47) befriended me. It was so nice to see your name in my fans list soon after I opened an account. You are a ray of sunshine in this cloudy day. Nice to meet you. Thank you very much, almost all people here are unknown to me, it takes sometime to get to know them though I am looking forward to knowing their idea soon. </p><p>My outing starts later.</p> mercedo 2005-10-04T06:24:46+00:00 journal The Reason I Moved To Perl Recently Slashdot doesn't work well, I am not still sure whether it's just temporarily or not and I have another reason. <p>I want to enhance my world to try to expand my journal experience to another journal system. There must be another world in another system so actually I'm expecting that. </p><p>And my member number was still less than 10,000, I mean I can be a forerunner here, that's fantastic. </p><p>My another trek has just started.</p> mercedo 2005-10-03T16:04:36+00:00 journal New To Me I have just started writing journals here. It's still very new to me. But I know pudge, of course I only know him in the Internet. I used to talk to him in my journal and others' too. Anyway my new explorer's just started. mercedo 2005-10-03T15:37:51+00:00 journal