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Journal of luqui (5770)

Thursday January 19, 2006
09:13 PM

Yesterday's Perl 6 Meeting Notes

[ #28406 ]

        - I started school today
        - I have five hours in a row of classes
        - started to learn Scala outright, as if I were to program in it
        - I read three papers about its cool object model
        - it seems that it has every cool idea I've already thought of
        - the idea that a role isn't just an object really seems like a good idea
            to me
        - they're not just for composing into classes
        - they're for composing into anything
        - a collection of stuff
        - I don't see any downsides except for the lack of strict subtyping
        - but there's a neat result: parameterized classes
        - they're the same as virtual classes
        - just make roles purely compositional
        - not subtyping things
        - eventually I'll write a document on my thoughts

        - why do you lose subtyping?

        - if you can compose anything, you can compose class names
        - you can compose those, you lose subtyping based on how that class is
            used in the rest of that role
        - if you use the virtual class for argument types, you have to have a
            contravariant relation

        - busy with my day job
        - just keeping up with the mailing lists
        - I have another week or two of heavy duty work
        - eventually I'll get back to the translator
        - I have to prepare a talk for it for OSDC Israel
        - also thinking through how to make a lower impedence mismatch connection
            between my AST and some of the Pugs projects

        - is it worth throwing random ASTs at them?

        - not yet

        - did they convince you to visit Japan?

        - didn't take much convincing

        - haven't touched Punie in about three days
        - I finished off comma lists since last week
        - still haven't heard from Patrick
        - have other things I need to fix too
        - I might start on functions before operators
        - besides control structures, that's about it

        - don't forget regexes
        - they gave me trouble

        - I might just implement a compatibility layer

        - how's the licensing going?

        - I'll release something within two weeks, even if I don't have comments
            from everyone I asked to comment

        - sounds good

        - working frantically to write a keynote for next week
        - involved a lot of photoshopping Peter Jackson
        - also negotiating with Japanese folks for the YAPC there
        - preparing for the talk has thrown up a lot of questions for the mailing
        - I'm still curious about a special way to declare class methods
        - Larry seems to be keen not to tie them down
        - there are a lot of people who'd like the option

        - it can always be the option

        - I'm trying to show syntax, though
        - I could just have a blurry screen
        - maybe I'll just show it with some fake syntax

        - I couldn't come up with a good single word for that
        - Rob Kinyon kind of has a point with the polymorphism there

        - more of a cultural one, as far as I see it

        - no doubt about that
        - there are plenty of people who want to leave Java without leaving the
            Java mindset

        - it'd be interesting to see how much information the type inferencer
            gives us for free

        - it would be wise not to rely on it
        - there hasn't been much research into inferencing these type models

        - even inferrence doesn't mark them physically in the syntax
        - people like that

        - it's like Haskell
        - you don't have to put explicit types on your functions
        - but people do -- for documentation and future-proofness

        - and checking your logic of the system
        - you're showing what you believe about a system

        - Haskell will catch you eventually
        - but it won't point you to the right place without prototypes

        - I almost had a bad moment and suggested "state"

        - I don't understand how partially undefinedness supports prototype-based
        - replying to Rob's thread might answer that

        - I'll think about that

        - fighting with customers mostly this past week
        - went to the GPL v3 thing Monday and Tuesday
        - talking to potential Ponie contributors, but one fell through
        - two people are interested in hacking
        - they asked what there is to do
        - Jerry Gay is poking at getting a Windows box for regular Parrot builds

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  • I've ordered a copy of the Microsoft Action Pack, which comes with pretty much "1 of everything" in terms of Win32 operating systems (although not CE).

    I'm planning on hiring a uni student for a couple of weekends to install them all into system images, and then use those as a PITA test case, doing parrot builds on the entire Win32 family of OSes.