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Here's a scenario I thought about: </p><p> - Boot the iBook in FireWire drive mode from the PowerBook - create a gzipped tarball of my complete iBook hard drive - move that tarball to the FireWire drive - Boot the PowerBook in FireWire mode from the iBook - erase all contents of the PowerBook and unzip the tarball on the blank PowerBook hard drive </p><p> I've got no clue if that would work. How about the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.Mac synchronization, can I use it for that purpose. Help much appreciated here! </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p></div> graouts 2003-02-05T21:04:21+00:00 journal SVG and PDF <div><p> Interesting read over at <a href="">Planet PDF</a> about Adobe's Image Viewer. If you ever wondered where Adobe was going with SVG and PDF, this might well enlighten you. New SVG features available through this now are text wrapping and flowing, video, audio and transitions (&#224; la SMIL). Oh, and there's a Perl script out there to generate a PDF file from an SVG. More about this soon... </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p></div> graouts 2003-02-05T09:01:34+00:00 journal <div><p> Looks like SVG is soon going to have its own use Perl;! The owner of is kindly lending us the domain so we can create an SVG community website. More soon... </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p></div> graouts 2003-01-28T10:55:28+00:00 journal Sweet things on eBay <div><p> Since I am going to Boston in March I thought I would check out a few music items on eBay that I would have a hard time finding in France. When it comes to guitars, eBay is pretty much the Holy Grail. Today I found this amazing <a href=";item=2502316816&amp;ssPageName=ADME:B:BN:US:1">Gretsch guitar</a>, and I got the winning bid. Another month and this bad boy will be mine, hahaha!!! I also got my eyes set on small <a href=";item=2502440884&amp;ssPageName=ADME:B:BN:US:1">Stella guitar</a>. All I would need then is a fine Martin folk guitar... Anyone here got a fine one for sale? </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p></div> graouts 2003-01-26T19:31:19+00:00 journal Automatic mount at log-in on OS X <div><p> Yesterday <a href="">Paul</a> provided some help resolving the automatic XP share mounting at system login on OS X. I researched thing a bit further and came up with a pretty good solution with some help from my friend William Dell Wisner. </p><p> I created two shell (could/should be Perl as <a href="">Robin</a> noticed) scripts, one for login mounting the XP share and another one for logout umounting the share. Then I edited the<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/etc/ttys file and edited the console line to add something that looks like: </p><p> <code>console "/System/Library/CoreServices/ -LoginHook<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/Users/antoine/Scripts/ -LogoutHook<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/Users/antoine/Scripts/" vt100 on secure window=/System/Library/CoreServices/WindowServer onoption="/usr/libexec/getty std.9600" </code> </p><p> This solved the case! </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p></div> graouts 2003-01-21T12:01:47+00:00 journal Mac OS X Question <div><p> Since a lot of people here use OS X and are quite knowledgeable, I thought I would post my OS X question. Here is the problem I have: I have an OS X iBook and an XP box on my home network. On my XP box I have created a network drive that always give me access to my iBook in a simple way from Explorer, and I only put the password once. On OS X, when I want to connect to my XP box, I have to do Apple+K in the Finder to "Connect to Server", then have to retype my username/password each time (although I ask it to add it to my keychain), and when I log out and log back in the network drive unmounted itself. Is there any way to do this a bit more automatically? I would very much like to have my XP shares show up as a mounted drive automagically when I log in and preferably not type my username/password each time too. Any help is greatly appreciated!! </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p></div> graouts 2003-01-20T17:01:28+00:00 journal SVG 1.1 and SVG Mobile are W3C Recommendations <div><p> While I personnaly did not do that much work for SVG 1.1 (besides tests, etc.), I am thrilled to pass the information that <a href="">SVG 1.1</a> and <a href="">SVG Mobile</a> are W3C Recommendations. A variety of related documents have been made available by the W3C team: a <a href="">press release</a>, some <a href="">testimonials</a> and the indispensable <a href="">FAQ</a>. I particularily like this last one since you can see real pictures of real devices displaying SVG Tiny animations and the SVG Tiny files themselves. I understand some of the devices are not on the market just now but it's a matter of time before you can go to the shop and buy an SVG-enabled phone. And remember kids, this is all open and standard, no dodgy proprietary stuff! </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p></div> graouts 2003-01-14T16:04:39+00:00 journal New Adobe SVG Viewer? <div><p> Anticipation is rising on the <a href="">SVG-Dev</a> list on an