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  Comment: Re:Caching doesn't need email (Score 1) on 2010.08.10 3:11

by link on 2010.08.10 3:11 (#72273)
Attached to: CPAN Testers 2.0: The death of via email is wrong.

I guess that is progress. We have gone from supporting offline reports now to supporting offline reports in the future and all we have to do is wait from someone to write code.

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  Comment: Growl (Score 1) on 2010.06.09 13:14

by link on 2010.06.09 13:14 (#72035)
Attached to: Strawberry Win32 GUI programming

This sounds like something growl would be a decent match for. I have not used it myself but Growl::GNTP should let you send notifications to growl from perl.

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  Comment: Re:Guessing... (Score 1) on 2009.12.07 4:30

by link on 2009.12.07 4:30 (#71333)
Attached to: Find the bug (sql)

I think if you want some information about customers it is probably a bad idea not grouping by customer id. Depending on your site you may or may not have 2 customers with the same name but you will almost always have the occasional repeat customer.

Actually , looking at the code I would assume I misunderstood the requirements as I don't see why order_date is there at all.

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  Comment: different interpretation (Score 1) on 2009.09.10 14:12

by link on 2009.09.10 14:12 (#70549)
Attached to: A reason to like the Perl 6 logo

To me it seemed more like people have moved from what and when to an all round encompassing negativity.

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  Comment: Bulmers aka Magners (Score 1) on 2009.08.27 13:46

by link on 2009.08.27 13:46 (#70289)
Attached to: Perry fail
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  Comment: Creating perl modules (Score 1) on 2009.08.05 11:04

by link on 2009.08.05 11:04 (#69883)
Attached to: On First Looking in to Padre

Padre seems to have a fatal dislike for things that are not perl scripts. If I try to create anything else I get 'C:\Documents and Settings\PSinnott>Can't locate object method "mime_type_by_exte
nsion" via package "Padre::Document::Perl" at C:/strawberry/perl/site/lib/Padre/
Wx/ line 4022.'

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  Comment: Re:German error messages (Score 1) on 2009.07.11 17:00

by link on 2009.07.11 17:00 (#69419)
Attached to: Help needed from Germans and Solaris users

It is more pervasive than just the single spot.

Adding || $@ =~ /^Ulazno\/izlazna gre/ at line 2404 of causes the error to go away.

I think using $! in numeric context gives access to the errno value which would be portable between locales but you may need some help from IO::Pty in order to get access to that.

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  Comment: Re:Hidden agenda? o.O (Score 1) on 2009.07.08 5:42

by link on 2009.07.08 5:42 (#69371)
Attached to: There is a word for that.....

That's right, that's how change happens. To use a not-quite-accurate analogy, he saw p5p as damage and routed around it.

You may not like what he is asking for, but there's nothing at all wrong with his tactics.

If you want to route around the people who maintain a piece of software why not just fork and be done with it?

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  Comment: something else is wrong (Score 1) on 2009.06.26 14:23

by link on 2009.06.26 14:23 (#69157)
Attached to: The 81% Solution

I tend to prefer shared over local as long as the shared resources are in the same office and have reasonable rights. Servers located in different continents or where I have not got enough rights to do my job are a pain.
If your test db servers are down as often as they are up, 20 is a normal load on your server or you often don't have network connectivity in your office then you probably have bigger problems than the relative merits of centralized verses distributed development.

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