jouke's Journal jouke's use Perl Journal en-us use Perl; is Copyright 1998-2006, Chris Nandor. Stories, comments, journals, and other submissions posted on use Perl; are Copyright their respective owners. 2012-01-25T02:02:40+00:00 pudge Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 jouke's Journal <p>I finally got around to set up <a href=""></a>. For now it only contains Dutch information, but I'll be blogging in English when it will be about Perl or IT in general.</p><p>My guess is that blogging here won't be happening that much anymore.</p> jouke 2009-10-04T11:25:34+00:00 journal Perl support for Appcelerator Titanium? <p>I recently started playing with <a href="">Appcelerator Titanium</a> or Titanium for short. It's an extremely cool tool that lets you build desktop or mobile apps using standard web technology like HTML, CSS and Javascript. The real coolness of it (to me) is that it also allows the developer to use Ruby, Python and C++ in &lt;script&gt; tags. The really uncool thing is that Perl is not on their radar.</p><p>But hey, Titanium is Open Source (Apache license), and the piece of code that makes those language bindings is called <a href="">kroll</a>. In this git tree you can see that they've created bindings for Javascript, Ruby, Python, and that they're working on support for PHP. If my C++ skills were better, and I'd know more of Perl's internals, I might have taken a shot at contributing, but I think there are people out there who are better at this...</p><p>So if anyone feels up to it, and would want to contribute to this potentially great product, I'd like to see it supporting Perl!</p> jouke 2009-08-13T06:14:07+00:00 journal Comeback <p>Yes, I'm working on a comeback. The horrible situation that prevented me from doing what I want, when I want is over.</p><p>The main question that has been asked a lot in the past months was "is pVoice dead now?". The answer is "No". I will restart working on it in the weeks to come.</p><p>Other questions have been asked about my modules. As to my knowledge, nobody has actually taken over the maintenance of my modules, so I should be able to pick up that too. Soon.</p><p>The change for the better came just as sudden as the change for the worse 6 months ago, so give me some time to get back on track.</p><p>You'll be hearing from me.</p> jouke 2007-03-12T05:50:38+00:00 journal mmm yeah...cpan modules <p>Anyone who wants to become maintainer of any of my modules, just send me an email with your PAUSE id and I'll see how I can hand this over (if you know the HOWTO, let me know, I've never needed to do this before).<br>That also counts for the person who responded to my last use.perl journal entry who wanted to take over Win32::SAPI5</p> jouke 2006-09-24T15:13:28+00:00 journal Radio silence starting now <p>Without going into details (and no, don't mail me because I won't tell you), this posting is merely to let you all know not to expect anything from me in the months to come.</p><p>Something terrible is happening in my life and I can't predict when it will be over.</p><p>Any predicted releases or co-operations won't be happening, nor will I respond to any emails.</p><p>I can just hope it will all turn out ok.</p> jouke 2006-09-24T10:10:25+00:00 journal EuroOSCON day 0 <p>This morning I left home around 9am and after a very tiring trip I arrived at my hotel in Brussels around 4pm. I wasn't thinking about EuroOSCON too much yet (more about how to finish pStory), but I had planned to go to the early registration at 5pm.</p><p>That was a good thought. I ran into Aron and -o darn I can't remember your name!-. We agreed to see each other again at 6 in front of the Plaza hotel to find a place to eat. When I got back, a lot of people from the EuroFoo were sitting in the lobby so I had to walk in and say hi to at least barbie, kudra, pdcawley, Jesse Vincent, Piers Harding and a few others. Later Jesse, Aron, Karen Pauley and -yes I still can't remember your name- went to the Groote Markt to grab something to eat. We had a very good time talking about anything and everything.</p><p>These early meetups always get me in the right mood: there's another conference coming up with many nice talks and lots of interesting people! Let the fun begin<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</p> jouke 2006-09-17T20:56:10+00:00 journal YAPC::Europe - day two <p>Did I manage to finish my presentations last night? Yes. Did I feel satisfied? Not really. I felt ashamed actually. I still don't know why, but I cannot get pVoice to work on my own laptop. It simply does nothing. No window. No error. Period.</p><p>Now, if I didn't need the application itself, it wouldn't matter that much, but instead I was to give a presentation about pVoice! Now how do I demonstrate an application without being able to run it? I didn't know. Luckily I found an animated gif where (and old version of) pVoice is being demonstrated, and I used that instead.</p><p>So this morning at 10:10 I started the presentation for about 25 people in the Onion room. Although I felt very bad about not being able to actually demonstrate pVoice, I think the presentation went well. Or so I was told<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-)<br>After I finished Stray Toaster came up to me to tell me he was interested in contributing to the OA module I spoke about yesterday. And I was *very* delighted.