upcoming update of the Adobe SVG Viewer to version 4. Adobe have just released the mysterious <a href="">Adobe Image Viewer 4.0</a>. Apparently, this is an add-on for Acrobat Reader meant for visualizing presentations created with the upcoming <a href="">Photoshop Album</a> digital photo software. </p><p> Altough the Image Viewer page says nothing about SVG, it appears that it encapsulates new and updated SVG DLLs on Windows built last September, far more recent than those of SVG Viewer 3.0. Also, there is a <a href="">page on the SVG Zone</a> for the Image Viewer summarizing modifications on codes governed by the MPL. Installing the Image Viewer does not change anything when viewing SVG in browsers where the SVG Viewer 3.0 is still handling everything. Anyway, now it is clear Adobe have some updated core SVG components initially available in the SVG Viewer. It shouldn't be too long before someone from Adobe gives us an update on this on the SVG list. </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p></div> graouts 2003-01-14T12:17:17+00:00 journal Odd Keynote XML Grammar <div><p> Here is an email I sent on both XML-dev and SVG-dev as an answer to Tim bray inviting us to check out APXL, the XML grammar for the new Keynote software. </p></div><div><p><em> &gt; The XML vocabulary for Apple's new "Keynote"<br> &gt; powerpoint competitor. Apparently it includes a<br> &gt; fairly complete vector-graphics facility.</em> </p><p> &gt; </p><p> Although I am by nature an Apple enthusiast (and already ordered Keynote) I must say I am a little puzzled by what I see from the XML grammar used by Keynote. </p><p> As you noticed, it includes quite a lot of vector graphics information, which I must note differs from SVG. What I wonder is why did they have to use a different grammar. From what I understood from Steve's keynote, Keynote leverages Quartz2D (OS X's fantastic drawing/imaging API). If you ever took a close look at Quartz2D you'll notice that feature-wise it is pretty much closely matches the graphics capabilities, main differences are compositing model (Quartz2D seems to only support SRC_OVER - don't quote me on that though, some experts from the SVG WG could offer more details) and maybe some filters. The bottom-line is that Apple could very much have built Quartz2D on top of SVG rather than PDF. It is also worth noticing that Apple took part in SVG 1.0. </p><p> I don't criticize Apple for not chosing SVG over PDF (although I wish they would use SVG), but I'm puzzled by why they are not using it in the Keynote XML grammar. Let's take a look at a few things that stroke me as blatantly weird things: </p><p> APXL - <code>&lt;g transformation="1 0 0 1 12 24.75"&gt;</code> </p><p> Ok, the &lt;g&gt; element, which I guess is a pretty close mapping to SVG' s own &lt;g&gt;. However, the "transformation" attribute here reminds me of the SVG "transform" attribute. Different attribute name, and also different attribute grammar. SVG would have it written &lt;g transform="matrix(1 0 0 1 12 24.75)"&gt;. Since it seems that feature-wise this is doing the same thing, why use a different grammar? There are other "close but no cigar" occurences such as the generic &lt;shape&gt; element with a "path" attribute close to SVG's &lt;path&gt; "d" attribute, gradients </p><p> Other dodgy things I've seen is APXL constantly avoiding leveraging CSS. Not only are there no CSS properties but rather (arguably regrettable in SVG too) presentation attributes and even &lt;styles&gt; elements, but also APXL fails to leverage CSS types such as RGB colors. Another weird thing is the failure to use reusable definitions for things like gradients. In SVG, one defines gradient elements (both linear and radial) once and can reuse them as many times he likes. In APXL we can see things like this: </p><p> <tt> &lt;styles&gt; &lt;fill-style fill-type="gradient"&gt; &lt;gradient end-color="0.00392157 0.690196 1" start-color="0.6 1 0.8" gradient-angle="180"/&gt; &lt;/fill-style&gt; &lt;dash-style pattern="none"/&gt; &lt;shadow-style opacity="0" radius="0"/&gt; &lt;/styles&gt; </tt> </p><p> We can once again see differences in the APXL grammar for gradients. You'll also see that drop-shadow is also done differently than the way you do it with SVG. </p><p> It seems to me that there are no graphics features in Keynote that are not available in SVG. Actually, there are similarities in the way that graphics data are expressed in APXL but I fail to see any SVG leveraging. I think this is quite dissappointing design from Apple and a bit of a dirty XML serialization to me. XML is great for defining open and interoperable grammars, but what's the point of re-inventing the wheel here? </p><p> Keynote does look real sexy though! </p></div> graouts 2003-01-08T21:35:06+00:00 journal Macromedia want to hear from you <div><p> John Dowdell of Macromedia is <a href="">seeking advice</a> about what people want to do with XML descriptions of vector drawings. Apparently they're not looking at replacing SWF export with SVG export but rather researching new application areas. That is if they actually plan on using SVG instead of a new proprietary XML format. The product managers over at Microsoft, Corel and Adobe have obviously already figured that one