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inkdroid (3294)

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inkdroid is a person, not a robot. however, inkdroid likes ink. inkdroid likes perl too.

Journal of inkdroid (3294)

Wednesday November 03, 2004
09:27 PM


Me talk troll one day.
09:23 PM


Hey who put that butt ugly Boston Red Sox icon in the use.perl logo?
Friday March 05, 2004
12:06 PM

wishlists on the cheap

I finally got around to documenting and making available my Amazon wishlist tool. If you maintain a wishlist and want to periodically see if any items on it are available for cheap you can put this in your cron:

0 * * * * /usr/local/bin/wishlist --token=MYTOKENID --wishlist=MYWISHLISTID

Which means at the top of every hour wishlist will go and look at my wishlist and email me if any items on it are available for cheap: cheap being less than 50% of the coverprice and/or less than $5. Cheapness is configurable. It uses Amazon's Web Services, so you'll need to get a token (free). I imagine that there's some CPAN module that does this, but there wasn't at the time when I wrote this about a year ago (I don't think).

If you use it you'll get lots of hits from used bookstores around the country. But I don't mind used when the quality is good, and I've been really happy with the quality measures on Amazon.

11:32 AM


Gotcha, so this is python:

import BaseHTTPServer

class HelloWorldServer( BaseHTTPServer.BaseHTTPRequestHandler ):
    def do_GET( self ):
        self.send_response( 200 )
        self.send_header( "Content-type", "text/html" )
        self.wfile.write( "hello world" )

server = BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer( ( '', 8080 ), HelloWorldServer )

while 1:
    try: server.handle_request()
    except: break

Creates a non-forking HTTP server which responds to requests with "Hello World". I could get used to that. Right tool for the right job and all.

Monday February 02, 2004
01:13 PM

Open Archives

Ariadne just went live with my article about using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) from Perl using Net::OAI::Harvester. OAI-PMH is basically a protocol for sharing metadata using HTTP/XML. Net::OAI::Harvester aims to be LWP::UserAgent for the OAI-PMH. The module was fun to write since I got to know XML::SAX better, started to grok how SAX filters work, and spent some time coming up with a class hierarchy that mirrors the protocol. Another fun part was finding a way to provide iterators that return objects based on parts of the potentially huge XML documents. At first I serialized objects on disk while SAX parsing, but used YAML, but in the end went with Storable since UTF8 support still isn't there for YAML.
Wednesday January 28, 2004
05:48 PM

XP pre-history

I can't remember if I saw this article cited here on use.perl, but I printed it out months ago and finally got around to reading it. I had no idea that there was such a rich history of iterative development that stretches back to the 1950s...way before XP was a glimmer in Kent Beck's eye. The piece kind of reminded me of what Damian said once when visiting about how much of XP is just good common sense, and how it really isn't "extreme" at all :-)
Wednesday January 21, 2004
03:15 PM

chop chop

Just ran across Dave Thomas's katas courtesy of the software MFA list. I haven't practiced any of them yet, but they look interesting. The software-mfa list has been picking up lately due to a trial run of the program down at the University of Illinois. It's basically taking Richard Gabriel's ideas about the convergence between art and software and putting them into practice. If you are interested there is a wiki for the trial run.
12:08 PM


xISBN is a neat service from OCLC in libraryland. Feed it an ISBN and get back a list of ISBNs that are "related". Relatedness in this case means associated editions or printings.

So, the latest camel has an ISBN of 0596000278. This link:

Will return this list:

0596000278 1565921496 0937175641 1565929748 1565924622

Which are the following:

Sunday December 28, 2003
08:15 PM


I saw in Tim Bray's journal that the Wikipedia is looking for donations to upgrade their hardware. I donated $25, mainly because it's such a cool project, and I maintain WWW::Wikipedia. I hope this little bit helps.
Monday December 22, 2003
01:32 PM


A good time of year to say thanks to the EFF.