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james (1129)

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Journal of james (1129)

Sunday November 07, 2004
03:02 PM


[ reposted from whoot ]

Katrien and I celebrated our wedding yesterday.

We don't have photos yet, but what I can say is it was a wonderful day, and it (nearly) all went perfectly to plan. We're off to Zanzibar tomorrow for our honeymoon, and shortly after we return in three weeks we'll have photos available. If you can't wait that long I'm sure that there are plenty of pictures available from the various fotangoers/london.pmers that were there :-)

In the meantime, we'll be lying on a beach, and ignoring the existance of the rest of the world :-)

Thursday December 04, 2003
06:06 AM

Job Requirements

Monday November 10, 2003
12:17 PM


So I've decided to move myself away from use.perl, which has been wonderful fun, but whenever posted a random gripe or musing I felt kinda bad if it had no perl content.

To solve the problem I've gone and installed moveable type on my little box at where I can write stuff without feeling guilty when the stuff is perl-free. I suppose I could have solved it by simply removing all non-perl stuff from my head, but that might have made my girlfriend leave me.

Anyway, in my Copius Free Time I'll update moveable type to look a little less like moveable type, and try to figure out how to get the perl-rich entries to automagically appear here as well...

Friday October 10, 2003
04:13 AM

Asynchronous Pipeline Segments

I've lost count of the number of times people have asked for asynchronous segments in the Pipeline distribution. The problem was always coming up with a simple enough API for it.

Another thing I've wanted to do for a while was to seperate the act of dispatching the segments of the pipeline from the pipeline itself. This was a fairly simple one to do, but until I had an API for asynchronous segments there was no really compelling reason to do it.

So anyway, they are now both done. I need to spend some time on the code base refactoring the various bits and pieces that have been added, and I want the asynchronous segments to work independently of ithreads (and thats not too hard as it turns out), and then it will make its way on to the CPAN.

edit: asynchronous, even

Tuesday August 12, 2003
07:56 AM

Last nights greasy hack

Last night I got annoyed with everything, sat down, and wrote a quick webphoto thing. It didn't take very long, and it works well, which means to put photos on the web I just dump them into a an image directory, and the software does the rest.



Wednesday August 06, 2003
05:55 AM


At 9:45 this morning the power to our office went out. Only it wasn't just our office it was for the entire block around us. It seems that everybody cranked up the aircon and something blew up somewhere.

I'm currently writing this on the last few drops of power in my laptop over some very expensive bandwidth - via GSM over bluetooth.

London Electricity say that they will turn the power back on at 1400, but I'm not holding my breath...

I really should go home...

Thursday July 31, 2003
08:24 AM

The results of thinking about merging

Right, so last time I said I was thinking about merging. So here are my thoughts.

If you detect a conflict (ie, the last local revision is older than the the last commited revision) you need to figure out if you can patch it.

To do this step, you find the greatest shared revision of both files and get a diff against them. Then you compare the hunks of the two diffs. If you have hunks that overlap then you have a conflict, and you need to throw that hunk away, or at least think about it very carefully before you attempt to apply it. Hunks that don't overlap are applied to the local copy.

If you don't have any overlapping hunks then the merge is flawless and easy -- its just a patch. I've not figured out how to do more granular merging but at least I can detect it and deal with it at some level, and this is a step in the right direction.

Now of course I need to implement it...

Tuesday July 29, 2003
06:26 PM

I must be smoking crack

So the other day we are trying to use subversion, and its taking a long time, and the server keeps crapping out on us with segfaults, and I'm thinking to myself, how hard can this version control stuff be?

So, I don't have merge detection in yet, but I'm starting to build a plan in my head for it. Munge is self-hosting after 8 hours work, which ain't too shabby when you consider how long it took subversion :-) Done is commit, update, checkout, log and diff. I don't have anything travelling over a network yet, and I need to add user ids and the executable bits somewhere, but none of this stuff seems that difficult.

The source is on my munge website and I'm going to be playing around with this as often as I can over the next little while. Its kind of a fun project, and modifying the code should be much easier than, say, hacking on cvs.

I wonder what I can rewrite next week...

Monday July 28, 2003
10:43 AM

Journey back from YAPC::Eu

So, Arthur, Katrien, and I all left Paris on Saturday evening on the 21:23 train to London. It was slightly delayed on the way out of Paris, but it shouldn't have been any big deal.

About 30 minutes into the journey Arthur and I noticed we were going far too slowly around a corner. We could feel that the train was leaning significantly, and it just didn't feel right. About 10 minutes after that we came to a stop.

*crackle* *crackle* Ladies and Gentlemen we are currenly, blah blah blah blah blah

It turned out that there was signal failure somewhere on the line. Despite having 3 other trains pass us while we were sat still. After an hour we chugged very slowly to Lille. Then we chugged very slowly through the tunnel, to Ashford, and then very slowly to Waterloo.

We got into waterloo at about 0330, and after an extremely long wait we got a taxi home (although to be fair to the eurostar company they did pay for it). We arrived home at about 0500.

While the conference was a lot of fun, it certainly wasn't worth that journey home. Next time, I'm flying.

Sunday July 13, 2003
10:06 AM

Back in One Piece

I am finally back from OSCON. Somewhere I seem to have lost a 24 hour period, but not to worry, I'm at home safe and sound.

Another fantastic conference is over. I had a really great time, and everything worked out fantastic. Of course the week before OSCON we were preparing everything for the announcement of the Ponie project, which seemed to consume all of our time. Despite a couple of minor hiccoughs along the way it all went very smoothly indeed , which is a testement both to the Perl Foundation and everybody at Fotango. It seemed to just take an instant from the initial idea that we had at my BBQ the week before to the announcement at OSCON.

All in all its been a great week and for that thanks is definitly due to Nat and Vee, as well as the rest of the O'Reilly staff...