out! </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i></p> </div> graouts 2002-12-23T01:53:30+00:00 journal B-Day Woohoo! <div><p> By the way, I am turning 22 today! Late for the party already... Well, at least I got my 90th shine in Super Mario Sunshine. </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i></p> </div> graouts 2002-12-19T20:02:21+00:00 journal Corel SVG Viewer Preview II <div><p> Corel have updated their <a href="">SVG Viewer technical preview</a>. They have also added a much needed <a href="">document</a> specifying what SVG elements, CSS properties and DOM interfaces they support. More SVG viewers is always good news! </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i></p> </div> graouts 2002-12-19T20:00:35+00:00 journal SMIL Europe <div><p> <a href="">SMIL Europe</a> is taking place in Paris in February, after having been postponed from November. Good news since I didn't have time to submit papers before. </p><p> Now Playing: Method Man &amp; Redman - Blackout! </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i></p> </div> graouts 2002-12-13T13:26:13+00:00 journal SVG Support in Visio <div><p> Paul Prescod reports from XML Conference 2002 in Baltimore about <a href="">the first signs of SVG support from Microsoft</a> as part of an upcoming version of Visio. This is great news and really leaves Macromedia as the last one standing in the scattered no-SVG-support league. Although we don't have much details about how this looks (news sites should be picking up soon) this is tremendous news for everyone who have been fighting for SVG to make it to the mainstream. Way to go SVG! </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i></p> </div> graouts 2002-12-12T13:32:20+00:00 journal SVG's Past and Promising Future... <div><p><nobr> <wbr></nobr>... is my latest <a href="">column </a> on If you have not been following SVG so closely in 2002, reading this could turn out to be pretty informative. </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i></p> </div> graouts 2002-12-10T10:22:20+00:00 journal EvolGrafix <div><p> A new company <a href="">EvolGrafix</a> is born. It was created mostly from what once was PCX Software. The reason I mention this company is because they are aiming at providing SVG-centric tools. They will be releasing their first product early in the new year, XStudioNext, an authoring tool &#224; la Flash MX. They've also got an IDE in the works (Xynamic) which sounds promising. They are planning on intelliscence completion and stuff like that. As long as they have debugging for scripting available I'll be getting it! </p></div><div><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p></div> graouts 2002-12-10T10:01:38+00:00 journal SVG Evangelization <p> Every once in a while I get in a pure SVG evangelization moment. Today, I was reading through <a href="">FlashMagazine's explanation of why they had to switch from SWF to HTML for publishing</a>. They know SWF, and they know the limitations of the Flash platforms. So I put on my nice fella hat and wrote this email: </p><blockquote><div><p><i> Hi there,</i> </p><p> I've been checking out FlashMagazine every week or so to see what was going on in the Flash world outside of Macromedia. However, I am not part of the Flash community... I work within the W3C SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Working Group and am keen on evangelizing good usage of SVG. </p><p> The arguments you put forward for switching to HTML as a publishing format make a lot of sense to me. I think that is quite sad that Macromedia, although it has come up with very sexy new features (like video) in the latest Flash Player release, still does not handle some very much needed and simpler features like this HTML-kind of layout. </p><p> Although I don't imagine you will switch to delivering your content as SVG (that would be nice though), I thought you might well want to hear about how SVG could help your publishing problems. </p><p> First of all, SVG will allow you to do anything you want it to in that context. Although there is not native support as of SVG 1.0 for text-wrapping, it is very easy to do so. I've actually got a small SVG component that does just this (with justification too), in under 3k of JavaScript code (I would be happy to send you a demo). The W3C Working Group are currently developing the next update of the spec, SVG 1.2, and there will be real text-wrapping natively (there already are native implementations out there). </p><p> Also, JPEG loading (or any other image format handled by your implementation) can be loaded dynamically, just like any other SVG content. You can either use the SVG tag the same way you would use your HTML tag to change an image's URL, or use a getURL() method through scripting to do some progressive loading. </p><p> As to generation, SVG is simply XML and therefore is very flexible as to how you will want to generate it on your server. You can build your document from scratch using standard APIs like the DOM (available on pretty much every single server platforms out there - Java,<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET, mod_perl, PHP, you name it!), pre-built templates with modified fragments connected to your database (SVG is just text too!) or just basic kind of CGI like generation like in the good old HTML days. Being XML, SVG will work well with XML data on the backend, and that would enable any kind of alternate output formats you would want to consider (HTML, PDF, even SWF). Also, SVG is free to use. By "free", I mean patent-free and in the public domain, it does not belong to a single company and is a W3C-endorsed standard. You will never *have* to use any proprietary software to generate or view SVG content. </p><p> You would also gain a couple things by using SVG. Text in SVG is real text. Writing "Hello World!" in SVG looks something like &lt;text&gt;Hello World!