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janus (3624)

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  Comment: E-Mail or not... (Score 1) on 2010.08.10 2:42

by janus on 2010.08.10 2:42 (#72272)
Attached to: CPAN Testers 2.0: The death of via email is wrong.

... but indeed there has to be a way to collect logs offline.
That's what we use in OpenBSD to gather reports automatically for the modules in the ports tree.

So basically the same argument, except from another perspective.

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  Comment: Basics ... (Score 1) on 2010.04.28 5:02

by janus on 2010.04.28 5:02 (#71929)
Attached to: Fifth Issue of Perlzeitung

... don't necessarily mean it's only for beginners ;-)

On IRC for example, it's really interesting how different people explain Perl.

Spreading knowledge on basic topics common to the experienced programmer is fun because of a few reasons:
  - Training: Specialize in whatever area one is able to apply and answer the specific problem/question
  - Communication: Learning to speak in a language even people without any idea of programming can understand
  - Marketing: Presenting Perl, modules and projects coming with an answer for the question

Well, that's at least my view and experience. After some years helping in this conscious manner I haven't lost my interest - the opposite happened... now I only need the time to do more.

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  Journal: PostgreSQL rules and rocks on 2010.04.06 7:15

Journal by janus on 2010.04.06 7:15
User Journal

... because one can build amazing database APIs with it by using views to their full extent:


        id uuid NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
        relation regclass NOT NULL

CREATE FUNCTION moo(regclass, uuid) RETURNS uuid LANGUAGE sql AS $$
INSERT INTO moo (id, relation) VALUES ($2, $1) RETURNING id;

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  Comment: Sure it works... (Score 1) on 2010.02.12 14:10

by janus on 2010.02.12 14:10 (#71695)
Attached to: What is the status of $@?

... and is all just a question of the API.

No single argument against using $@ is really addressing this important
point. Most alternatives are just eval flavors, which in turn return an
undefined value and set $@, so i don't count those as different.

Others provide new features, come with overhead but solve no new problem.

But in the end we're just talking about different error handling APIs...
and i like the Perl builtin way too :-).


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  Journal: Hint: Formatting SQL in Perl code on 2010.01.27 7:09

Journal by janus on 2010.01.27 7:09
User Journal

Usually i'm telling people NOT to put their SQL into the code, pretty
much the same as with templates.

As that needs code to get the SQL from the outside it isn't always
what you want. And with SQL there's more than just ``put different
languages into different files'', it's also about formating.

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  Comment: Thanks! A! Lot! (Score 1) on 2009.11.20 5:16

by janus on 2009.11.20 5:16 (#71192)
Attached to: - redesign

Nice layout - modern and clean.

Now we can recommend the website without getting stupid comments like with the previous design.

And last but not least this definitely helps to get rid of the perl-is-old-nonsense... sure, that accounts for the superficial people, but there're many of them.

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  Comment: Hrhr... (Score 1) on 2009.11.06 18:12

i recommend checking the system that does constantly native builds on most of the existing architectures out there and doesn't support the blob nonsense. It's portable, doesn't lie about the number of supported platforms by just cross-compiling for them and last but not least is secure. Additionally it has superb wireless support. ... those who found it suitable for their needs rarely complained since the first installation.

I'm only telling it because i made similar experiences and tried a lot before i found a satisfying system.
At least i'm using it for over 8 years now and it's getting better with every single commit and i even had a lot of chances to contribute and made it fit my needs even more so :-)

Being able to work constantly without interference is a great experience!

Operating systems should just work, which makes it a pleasure to use them.

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  Comment: So what, let them win sometimes. (Score 1) on 2009.09.15 11:04

by janus on 2009.09.15 11:04 (#70587)
Attached to: Why Rails Wins Sometimes

CPAN isn't limited by anything and thus can express pretty much everything, as in, win most of the times.
And Rails... err, wait, isn't that just a framework, not a programming language with thousands of libraries providing extreme flexibility and strength?

If Perl didn't suck so badly at marketing (damn, yes, i mean it!) we probably would have someone coming up with a clear vision, ready to change the reality just because of the possible attractiveness.

