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Journal of grep (3333)

Wednesday May 21, 2003
12:20 PM

Laughing at the expense of another

I've been using spamassassin for a couple of months now and I really enjoy it. But I was especially pleased this morning when I looked in my SPAM folder and saw.

[SPAM] ¢¹ Bu*lk E-mail W0 rks!

Thursday May 15, 2003
01:58 PM

CGI::App, Class::DBI, and mod_perl

I just finished my Mother's Website on Sunday. Hopefully a nice Mother's day present.

This was my first foray into CGI::App and my first heavy use Class::DBI and mod_perl. Even with the learning curve of all 3 of these major modules, all I can say is they are incredibly easy to use and speed development tremendously. (I also used Template Toolkit, which was a joy. I just wrote one method that takes care of inserting sessions and returning the TT page).

CGI::App hides about everything complicated you need to know about mod_perl, it pretty much forces you to write good code, and it makes testing simple. The CGI::App framework is mod_perl friendly so just writing a CGI::App program almost ensures mod_perl will like it. I also appreciated tests quite a bit more with CGI::App. I was able to separate my display methods from my internal methods. I could code most all my unit tests without parsing HTML or restarting Apache.

Class::DBI not only kept my SQL down to a minimum, but also my perl. The intrinsic C::DBI method chaining is so convenient $session->cart->items.

I spent about 50 hours on the site, which I most likely would never have finished if I coded it as a straight CGI app. Then add the speed factor from mod_perl and C::DBI/Apache::DBI's persistent shared connections and I'm sold. (Don't be fooled visiting the site and it's a little slow right now I'm on a slow line 128k DSL, it's moving to Sprocket Data).

On a piscatorial note:
I just got back from Tarpon fishing in Costa Rica I would highly recommend it to anyone as a stress reliever. Tarpon (Silver Kings) have been celebrated for years as one of the best Saltwater fish (especially Hemingway) and it was great battling them. My big fish was 110 lbs. and took me 1 hr 15 mins to land. Don't worry it's all catch and release, not that you would want to kill a great creature like a tarpon.

So much better to battle a tarpon than your code :)

Monday August 19, 2002
07:12 PM

M$ the cost of conformity

Finally, I have the boss convinced that Samba the way to go (a year later). I manage ('manage' in more the sense of owning an obstinate cat that soils the carpet and does what it wants) several M$ Win 2000 boxen. Well when I was hired over a year ago (from a job where I deployed a hugely sucessful Samba installation), I have been pushing Samba. Over the year I have been making comments about the time lost to security hotfixes. This last round took over 6 hours, that was it for him. Now we are a go for Samba!!! w00t!.

So now the fun of migration will ensue.

Now I'm just wondering how all those extra hours of doing security hotfixes could have been spent over the last year :(
03:02 PM

Into the Abyss

Well yesterday, I started setting up The Everything Engine. My head is still swimming, but I see the light outside of the myriad of nodes, containers, htmlpages, and superdocs. I have fake users logging in and creating user nodes they just all end up off the root node not in the /user location. So, I'll be working on that tonight. If you want to take a look

Do not take this as bad note on Everything, it is incredible, this is a 'grep needs to wrap his head around it'. Actually, I'm really excited to write my first nodeball

Then a nice break of fly fishing the Deschutes River for steelhead on Tuesday :)
Thursday August 15, 2002
01:42 AM


I'm wondering if there is an age limit on being a Shriner. Could I possibly be the youngest Shriner?
Cool hats, little cars, and an occasional parade - what beats that?