&lt;/text&gt; which allow for much accessibility as text selection, search and copy. Note that this would work for any kind of text, it could be on a curve, animated, flipped, with a filter applied to it, etc. Also, you can use fonts specified encoded as SVG (the so-called SVG fonts) to preserve your perfect text layout and look on any platform. There are a couple TrueType to SVG font converters out there. </p><p> Now, there are a few myths hanging around about SVG in the Flash community. SVG is bandwidth-friendly: using gzip compression (supported in all SVG client implementations) you get small file sizes, in exactly the same kind of weight that you would get from a comparable SWF file, if not smaller! SVG is pretty well deployed: Adobe have been shipping their SVG Viewer with Acrobat Reader 5 as well as in almost all their products. That way, there are more than 160,000,000 viewers deployed as of late May 2002. It may not be as many as Flash Players, but it is just about as much as PDF viewers out there and I don't see this as a major problem for a lot of people to deploy PDF content online (even Macromedia do on their website). </p><p> It would be nice to see some Flash community important people give some support to SVG. Macromedia is just about the only graphics company that keep on not supporting SVG in any way, which is very sad for the advances of dynamic 2D graphics on the Web (and elsewhere). After all, what is of most interest to you: using Flash itself or a whatever rich dynamic 2D solution that will fit your needs? </p></div> </blockquote><p> If you are also using SWF for publishing, take this into consideration. </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-08-06T11:47:15+00:00 journal Indenting with BBEdit <p> I really love my iBook and OS X. Now I am getting a G4 so I can work full-time on OS X. I'm using BBEdit 6.5 and my main gripe with it is that I can't find a way to indent/unindent full blocks. With TextPad I would just select my multi-line block and hit tab or shitf+tab. Anybody here knows a workaround. Actually, I sent an email to the TextPad team to suggest an OS X version since so many geeks are going for OS X these days. </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-08-02T13:39:30+00:00 journal Perlian <p> I felt pretty lame telling people I wasn't even a real Perl programmer at OScon: I don't have a single CPAN module out there. I decided to do something about it. So I got me Perl 5.8 installed on the iBook and a PAUSE user id (graouts there as well). Now all I need to do is code some SVG module, and I got ideas so this should work out fine. Look for SVG::PathParser soon! </p><p> <i>--junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-08-02T13:33:00+00:00 journal OScon 2002 <p> Yet another OScon entry so I'll try to keep it short. I see that Matt has added <a href="">his pictures</a> online. If you weren't there this should give you a good feel of what the conference was like as there are many pictures involving drinks. </p><p> It was cool to have Robin around as it was pretty tight for him to come this year. It was also really cool to have expenses covered by the company so I would not have to cut corners like last year when I did not have a job. It was even cooler to have us being moved from the Best Western to the 10th floor of the Sheraton by the ever-so-helpful Nat. Now, that was really it. Robin &amp; I managed to meet with Simon St. Laurent, our editor for the SVG book. Ronal Bourret was there too and was a good laugh. We hung out a lot with the usual gang: Matt and Heather, Kip, Eric, Geoff and the missus, Stas and Michel. I also got to meet people I did not know, DJ and the Jabber crew. </p><p> Talks went pretty well. The <a href="">SVG Tutorial</a> went very smoothly with reasonable attendance (about 35-40 people) and what seemed like great interest. The <a href="">SVG Animation</a> session was really cool too. It must have been the fourth time I was presenting it so it was bound to go down well. People seemed to really dig my little demos. The Batik talk went ok considering I did not know much about the internals of the project and have never worked with it much. Lightning Talks were really nice too, and with a funny moment during my "Flash Sux, SVG Rox" talk when I was (rightfully) bitching about Macromedia's attitude towards SVG and this Macromedia guy stood up and said who he was working for. I'm already thinking about what I should do for next year, hopefully one session in a different track than XML. I hope to do a tutorial on SVG components if SVG has been going well til then, and it should do. </p><p> How many people had new iBooks? I knew I was one of them, and I know a few people who got one either during the conference or right when they got back home. The iBooks look amazing and OS X rocks (even more with Jaguar just around the corner), so I kind of figured out why everybody was going for one. I got the OS X Missing Manual and Cocoa books from the O'Reilly bookstore. Hopefully next year you will see our book there too... and you'll get it, right? </p><p> See all of you there next year! </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-08-02T13:15:43+00:00 journal On the stereo!!! <p> Springtime often brings a nice crop of great records. 