</p><p>After the break I continued with my "Introduction to wxPerl" presentation, where I worked through by showing different examples, and changing them as I showed where to find the syntax of different methods in the documentation. The main complaint I think wxPerl is getting, is that it's poorly documented. That is so untrue. The problem is that people just don't know where to find the documentation or actually, how to use it properly. So my main focus was on finding the information you need in the documentation by showing examples that are readable and simple enough to extend.</p><p>By the way, I put links to the slides and the example code on [URL:].</p><p>After lunch I ran into my colleague Jacqueline Kerkmeijer, who represents our HR department here. We ( are desperately seeking qualified people and that's the main reason for us to sponsor YAPC. So Jaqueline is running the booth at the conference, and I've seen her talking to quite a few interested people. Let's hope she's able to find a Few Good Men (or Women).</p> jouke 2006-08-31T23:11:38+00:00 journal YAPC::Europe - day one <p>Yesterday evening I went to the Panama bar to meet up with the people who had already arrived for the conference. Having not been to the last two YAPC::Eu's, it was good to see all familiar faces again (and drinking a few beers with them<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:) ).</p><p>I went back to the hotel on time to try and fix a few bugs in the OA-module-to-be, because I wanted to show a little of it in my presentation of today. As I'm writing this, I'm attending the "The Inaccessibility of Perl" presentation by Stray Toaster, and I've just finished the last slides of my presentation of this afternoon.</p><p>Now I still have the other two presentations to finish, which I will be doing tomorrow. Since I've done both of them before, I hope it's merely a matter of updating these...I guess there will be no socialising tonight, but preparing instead...There are still more nights to catch up with that...</p> jouke 2006-08-30T10:52:52+00:00 journal Arriving in Birmingham <p>This afternoon I arrived in Birmingham for YAPC::Europe. The flight on the KLM Cityhopper was pleasant and swift, and as it turns out, the weather here is no different than in Holland<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-)</p><p>I had thought that immediately after checking into my hotel (the MacDonald Burlington) I could start writing the slides of my talk tomorrow "Accessible Applications in Perl". However, I hadn't even landed yet and the office called to check if I had been able to work out the Unicode bugs in SAP::Rfc with Piers Harding. Last night I had left the office very late while knowing that SAP::Rfc crashes in certain situations (when the last character of a field is a multi-byte unicode character), and I didn't know yet if Piers was able to fix it yet.</p><p>So I checked into my hotel, unpacked, opened up the lid of my laptop to find an open wifi hotspot, logged on, mailed Piers, and within minutes we were chatting and testing. At 5:30 (CET, I'm not yet functioning in BST) everything worked, I called the office to tell them, and I could finally start writing slides<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-(</p><p>As I write this, I have just finished the last slide (it's 6:30 BST now), but I really need to test it out to see if I have enough to fill the 20 minutes, or maybe even too much...</p><p>First off to grab some dinner and then back to the hotel to finish everything.</p> jouke 2006-08-29T17:48:57+00:00 journal YAPC::EU preparations <p>Why is it always so that I start with my presentations on the last days before conferences? This time I think it's not too difficult to explain: I only sent in my proposals on the last day, and expected to present only my pVoice presentation. However, all three presentations were accepted, and I had to prepare my 'Accessible applications in Perl', 'pVoice' and 'Introduction to wxPerl' talks.</p><p>Since then, work was extremely demanding, and when my holiday started, I got caught up with doing stuff with my kids so much, that there wasn't any time left to do anything else. Although I must say that part of that was writing a new application for Krista, based upon my new OA module, which of course I can use for my first presentation.</p><p>This Sunday, my kids will return to their mother, Monday will be a day at the office in Amsterdam, and Tuesday I'll be leaving for Birmingham already. If I weren't going to work with Piers Harding tonight to make sure the new Unicode compatible SAP::Rfc works for, and I wasn't going to visit my sister for her birthday on Saturday (with the whole family of course), who lives in the other side of the country, I could say I have enough time to work on my presentations.</p><p>I have to really, really get it done in the spare moments I have left or else....</p> jouke 2006-08-25T10:48:24+00:00 journal Basics are done, now trying out <p>Since the basic functionality (except still the menu issues) of the OA module is done, I figured the way to get it ready to roll is to try and write a real-world application and see where more work needs to be done.