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mattk (7945)

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Developer for a domain registrar/web host.
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  Comment: Devel::Trace? (Score 1) on 2009.10.22 23:54

by mattk on 2009.10.22 23:54 (#70949)
Attached to: Dear Lazyweb: Alternatives to dprofpp -T ?
I like to use a tweaked copy of mjd's Devel::Trace for this purpose ($TRACE is set to 0 by default). It's fairly verbose as it prints each line before executing it (similar to bash's -x flag) so it doesn't really help unless you have a somewhat good idea where a problem is occurring, but if you're in one of those situations where brute force is required it's definitely useful.
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  Comment: Cheers (Score 1) on 2009.08.22 18:35

by mattk on 2009.08.22 18:35 (#70228)
Attached to: How I convert my vinyl to mp3
I've been meaning to do the same for about 18 months, after losing an entire crate of records that were in storage to mildew. It would also be nice to be able to play them in a Live set.
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  Comment: The S stands for Simple (Score 1) on 2009.08.19 2:42

by mattk on 2009.08.19 2:42 (#70157)
Attached to: REST Versus Soap
I always enjoyed this Socratic dialogue on SOAP:
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  Comment: @DB::typeahead (Score 1) on 2009.08.14 10:28

by mattk on 2009.08.14 10:28 (#70058)
Attached to: Debugging Catalyst
This should do it: perl -de 'BEGIN { push @DB::typeahead, q{$s = PIPs->new->model("PIPs")->schema} }; 1'
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  Comment: MX::AH (Score 1) on 2009.07.21 10:34

by mattk on 2009.07.21 10:34 (#69562)
Attached to: Incrementing an attribute

If you're using Moose, MooseX::AttributeHelpers has a Counter helper that will give you increment_num and decrement mutators:

use MooseX::AttributeHelpers;

has num => (
  metaclass => 'Counter',
  isa       => 'Num',
  is        => 'ro',
  provides  => {
    inc => 'inc_num',
    dec => 'dec_num',
    reset => 'reset_num',

my $thing = Foo->new(num => 26);

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  Comment: Compiled. (Score 1) on 2009.07.08 4:12

by mattk on 2009.07.08 4:12 (#69369)
Attached to: Question for Mac Users

Like many others, I prefer to leave the system perl alone. I also like the flattened libdir structure that Aristotle describes here:

PREFIX=$HOME/perl-5.10 ./Configure -des -Dprefix=$PREFIX -Dinc_version_list=none -Dprivlib=$PREFIX/lib -Darchlib=$PREFIX/archlib -Dsitearch=$PREFIX/archlib -Dsitelib=$PREFIX/lib

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  Comment: Lies, damn lies... (Score 1) on 2008.12.23 22:21

by mattk on 2008.12.23 22:21 (#66602)
Attached to: I am not "advocating child pornography."
The statistics that Childwise, and filter vendors like Netclean, use to back up their case are also incredibly dubious. Thankfully Netclean have cleaned up their act slightly (see comments from Irene et al) but the point remains that a lot of funding and political support comes from people suffering moral panic which is driven by both the continued propagation of these "laundered" figures, and the remarkably anachronistic attitude Australia's officials have towards media censorship. Another interesting tidbit is that Senator Conroy is an unelected representative - he was appointed to the Senate when Gareth Evans resigned.
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