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Journal of mako132 (2925)

Sunday July 23, 2006
03:15 PM

OSCON day -1

So I'm out on the west coast, but not in Portland yet until Tuesday. I think I was on the same flight as dha...

Spent some time on the flight going through the Pugs svn repository, catching up on the docs and reading some P6 code.

Friday July 21, 2006
02:24 PM

Nokia 770 now has Perl

I was surprised to discover that the 2006 OS version of the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet now has perl:

Nokia770-26:~# perl -v

This is perl, v5.8.3 built for arm-linux-gnueabi-thread-multi

Copyright 1987-2003, Larry Wall

Perl may be copied only under the terms of either the Artistic License or the
GNU General Public License, which may be found in the Perl 5 source kit.

Complete documentation for Perl, including FAQ lists, should be found on
this system using `man perl' or `perldoc perl'. If you have access to the
Internet, point your browser at, the Perl Home Page.

11:43 AM

OSCON day -3

Scrambling to finish up things at work, or at least to forestall any fires for a week.

Arriving in Portland on Saturday with family in tow, and as usual, driving to Kennewick WA to visit in-laws before driving back to OSCON on Tuesday.


Sunday July 31, 2005
03:06 PM

OSCON day minus whatever

Flew into Portland yesterday with the girls (two daughters plus spouse) and jumped into a rental car to visit my father-in-law in Kennewick, WA for a few days.

We'll drive back sometime on Tuesday. I always aim to make Larry's speech, but year after year I miss it.

I somehow managed to rent a Mercury Grand Marquis without knowing it. Certainly a plush ride for the 4 hour drive east, but I feel like an old geezer.

Thursday December 02, 2004
03:41 PM

My Ideal Office Has A Personal Bathroom

My ideal office would have my own personal bathroom. I seem to get a lot done sitting on the toilet - new ideas, debugging breakthroughs, personal revelations, etc.

Our office suite only has two bathrooms and so I can't just stay in there until I'm good and ready to come out, new ideas in hand.

At home I have magazines and books in each bathroom. Big thick reference manuals make for good bathroom reading because you can learn something each visit. Consider the GNU Emacs manual for example.

I dream of a large personal office bathroom with a laptop or maybe a desktop on a cart, a stack of O'Reilly books, and perhaps a pad of paper and a few pencils. Good strong light would be needed for all the reading and some sort of book case or cabinet.

I'd instruct the nightly cleaning crew to leave the books, papers and computers as is.

Now that I think of it, a shower would be good too. That way I could bike to work without having to be so careful about getting all sweaty.

Monday August 30, 2004
03:22 PM

The Eyes Don't Have It

My eyes are officially shot. I used to just wear my glasses occasionally or when sitting in front of the computer for a good while.

Now I pretty much need them all the time. My eyesight isn't bad, it's just that I'm noticing all the time how much they've declined.

Trouble is now that I never got my glasses really fitted for me. I've got a melon-sized head and these glasses just don't sit well. The optometrist I use is through my wife's union benefits and is clear across town.

Old age: what's going to go next? My back? My achilles? RSI?

Sunday July 25, 2004
11:41 PM

Almost At OSCON

I too flew out to Portland yesterday, but I'm not at OSCON yet. I'm visiting my father-in-law in Kennewick WA till Tuesday.

I spent the afternoon at a park by the river, baking in the 100+ heat. I hear it's cooler in Portland.

I'll be back in Portland in around the time of Larry Wall's talk. I'll be the one with two girls in tow.

Monday June 21, 2004
10:00 PM

Kwiki 0.30 is out - spread the word

Brian Ingerson has released Kwiki 0.30, the long awaited update to CGI::Kwiki 0.18. Grab it at

You'll need Spoon 0.15 (also on CPAN) this time around.

No upgrade script as yet to upgrade an already existing Kwiki.

Thursday March 18, 2004
12:41 PM


Just not my day:

Dropped my pager into the toilet, "under the worst of all possible circumstances" - let's just leave it at that :-( I have it disassembled and laying over the hot air vent.

Spent 3 hours learning and configuring Procmail as a hack around a global mailing config problem in RT. Just as I stood up, triumphant that I got it work, what enters my mind? Oh yeah, wait a sec . . . didn't I get an email message last week saying this wasn't needed?

Wednesday March 10, 2004
04:49 PM

Too Much Sudafed

You know you've had too much Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine) when both the muscle between your forefinger and thumb and the muscle above your right eyebrow start twitching.

At least my sinuses stopped pounding.