</p><p>I'm confident that it's still far from finished, but by writing a real application, I can find out what works, what doesn't work and where I need to simplify things for the programmer. I'll be writing an accessible media player...hang on for more news</p> jouke 2006-07-10T12:11:09+00:00 journal Now this is something I didn't expect... <p>This striked me as quite a surprise. A Wx::MenuItem and also a Wx::Menu is not a subclass of Wx::Window. This means you can't query a menu's position, nor its size. Since that's not possible, I can't draw a box around a selected menu item to indicate (for a switch user) that it's selected.</p><p>Quite a disappointment, and I have no clue whatsoever how to solve it. I've dug in the wxWidgets sources, and it uses the platform-specific calls to create window menus, so there's no easy way to get around this.</p><p>I'm afraid I'm left with only two choices: either code my own menus and replace the wxWidget's menus (which is not an appealing option), or I'll drop the accessibility of menus (not attractive either).</p><p>Suggestions welcome!</p> jouke 2006-07-03T17:49:16+00:00 journal Peace and quiet...and then the heat <p>This weekend I had my children at my house. Luckily the weather was great, so we had an enormous good time in the sun with the (small) "swimming" pool in the garden.</p><p>They've gone home (to their mother) now, so the peace and quiet is back in the house...and thought I could pick up the work on the OA module again. However, with the enormous heat we're experiencing here at the moment, that's not easy...</p> jouke 2006-07-02T14:59:51+00:00 journal check it out! (from cvs) <p>Documentation is far from done, but in case anyone wants to play with it (I don't expect so...<nobr> <wbr></nobr>;-) ), you can check out the sources of OA like this:</p><p><code><br>cvs co OA</code></p> jouke 2006-06-29T18:35:54+00:00 journal anyone interested? <p>Yesterday evening I went on and finished the touchscreen and 2-switch access (for mouse buttons and keystrokes). Now before I get too excited and code on like a maniac, I think the best step now is to document what I've got so far and put it in cvs.</p><p>That brings me to the question if anyone is interested in joining. If so, just drop me an email and I'll give you committer rights on the repository.</p> jouke 2006-06-29T09:39:44+00:00 journal Event handling <p>I couldn't just leave the code to rest yesterday, so I went a little further. I started working on the (accessible) Event handling.</p><p>To make everything as easy as possible, a programmer should normally only worry about one event, namely EVT_OA_SELECT (I'm using OA as the prefix for stands for Open Accessibility, and currently it's also the name of the module, better suggestions are welcome). EVT_OA_SELECT($object, \&amp;OnSelect) will work like you would expect: if the $object has been selected by the user (in any of the ways that will be defined), it executes the sub OnSelect. If you already have an event handler associated with any control, you can simply use this one beside it and it will do the same.</p><p>Tonight I'll implement OA::Config, where you can set/get the configuration of your accessible application (what kind of input device, how many switches, etcetera).</p> jouke 2006-06-28T09:01:34+00:00 journal wow <p>I just sat down, looked at my screen and the only thing I thought was "wow"...</p><p>I hadn't thought that I could make such progress in so little time. The module set I'm working on is really getting there now. I can tell you a bit more now what it's supposed to do...</p><p>When I started working on pVoice more than 5 years ago, I had a specific problem for a specific person that had to be fixed. Therefore the AAC::Pvoice modules that came out of pVoice, were never really useable for any other type of application, which limited my possibilities quite a bit. Especially since Krista is getting older, and I want to write more 'grown up' applications for her.<br>The ideal situation would be to have any kind of GUI application accessible for people as limited in their physical abilities as my daughter. And then preferrably without any modifications to the original source code. I realize of course that that's not really possible.</p><p>The second best situation is that I could make it as easy as possible for a programmer to adjust their existing GUI applications, so that disabled people can use them. Therefore I'm writing an extension to wxPerl that will<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/really/ (and then I really mean really) make it easy for a programmer to take any wxPerl application, and make it accessible using only one switch. Or two switches, or four if you like. Or using a touch screen and get extra visible feedback. Or even if you have a visual impairment...then it would be handy if your application started talking to you.