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hobbs (3161)

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  Comment: You know you're not wanted in #perl. (Score 1) on 2010.08.11 13:07

by hobbs on 2010.08.11 13:07 (#72289)
Attached to: Matt Trout, aka mst, is insane

The message was delivered years ago, and it hasn't changed since. And you managed to spout more than enough stupid shit just in the short time you were back today. I was about ready to ban you myself when you started "singing", but I guess I'm just not as decisive as mst.

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  Comment: Re:Hey, that's me. (Score 1) on 2010.08.04 3:30

by hobbs on 2010.08.04 3:30 (#72242)
Attached to: For people running Perl conferences

Given that we had one third as many camera operators as cameras, doing anything in real time wasn't an option :)

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  Comment: Congratulations, you've statistically "proven" (Score 1) on 2010.03.05 6:31

by hobbs on 2010.03.05 6:31 (#71750)
Attached to: When a 99% solutions works, and when it doesn't

that cpanm is well beyond the "99%" level if installing things is a metric. Not that it is -- any connection between "99% solution" and "install succcess rate" was invented entirely by you.

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  Comment: Re:I've got a question (Score 1) on 2009.10.18 4:30

by hobbs on 2009.10.18 4:30 (#70910)
Attached to: Rakudo Perl 6 development release #21 ("Seattl

A bit belated but I just wanted to say I appreciate the reply. I know it's just a peeve of mine, but I felt like airing it. And I do hope that the plan is at least to address this by "spring". s/// is just too much "basic idiomatic perl", and if you don't have it it will be your "word count". :)

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  Comment: A meet-in-the-middle solution: Delegation. (Score 1) on 2009.10.08 0:41

by hobbs on 2009.10.08 0:41 (#70813)
Attached to: Object Responsibilities versus Object Behavior

(in Moose syntax because I haven't boned up on this part of the Perl 6 syntax yet)

has '_orm' => (
    isa => 'SomeORM',
    is => 'ro',
    lazy_build => 1,
    builder => '_connect_to_orm',
    handles => [qw(find)],

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  Comment: I've got a question (Score 1) on 2009.09.19 5:42

by hobbs on 2009.09.19 5:42 (#70633)
Attached to: Rakudo Perl 6 development release #21 ("Seattl
I know that the people working on Rakudo are all smart folks, and not lazy either, so there must be something thoroughly difficult about implementing s///. But, not knowing anything about Rakudo's internals I can't for the life of me imagine what the hangup is. Anyone want to venture an explanation?
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  Comment: Squeezebox? (Score 1) on 2009.09.13 5:22

by hobbs on 2009.09.13 5:22 (#70574)
Attached to: Users, speak up!
You could track down the Logitech / Slim Devices people and ask them if they have any particular lessons they learned packaging the Squeezebox server. andyg and blblack are involved, that I know of.
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  Comment: The important thing here (Score 1) on 2009.09.03 15:12

is that it doesn't really matter what you think. A considerable portion of the rest of the world will end up using Moose irrespective of your opinion of it. Will you accept it in your dependencies and spend your time working on something useful, or you dedicate the remainder of your life to shaving Yak::Tiny?
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  Comment: This is a gigantic how-not-to. (Score 1) on 2009.07.30 14:14

by hobbs on 2009.07.30 14:14 (#69791)
Attached to: How To Downgrade Perl on Ubuntu
Note to kids finding this on google: don't follow any of these instructions unless you like hosing your system.
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