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kane (2600)

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Journal of kane (2600)

Friday June 23, 2006
11:43 AM

CPANPLUS 0.072 released

[ #30019 ]

I've just uploaded CPANPLUS 0.072 to pause.

The biggest change for this release was to make
configuring CPANPLUS a lot easier. Basically, you
dont have to do it any more :) Furthermore, RAM
usage and startup times have been lowered by
moving some of those operations to runtime.
Overall, performance should increase quite a
bit from this.

These were two of the major gripes reported to me
and I hope this release will make life easier for
those people.

Anyway, it should be available shortly at:

Below are the changes for this release.

Changes for 0.072 Fri Jun 23 18:17:00 CEST 2006

* This is a major release of CPANPLUS. It includes
        all the changes from release 0.070_01, including
        the following changes made after the beta was
* The POD text of has been revamped to
        be more of a guide than a technical reference.
* $module->status is now lazily initialized, lowering
        overall RAM usage and startup time at the cost of
        a runtime penalty. Overall, this improves performance
* Address #20005: CPANPLUS does not check size of
        downloaded module this adds code that checks if
        the downloaded size is equal to the size specified
        by the checksums file
* Fix file fetching testing issue on Win32 (#18702)

Changes for 0.070_01 Mon Jun 19 17:23:38 CEST 2006
* This is a major beta release of CPANPLUS, revamping
        the configuration mechanism. From now on, CPANPLUS
        no longer requires a setup to be run at installation
        time and should work 'out of the box' on most
        systems using a pre-built configuration file.
* CPANPLUS now supports stacked configuration files:
        * CPANPLUS::Config is the heuristic config file
                which will always be installed sytemwide.
        * CPANPLUS::Config::System is the systemwide
                config file which can be installed by an admin
                in your perl installation path. This file will
                be available for everyone and override settings
                from CPANPLUS::Config
        * CPANPLUS::Config::User is the per-user config
                which can be installed by any user in their
                $HOME/.cpanplus directory. This file will be
                available for the user only and override settings
                from CPANPLUS::Config and CPANPLUS::Config::System
        * $HOME/.cpanplus/lib gets added automatically to your
                config search path.
        * All configuration types can be created and saved
                via the interactive Setup. You can invoke it from
                the default shell as follows:

                CPAN Terminal> s conf user # per user config
                CPAN Terminal> s conf system # system wide config

                or during installation time like this:

                $ perl Makefile.PL --setup
* Makefile.PL has been stripped from all it's magic
* Setup is now menu based for a better user experience.
* make loading plugin configs work, with priority
        for system & user configs before the rest
* address #19438: Key 'file' is of invalid type
        Turns out it's a bug in Module::Build, reported as
        #19741, which creates a 'Build' file when running
        'perl Makefile.PL' on a M::B generated Makefile.PL
        Add a patch that detects this situation and informs
        the user
* Demand Test::Harness 2.62 to be installed due to
        bug #19505 in earlier versions
* IPC::Run is now required for Win32 & Cygwin
* use $Config{path_ext} instead of hardcoded ':' to
        seperate $PATH in cpanp-boxed
* Small test changes in 20.t to make sure no test output
        counter mismatches occur.
* remove all 'clever' code from CPANPLUS::inc, as the
        new config methodology makes it obsolete. Basic
        functionality is retained only for backwards compat.
* remove CPANPLUS config version checks back and forth
        -- should work without from now on
* make cpanp-boxed work from others dirs than just bin/..
* make use of package::constants
* Make sure Bundle-Foo.tgz also gets recognized as bundle
* Data::Dumper indenting style set to '1' in default shell
* make constants for libdir etc accept a list, not just
        a single param
* address #19738: bogus entry in @INC
* address: #18270: cpan2dist --archive breaks with
        relative path
* address #18121: invalid value for 'checksum_value'
        which showed that old .stored files can mess up CPANPLUS
        untill they are rebuilt. From now on, Makefile.PL will
        delete old .stored files when installing a new version
* mark all the versions of inc/ modules as -1, so we
        are always 'not uptodate' when asked to install them
* remove old api that lets you set values in configure
        object via backend->new or configure->new, which was
        impractical and unused.
* updated our bugreporting address to point at the queue.
* Clean up source tree from obsolete files
* Have 'make clean' clean up all the generated files

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