</p><p>If this subject interests you, and you know how to write wxPerl applications, watch this journal in the time to come. I'll be releasing code soon<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)</p> jouke 2006-06-27T20:07:12+00:00 journal Progress <p>Slowly but surely I'm getting up to speed with pVoice related programming again. I've been working on a brand new 'thing' (call it a thing for now, it doesn't really have a name yet) that will allow you, as a programmer, to write easily accessible GUI programs, with hardly any modifications to your existing Wx code.</p><p>Although I have plenty of hurdles to take, so far it's looking pretty promising. As soon as I've got something useable (and given my limited free time it may always take longer than I hope), I'll put it in cvs and tell you about it here.</p> jouke 2006-06-26T18:11:18+00:00 journal Making time <p>It's pretty hard to make time to work on pVoice it seems. My daytime job has been extremely demanding the past year and it looks like it won't be less demanding any time soon. Besides that, the family life eats up a lot of time too.</p><p>Krista has been in the hospital the beginning of this month to have surgery that is meant to repair the shortening of the muscles in her legs, which also caused her back to curve. This has been a painful and stressful operation, and as you can imagine, when your child is in the hospital, you don't get much work done (being a project in your free time, or your regular job).</p><p>However, the YAPC::Europe programme committee has accepted all three of my talks, and the more technical of the three talks depends on the work I will be doing in the time remaining until Y::E. I really need to make time now, instead of hoping I will get the time automatically...</p><p>this will be hard...</p> jouke 2006-06-18T07:09:20+00:00 journal Restarting <p>For a number of reason I've been keeping quiet for a long while. No journal posts, no visits to monger meetings, and most importantly no work on any of my private projects, including pVoice.</p><p>Most of the reasons are history now, and I'll get restarted on pVoice development tonight. I'll be going to YAPC::Europe in August and Euro OSCON in September. Now what's left is making time to go to mongers meetings again...</p><p>I'll keep you posted</p> jouke 2006-05-18T10:25:13+00:00 journal Not much <p>I haven't been doing much of what I've been doing in the past years: no pVoice development whatsoever. Since my iBook broke down, I haven't found the energy to get any further. That's a shame, but on the positive side, the 4 month break seems to have brought new ideas and motivation to pick it up again really soon.</p><p>Last month I started a podcast on Assistive Technology. It's still rather clumsy as I have to figure out how to set up a show. In case you're interested, you can find it at <a href=""></a>.</p><p>And I've started blogging somewhere else. That doesn't mean I won't be blogging here anymore. I announced months ago that this journal will only be about pVoice related items, and I felt the urge to write about more personal things lately, so I started a blog at <a href=""></a>. Just in case you're interested...</p> jouke 2006-01-16T11:27:23+00:00 journal Euro OSCON <p>In case you missed it, last week was the first Euro OSCON in Amsterdam. I had a great time there. Of course it helped that I saw a great many people who I already knew, but I also got to knew some interesting new people.</p><p>One of the people I had the pleasure to meet was Fernando Botelho. He recently wrote an article for <a href="">MAKE Magazine</a> [] called "Let There Be Speech", about how to build a $200 computer for blind kids. He is visually impaired himself, so who would be more into the subject than him? We decided to keep in touch and see how we can help each other. We might be targetting a slightly different audience (he targets people who are/work with blind kids, I target people who can't speak), but there may be enough synergy to work together.</p><p>I also presented my talk "pVoice: Open Source Assistive Technology", which was well received I think. The presentation didn't exactly go as planned and I hopelessly ran out of time (as usual), but that may also have been caused by the many questions people asked. All in all I just hope that it had the desired effect: getting more people interested in creating "open" Assistive Technology.<br>I at least hope that it have this effect, because I'm feeling less motivated in the last 12 months being some kind of "one crying in the wilderness" being one of the very few working in this area and getting hardly any help.</p><p>Like I mentioned in my presentation: people keep telling me that pVoice is such a great thing, that it's such a nice example of Open Source. Well, I think it's a bad example of Open Source. One of the reasons why people make their projects Open Source is to attract more developers. At least, it was one of my motivations. And except lots of response from people who downloaded it and thank me for giving away the software for free (which is of course nice to hear), I could have made it closed source and still have given it away for free. But that wasn't the idea.</p><p>I've now worked on pVoice for almost 5 years. If you consider the sourcecode, it's not all that impressive. It's not a sexy piece of software, and it isn't supposed to be. Nevertheless, it has the looks of a professional piece of software, and people are really using it. And most important of all, it helps people.