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Journal of jjore (6662)

Thursday December 07, 2006
03:39 PM plays well with others

[ #31842 ]

For kicks I wrote the pragma pragma which just mucks with other user pragmas. I'm not sure what good this is except that I wanted a simple API to poke at other people's pragmas. I might even upload this to CPAN just so it's handy.

package pragma;
use strict;
use warnings;
our $VERSION = ~0;
=head1 NAME
pragma - A pragma for controlling other user pragmas
The C<pragma> pragma is a module which influences other user pragmata
such as L<lint>. With Perl 5.10 you can create user pragmata and the
C<pragma> pragma can modify and peek at other pragmata.
=head1 A basic example
Assume you're using the C<myint> pragma mentioned in
L<perlpragma>. For ease, that pragma is duplicated here.
    package myint;
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    sub import {
        $^H{myint} = 1;
    sub unimport {
        $^H{myint} = 0;
    sub value {
        my $level = shift // 0;
        my $hinthash = (caller($level))[10];
        return $hinthash->{myint};
Other code might casually wish to dip into C<myint>:
    no pragma 'myint';      # delete $^H{myint}
    use pragma myint => 42; # $^H{myint} = 42
    print pragma->peek( 'myint' ); # prints '42'
=item C<< use pragma PRAGMA => VALUE >>
=item C<< pragma->import( PRAGMA => VALUE ) >>
=item C<< pragma->poke( PRAGMA => VALUE ) >>
Sets C<PRAGMA>'s value to C<VALUE>.
sub import {
    my ( undef, $pragma, $value ) = @_;
    $^H{$pragma} = $value;
*poke = \&import;
=item C<< no pragma PRAGMA >>
=item C<< pragma->unimport( PRAGMA ) >>
Unsets C<PRAGMA>.
sub unimport {
    my ( undef, $pragma ) = @_;
    delete $^H{$pragma} if exists $^H{$pragma};
=item C<< pragma->peek( PRAGMA ) >>
Returns the current value of C<PRAGMA>.
sub peek {
    my ( undef, $pragma ) = @_;
    return $^H{$pragma};
All methods may be subclassed.
q[And I don't think an entire stallion of horses, or a tank, could stop you two from getting married.];

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