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jdv (7306)

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  Comment: Module::Find (Score 1) on 2009.08.13 9:36

by jdv on 2009.08.13 9:36 (#70034)
Attached to: Use packages?
Why reinvent the wheel?
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  Comment: useless complexity (Score 1) on 2009.06.04 12:33

by jdv on 2009.06.04 12:33 (#68948)
Attached to: When Good Ideas Go Bad: use_ok
I never really understood the point of use_ok(). If a use fails it'll throw an exception. The use_ok() function doesn't seem to add any value to that. Someone please tell me if I'm missing something.
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  Comment: fixed (Score 1) on 2009.05.21 10:08

by jdv on 2009.05.21 10:08 (#68721)
Attached to: Test::Class, Test::Able, Test::Dammit::Test
Its a genuine bug that Test::Able::Role doesn't like planning. Please file that in RT. I've already fixed it and I'll release tomorrow. Thanks!
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  Journal: Later on 2009.05.12 23:31

Journal by jdv on 2009.05.12 23:31

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  Journal: Test::Able 0.05 on 2009.03.10 21:40

Journal by jdv on 2009.03.10 21:40
User Journal

Test::Able v0.05 should now be on a CPAN mirror near you. Test::Able is "An xUnit style testing framework inspired by Test::Class and built using Moose."

Some of the more interesting recent changes are:

  • Dumped sub attrs and sub name method decoration.
  • Added moose-like method declaration.
  • Added plan failure handling at the method level.
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  Comment: Re:Lies, damn lies and statistics (Score 1) on 2009.03.08 11:00

by jdv on 2009.03.08 11:00 (#67733)
Attached to: Anecdote Driven Development, or Why I Don't Do TDD
Your idea for detecting accidental overrides seems overly complex. How about just comparing what is meant to be overridden to what Class::Sniff->overridden says has been.
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  Comment: its been caught (Score 1) on 2009.02.16 9:45

by jdv on 2009.02.16 9:45 (#67389)
Attached to: Bug in Perl Causes a Small Class::Sniff Issue
I tripped on this a couple years ago. It wasn't a show-stopper and I wasn't sure it was actually a bug at the time.
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  Comment: Put it up! (Score 1) on 2009.02.11 13:52

by jdv on 2009.02.11 13:52 (#67308)
Attached to: CRUD it up!
I can't think of a reason not to. If only one other person benefits its worth it. The fact that it is hard to find things on the CPAN is a real problem but that's more of an infrastructure issue.
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  Journal: Test::Able on 2009.02.05 10:24

Journal by jdv on 2009.02.05 10:24
User Journal
Like xUnit and Moose? Check out Test::Able. Its meta-riffic!
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  Comment: why dump it? (Score 1) on 2009.02.05 10:12

by jdv on 2009.02.05 10:12 (#67225)
Attached to: Class::Sniff Notes
You could just make it configurable and give it a decent default. This particular piece of functionality seems like it could be good for Perl::Critic as well.
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