</p><p>Now, enough ranting about not getting any help. Don't worry that I'll quit working on it any time soon. I recently started to port pVoice to OS X and Linux, and although there's quite some tweaking to be done to get it to the level of releasing a version on those platforms, it might convince people to help out. Working only on Windows for the past years may have been the reason why I couldn't get anyone else interested to work on it (so it may all have been my fault).</p><p>I'll see how it goes. I originally thought that my Euro OSCON presentation would have been the last talk about pVoice I would do, but having seen the theme of next year's YAPC::Europe ("The Accessibility Of Perl") it may be that this conference may be the perfect opportunity to give one last talk about pVoice. But then it will be over I think. I've talked about pVoice on every conference I've attended (YAPC::Europe 2001 until Euro OSCON 2005) and if (perl) people still haven't heard about it, there's nothing I can do about it I think...</p> jouke 2005-10-24T08:38:25+00:00 journal Disappointed <p>I'm quite disappointed. I didn't manage to finish the pVoice import, nor the export, or actually, I didn't finish anything today. It's one of these days where you realise that everything goes wrong. It happens.</p> jouke 2005-09-18T16:36:09+00:00 journal A wasted day... <p>Yesterday I was working on the import/export routines in pVoice. It all seemed so simple, and yet my test scripts kept segfaulting.</p><p>After 6 hours I understood that I was trying to import/export to and from an old datafile, and hit a <a href=""> problem I had run into earlier</a>. Very frustrating. I put away everything and hopefully I'll finish everything today...</p> jouke 2005-09-18T09:12:58+00:00 journal First patch... <p>Last weekend I received the first patch for pVoice from Mattia Barbon. Finally someone else than just me is actually doing something with the code. It's just a minor patch, but it's a start which makes me very happy.</p><p>Work and personal issues have been keeping me from working on pVoice in the past months. I hardly did anything, so I decided I had to make some changes in the plans for the 2.2 release. It's been over a year (even more than 1.5 years) since 2.1 was released, and until I finish 2.2 I can't really release any plugins. I have so many ideas and so many unfinished pieces of code on my harddrive that should really become plugins for pVoice, but until I manage to release 2.2 it's all pretty much worthless vapourware.</p><p>Next month I will be speaking about pVoice and other Open Source Assistive Technology at <a href="">Euro OSCON</a>, and I feel that I can't really show up there without at least a newer release of pVoice than what I presented at OSCON last year. The way it looks now, I have a whole weekend (woohoo) to work on pVoice related stuff, and my goal is to have a complete working 2.2 version of pVoice for windows by Sunday night (really, there's not that much to do anymore, I just need to have a quiet place and time to work on it)</p><p>After that, I can finally work on the plugin for homecontrol, and other plugins like pStory (formerly a seperate application to listen to books) and pMusic (a mediaplayer). I'm also thinking about ways to use Skype from pVoice, but the useability aspect may be a reason not to start working on it. After all, does the person on the other side of the connection really want to wait minutes until the pVoice user has built a sentence to reply to what he just said? I think not. On the other hand, does someone with a disability really want to be limited to email or instant messaging? We all would want to communicate by speech every now and then (even geeks like us).</p><p>If you have any ideas on how to implement some kind of telephony application for typical pVoice users, you're more than welcome to comment on this....</p> jouke 2005-09-14T07:33:14+00:00 journal [OS X] Porting notes I decided to take the "easy way out" while getting AAC::Pvoice::Bitmap to work. That class uses Image::Magick to convert, resize and annotate images for pVoice. However, I wasn't able to get Image::Magick 6.x to work on OS X (and according to what I've found on Google, I'm not the only one).<br> <br> Therefore I reverted back to an older version of this class that didn't use Image::Magick, but simply Wx::Image. That of course results in less fileformats to be supported, but at least it works.<br> <br> Two other things I ran into, are: <ul> <li>wxSTAY_ON_TOP<br> I used this flag for the dialog windows, to make sure they always stayed on top of the main pVoice window. That worked fine under MSWin32, however, its side-effect on non-Win32 platforms is that when you launch another window from any dialog created with this flag, that launched window never gets the focus. The preferences window launches a Wx::ColourDialog for example, and because the Preferences window always 'Stays On Top', you can never select a colour from the ColourDialog. It turns out that wxWidgets now has a wxFRAME_FLOAT_ON_PARENT flag, that is supposed to Do What I Mean.