Well, so much for the reality ;-)

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  Journal: pseudo-referential integrity with ENUMs and ARRAYs on 2009.02.28 12:56

Journal by janus on 2009.02.28 12:56
User Journal

After all the whining from users of the most popular open source
database over the years, here's some cheering about the most advanced
open source database: pseudo-referential integrity with ENUMs and ARRAYs

Have you ever been in the situation where you needed an array or didn't
want to introduce an extra mapping table for just a few well-defined
values without introducing inconcistencies?

Since PostgreSQL got ENUM support it's pretty easy to solve:

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  Comment: Maybe, but does the snake love you too? (Score 1) on 2009.02.25 11:37

by janus on 2009.02.25 11:37 (#67616)
Attached to: i love python

My Perl at least seems to love me. It's doing all the scary things i want it to do without any demands. It seems to be a pretty one-sided affair as all i'm doing to Perl is patching and bashing it all day long.

Fortunately the current financial scenario allows us to pour lots of oil at cheap prices into the fire. NEXT ONE PLEASE!

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  Comment: Re:commit (Score 1) on 2009.01.27 11:59

by janus on 2009.01.27 11:59 (#67040)
Attached to: Taking over maintenance of DBD::SQLite

IMHO it's more about who's pushing to get things moving given someone actually has commit access and is responsive, which seems to be the case now (which doesn't means i'm against more maintainers).

I've immediately prodded for my patch solving the "closing dbh with active statement handles"[0] issue and got feedback, even though it might take a bit to get it in as the patch updates the bundled sqlite version to get a new function that helps to solve the problem.

Anyway, check that your patches are up to date and talk to the right people... that's how it always worked :-)


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  Comment: Good news! (Score 1) on 2009.01.24 9:45

by janus on 2009.01.24 9:45 (#67004)
Attached to: Taking over maintenance of DBD::SQLite

Let the bug bashing begin :-)

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  Comment: A nice thing... (Score 1) on 2009.01.08 6:26

by janus on 2009.01.08 6:26 (#66762)
Attached to: Server-side MsWord document generation

... to reduce the development costs for projects producing this weird document format.

That will either result in higher margins for us, lower costs for customers or ideally both... thanks!

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  Comment: Interesting... (Score 1) on 2009.01.08 5:35

by janus on 2009.01.08 5:35 (#66761)
Attached to: A Little Perspective

... but i suspect the used data is the best representation. Why not use the webserver logs instead?
People explicitely block m/.*oogle.*(ytics|syndicat).*/ for shorter page load times and better privacy.
Would be nice to know the actual percentage of people trying to protect themselves, but that's a different story...

Anyways, thanks putting together these numbers!

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  Journal: No more "closing dbh with active statement handles" on 2008.10.25 19:23

Journal by janus on 2008.10.25 19:23
User Journal

Short story: i fixed DBD::SQLite's annoying warning, diff at

Long story: today a friend proposed a patch to silence those warnings in
another module and i was finally annoyed enough to investigate.
First i've read the various reports about this, their analysis and
workarounds, then i glanced at the sqlite documentation and found
something promising.

I tried adding a fix in a quick and dirty style until i noticed sqlite
required an update first, as the used function was only available since
sqlite version 3.6.0.

After updating sqlite the fix still didn't work and i saw ``assignment
makes pointer from integer without a cast'' when compiling.
It took a few minutes until i realized that DBD::SQLite picks up the
header files of the bundled sqlite instead of the system-wide installed
one and thus the compiler had no idea about the new function i was using.

The first step to a solution was to zap the local sqlite headers and
then i had it working.
But that was still not very nice as it only helps me but i wanted to get
a result i could push upstream.
So the next logical thing was updating the bundled sqlite before i had a
sufficient patch to send to the DBD::SQLite authors.

A happy end to the story of this bug should be possible with the creation
of a proper ticket on RT.

Now we ``only'' have to wait for a new release of DBD::SQLite.

At least i did more than just moaning :-)

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