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  Comment: MooseX::Declare (Score 1) on 2010.08.03 3:07

by jnareb on 2010.08.03 3:07 (#72231)
Attached to: Protesting the Moose with sugary alternatives
MooseX::Declare doesn't do what you want?
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  Comment: Where the names came from? (Score 1) on 2010.07.19 6:13

by jnareb on 2010.07.19 6:13 (#72180)
Attached to: Happy 10th anniversary, Perl 6
Very nice post!

Do you know perchance where the names came from:
* Parrot
* Rakudo
* Ponie
* Pugs

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  Comment: In Perl 5 it would be 'sub { }', isn't it? (Score 1) on 2010.07.03 3:16

by jnareb on 2010.07.03 3:16 (#72137)
Attached to: Speaking hypothetically in Perl 6

If the Counter / LazyIterator example was written in Perl 5, one would use 'sub { $count++ }', isn't it? Why the same method, i.e. 'sub { }' as circumfix operator for block in Perl 6?

P.S. Would you resubmit this blog post to for it to be easier to find?

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  Comment: Dancer on MS Windows (Score 1) on 2010.04.03 14:07

Savyer X in blog post Stepping up to the plate wrote:

Adam Kennedy has declared a contest between Dancer and Mojolicious. Seems to me like a great idea. We'll both get a chance to learn from each other, show our strengths and try to work on our exposed weaknesses.


Right now, Dancer cannot participate in the challenge. The reason is since Adam uses Windows and Dancer doesn't install on Windows. It isn't that Dancer is not Windows-compatible, it's just that it uses HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI, which uses HTTP::Server::Simple which fails a test on Windows. Thus, Dancer cannot be installed on Windows (at least with StrawberryPerl, which is what Adam - and many others - use).

P.S. You have formatting errors, like visible HTML codes instead of formatting.

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  Comment: Regexp::STORABLE_attach based on YAML::Types (Score 1) on 2009.12.17 8:07

You should take a look how YAML::Types does thawing of stringified regexp.

In short: it check flags (e.g. if stringification of regexp is '(?i-xsm:re)') and generates apropriate qr/../ operator (e.g. 'qr{re}i' in this example).

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  Comment: Two-pass parsing for TOC at beginning (Score 1) on 2009.10.29 4:11

by jnareb on 2009.10.29 4:11 (#71012)
Attached to: Pod::Parser::Groffmom to the CPAN
You can try to use technique that LaTeX uses: it writes information about sections and references to *.aux (auxilliary) file, so that table of contents might be at first page and you can refer to objects (equations, tables, figures, sections, etc.) which are later in the document.

P.S. Do I understand correctly that mom is to groff like LaTeX is to TeX?
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  Comment: FYI: Monthly contributors to Git (Score 1) on 2009.09.22 6:50

Just FYI: Git (distributed version control system) has unique monthly contributor count of around 50 (for the last month).
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  Comment: I use(d) CVS and I use Git, and Git is much easier (Score 1) on 2009.08.12 13:30

I used both CVS and Git, and with possible exception of ad-hoc version control of loosely coupled files, Git is much, much easier to use. Branching and especially merging branches in CVS is deep, dark magic; in Git it is extremly easy.

See also my answer to Difference between GIT and CVS question on StackOverflow (community Q&A site).

Some of those transfer to comparison between Subversion and Git: see For home projects, can Git (or other DVCS) provide advantage over Subversion? also on StackOverflow.

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