</li><li>SetBackgroundColour on buttons<br> The preferences window allows the user to modify the appearance of the application by changing colours and fonts. Therefore I had a number of buttons on which I set the current colour and when the user clicked it, the ColourDialog popped up. On Windows (and GTK) this works fine: you do a $button-&gt;SetBackgroundColour($colour), don't put any text on it, and you have a colourful button. However, on OS X this results in an empty, standard-coloured button, with a coloured background around the button itself. That wasn't the plan. Don't know yet how I'll work around it.</li><li>Speech::Synthesis<br> Since I released the 0.03 version of <a href="">Speech::Synthesis</a>, I modified pVoice to use this module for all Text To Speech related tasks. Therefore the Pvoice::TTS module (part of the pVoice sources) is now obsolete. The S::S module supports MSAgent, SAPI4 and SAPI5 on Win32, Mac::Speech on OS X and Festival (Festival::Client::Async) on all platforms.</li></ul><p> More to come later...</p> jouke 2005-08-17T11:26:31+00:00 journal Want to help? <p>More developers are still welcome...You can work on your favorite OS (that is to say, OS X and Windows are the current platforms, other platforms shouldn't give too much problems) <a href="">subscribe to the pvoice-dev mailinglist</a> if you're interested.</p> jouke 2005-07-21T08:36:10+00:00 journal [OS X] Language and Region Codes - solved <p>I asked my question about Language an Region codes on apples speech-dev list and got <a href="">this answer from Mike Blaguszewski from Cepstral</a>.</p><p>It's strange that Apple uses these numeric constants for this. Everywhere else in Apple's internationalization code, it uses ISO letter codes (like en_US, nl_BE etc).</p><p>Anyway, this problem is solved.</p><p>I'm going to write a wrapper module for the available Speech synthesis modules that are on CPAN, to provide one consistent API. The first release of this module (later this week) will provide some basic functions, like information about installed voices, selection of voices and a 'Speak' method to pronounce the text. I will add things like setting the Pitch and other attributes later. There already is a module that was planning to do something like this (Speech::Synthesizer), but that module only supports Festival, hasn't been updated in years, and the author doesn't respond to any emails. Therefore, my module will be called Speech::Synthesis. Almost the same name, but this module will wrap Mac::Speech, Win32::SAPI4 and Win32::SAPI5 at first, and I will add Festival later (once I have a Linux machine set up again)</p> jouke 2005-07-21T05:10:45+00:00 journal [OS X] Language and Region codes ??? <p>This totally puzzles me. I wrote about the language and regioncodes of the installed voices on my iBook. They all returned '0', and I assumed that this meant 'unknown'. That turns out not to be true.</p><p>I downloaded and installed <a href="">Acapela Multimedia HQ TTS</a> [] this morning, and now I have all of their available TTS languages installed. Simply querying the Language and region for each installed voice returns a strange list, and I can't find a complete list of all codes anywhere, so help is greatly appreciated. This is the list I have so far:</p><blockquote><div><p> <tt>Language&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Region<br>0&nbsp; English&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;0&nbsp; both UK and US<br>1&nbsp; French&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 1&nbsp; France<br>2&nbsp; German&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 3&nbsp; Germany<br>3&nbsp; Italian&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;4&nbsp; Italy<br>4&nbsp; Dutch&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;5&nbsp; Netherlands<br>5&nbsp; Swedish&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;6&nbsp; Belgium<br>6&nbsp; Spanish&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;7&nbsp; Sweden<br>9&nbsp; Norwegian&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;8&nbsp; Spain<br>34 Belgian Dutch (Flemish) 12 Norway</tt></p></div> </blockquote><p>Does anyone have a complete list of these codes and their meaning?</p> jouke 2005-07-20T10:51:25+00:00 journal [OS X] Text To Speech: done <p>Yesterday I managed to finish the Text to Speech support on OS X. That really wasn't hard. I think the more difficult matters are ahead of me now: image handling (which simply crashes at the moment) and the Preferences dialog (which has all kinds of things that don't work as expected).</p><p>All in all I'm surprised how easy it was so far to get started. Most things simply work. I guess it's the wxWidgets/wxPerl people to thank for that.</p><p>So hopefully I can report tonight that the image handling works...</p><p>Now I wonder where the people have gone that said in the past "Sure I would like to help with pVoice development...but it's a Win32 only thing, and I don't use Windows". To those people I'd like to say: if you're still willing to help, contact me! All you need is to check out the latest sources of AAC::Pvoice from cvs (and of course the pVoice sources itself). It's not that hard...</p> jouke 2005-07-20T05:54:53+00:00 journal