2002 is no exception it seems. Here are a few recommendations (don't mind me): </p><ul> <li>Tom Waits - "Blood Money" and "Alice"</li><li>Wilco - "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot"</li><li>Bright Eyes - "There Is No Beginning to the Story"</li><li>Pedro the Lion - "Control"</li></ul><p> And there is more coming! Oh lush... </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-05-07T19:23:33+00:00 journal SVG Studio <p> If I spent more time writing in my use.perl journal I would probably rant a lot about the absence of a decent SVG animation tool. Well, it seems the wait will be over soon as <a href="">SVG Studio is taking shape</a> (PDF document). Looking at it, it resembles the Flash authoring environment a lot, which is good and bad. Good since Flash developers and designers should not find it too difficult to get a taste of SVG using this tool, and bad because the Flash interface is not necessarily the nicest out there, Adobe LiveMotion being much more straightforward I think. But the arrival of this software can only be great news! Go SVG go! </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-05-07T19:18:14+00:00 journal XML Europe 2002 <p> Planning on going to <a href="">XML Europe 2002</a> in Barcelona? Then I guess I'll see you there since I will be co-presenting two (two!) SVG tutorials with <a href="">Dean Jackson</a>, the SVG 1.1 and 1.2 specifications editor at W3C, and also two SVG sessions. If you - dare - attend all of these then you'll probably get to know a good deal about the great technology that is SVG. I'll cover the most advanced interactive stuff, oh, and hang out at the beach. Barcelona really is my favorite place on (what I've seen of) Earth, so not the worst place to be if you like XML and SVG... </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-05-07T19:13:22+00:00 journal Talking at a Flash conference <p> I just got confirmation that I will be presenting a talk on SVG (what else?) at the <a href="">French Flash Festival</a>. It takes place at the French National Museum of Modern Art (Centre Georges Pompidou) in Paris on May the 25th. I think this is very cool that the organisers offered an SVG presence there. Hope that all you french-speaking people living around will come, it's all free, and we will sure need all the support we can get! See you there! </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-05-07T19:06:36+00:00 journal Jaguar <p> You've probably seen a link to this already, but anyway, here is <a href="">Jaguar</a>, the next update to the beloved Mac OS X. I made the switch to a Mac very recently and am really happy about it... This just shows that I am right in expecting even more! Go Apple go! </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-05-07T19:00:52+00:00 journal Tired of working <p> Hi there fellas, it's been a while. I still don't know if it makes a lot of sense for me to write a journal on use.perl since I don't do Perl so much, but since many of the people I like actually own a journal I thought I would give it another go. </p><p> It seems that for two years in a row at this very time (ie when the weather starts getting better) I have been feeling the same about working: I just want to quit. Well, not necessarily quit but just not work and take a nice long break. It just seems very ambitious to work when the you realize you are spending so much time away from the bar downstairs where they happen to have the nicest terrace around. Ha well... At least I'm starting working from home next week, so it will be an extra 90 minutes doing someting meaningful! </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-05-07T18:58:07+00:00 journal my new toy <p> It was bound to happen I guess... I took advantage of the lunch break today to go to the nearest Fnac and purchase one of those nifty iBooks with OSX. If there is one thing I don't expect to regret, it must be this. I am even writing this from my shiny white keyboard. Got the Airport thingy although I probably won't be using it until OScon. Need to order shedloads of RAM from Crucial and then I'll be ready to rock. My SVG stuff will never look the same! The only thing missing here is a<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET port so I could use this as my sole computer... ah well! </p><p> <i>-- junior</i> </p> graouts 2002-03-04T22:34:13+00:00 journal Howdy partners! <div><p> Right, since my pal <a href="/~darobin/">darobin</a> insisted on me being a user account here, I be. I'm not that much of a Perl hacker but hey! I guess I'll see you guys around sometime... <br> <br> -- <i>junior</i></p> </div> graouts 2002-03-03T16:49:25+00:00 journal