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kudra (4364)

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Journal of kudra (4364)

Sunday December 31, 2006
02:21 PM

Perl 6 summary, 24-30 December, 2006

[ #32033 ]

This week on the Perl 6 mailing lists

"Grrr, otta profefreed my onw righting occashionaly."

-- Larry Wall's commit message for r13508--one typo correction of many


Numeric Semantics

Luke Palmer wanted a clear definition of when math should use floating points and when it should be integer-based. In response, Darren Duncan highlighted a recent #perl6 discussion on the topic. He proposed distinct operators to allow users to explicitly choose the math mode. Jonathan Lang mentioned that in the one other instance where there were type-specific versions of a common operator, a third 'generic' version was required. Dr. Ruud suggested giving numerics multiple faces.

Parrot Porters

Re: [perl #41020] [PATCH] functionality extracted into separate package

Earlier, James Keenan supplied some patches which he noted were not completely functional.

This week, chromatic made a few suggestions on the style of the code. James explained that some of his choices had been dictated by the fact that this was maintenance coding.

In another subthread, James stated that he had found a good way to run the tests. They are meant to be run before make.

After Kevin Tew reported some failing tests, James requested the output with the failing tests. Will Coleda suggested that perhaps James could make the tests give a helpful error message if they are run at the wrong time. James added the suggested patch.

chromatic sent James his test results. With the newest patches, everything worked. chromatic committed them as r16345.

Building Parrot::Embed on Windows XP / Visual C++

Ron Blaschke reported two warnings he had seen from trying to build Parrot::Embed on Windows/VC8. He had some questions on how to proceed. chromatic and Ron tried to find a patch which would fix the problems. A solution was applied as r16229.

[perl #41125] [PATCH] Fix small typo in

Nikolay Ananiev's patch in ticket [perl #41125] was applied as r16239.

[perl #41128] [PATCH] Fix #41122: ParrotObjects don't call init_pmc vtable

In ticket [perl #41128], Matt Diephouse submitted a patch but didn't commit it because it affected code other people are maintaining. chromatic agreed with the patch because it didn't break any tests or modify the external interface.

Creating Keys in PIR

chromatic discovered that writing tests for keyed variants is painful. He wanted to see working PIR for creating a key for a nested namespace. Bob Rogers supplied a patch and wondered if it was what chromatic had had in mind.

Re: [perl #41132] [BUG] Segfault in Parrot_call_sub_ret_int

Nikolay Ananiev created ticket [perl #41132] to deliver a patch. Jonathan Worthington replied that he had applied the patch, because it was consistent with Parrot_call_sub. He asked if Nikolay could look at related code to see if similar fixes were needed. Bob Rogers explained the underlying problem as he saw it.

chromatic wondered if it would be possible to create some documentation on how contexts, interpreters and code segments work. Bob said he'd try, but that he was just learning about code segments as well.

[PATCH] make pdump's output about debug segment more consistent

Lee Duhem submitted a patch to make pdump's output more consistent. This was ticket [perl #41140]. It was applied as r16269.

GC problem in parrot_pass_args to a tailcall (r16239)

Bob Rogers wrote about a segmentation fault which is triggered during argument passing after a tailcall. He gave an analysis of the problem and provided a patch. However, he hoped that there was a better option.

[PATCH] Add get_name() Method to Namespaces

chromatic supplied a patch to implement get_name() as specified in PDD21. He did not check it in because it changed the API.

[perl #41141] [PATCH][Win32][VC] Minor display cleanup during compilation

In ticket [perl #41141], Ron Blaschke reported a problem with compilation output on Windows. He supplied a patch to correct this.

[perl #41144] [PATCH] refresh front page of

Allison Randal submitted a patch as [perl #41144]. The patch cleans up the main web page at James E Keenan wondered who applied these types of patches. Will Coleda applied the patch and gave instructions on how to acquire commit access to the website.

Mac OS X Concurrency

Allison Randal gave the URL to an article on Mac OS X concurrency.

Exceedingly lightweight C embedding

Allison Randal posted a link on the topic.


gather { if $xy.was_taken { ... } }

Gilbert R. Röhrbein asked if there is a way to look inside a gather-block if something was already taken. He included some example code of how he thought it would work.


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Thank you to everyone who has pointed out mistakes and offered suggestions for improving this series. Comments on this summary can be sent to Ann Barcomb,

Happy New Year!


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