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jonswar (7880)

Journal of jonswar (7880)

Sunday April 26, 2009
09:45 PM

Auto-wrapping subclass methods

[ #38878 ]

Back in Feb I asked on various lists how I could auto-wrap CHI driver methods, but didn't get any completely satisfying answers:

CHI drivers implement methods like remove() and clear(). If you call $cache->remove(), it goes directly to the driver subclass.

The problem is that there are now legitimate reasons to "wrap" these methods at the CHI/ superclass level (meaning, do something before and/or after the method). For example, I want to add an optional generic size-awareness feature (the cache can keep track of its own size), which means that we have to adjust size whenever remove() and clear() are called. And I want to log remove() calls the way we currently log get() and set().

So one solution is to define remove() and clear() in CHI/, and have them call _remove() and _clear() in the driver subclasses. But this kind of change makes me uneasy for several reasons:

  • It changes the driver API, i.e. all existing drivers out there have to modified. And we might have to change it again as we identify new methods to wrap.
  • The list of 'normal' versus 'underscore' methods becomes rather arbitrary - it's "whatever we've needed to wrap so far".

I thought about using regular wrapping modules, like Sub::Prepend or Hook::LexWrap. But this fails when you have subclasses more than one level deep. e.g.:

CHI::Driver -> CHI::Driver::Foo -> CHI::Driver::Foo::Bar

Now if you call CHI::Driver::Foo::Bar::remove(), the wrapping code will get called twice, once for each subclass. I only want it to be called once regardless of how deep the subclass is.

Here's how I solved this in CHI-0.2. When each CHI driver is used for the first time, e.g. CHI::Driver::Memory:

my $cache = CHI->new('Memory');

CHI autogenerates a new class called CHI::Wrapped::CHI::Driver::Memory, which inherits from

('CHI::Driver::Wrapper', 'CHI::Driver::Memory')

then blesses the actual cache object (and future cache objects of this driver) as CHI::Wrapped::CHI::Driver::Memory.

Now, when someone calls a method like $cache->get() or $cache->remove(), CHI::Driver::Wrapper has an opportunity to handle it first, and then pass control to CHI::Driver::Memory. If not, it goes directly to CHI::Driver::Memory.

I was unable to find this solution on CPAN, even though I feel like I must be reinventing the wheel. If someone knows of a distribution that encapsulates this technique, please let me know.

Here's the code from CHI::Driver::Wrapper that creates the wrapper class:

sub create_wrapped_driver_class {
    my ( $proto, $driver_class ) = @_;
    carp "internal class method" if ref($proto);

    if ( !$wrapped_driver_classes{$driver_class} ) {
        my $wrapped_driver_class      = "CHI::Wrapped::$driver_class";
        my $wrapped_driver_class_decl = join( "\n",
            "package $wrapped_driver_class;",
            "use strict;",
            "use warnings;",
            "use base qw(CHI::Driver::Wrapper $driver_class);",
            "sub driver_class { '$driver_class' }",
            "1;" );
        eval($wrapped_driver_class_decl);    ## no critic ProhibitStringyEval
        die $@ if $@;                        ## no critic RequireCarping
        $wrapped_driver_classes{$driver_class} = $wrapped_driver_class;
    return $wrapped_driver_classes{$driver_class};

And here's the first application of auto-wrapping: when certain methods are called on a cache, automatically call them on the subcaches, if any.

# Call these methods first on the main cache, then on any subcaches.
foreach my $method (qw(remove expire expire_if clear purge)) {
    no strict 'refs';
    *{ __PACKAGE__ . "::$method" } = sub {
        my $self = shift;
        my $retval = $self->call_native_driver( $method, @_ );
        $self->call_method_on_subcaches( $method, @_ );
        return $retval;

# Call the specified $method on the native driver class, e.g. CHI::Driver::Memory.  SUPER
# cannot be used because it refers to the superclass(es) of the current package and not to
# the superclass(es) of the object - see perlobj.
sub call_native_driver {
    my $self                 = shift;
    my $method               = shift;
    my $native_driver_method = join( "::", $self->driver_class, $method );

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