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godoy (2167)

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Never doubt how stupid people can be.

Journal of godoy (2167)

Friday March 28, 2003
07:59 PM

Rumours of a new strike...

We had a big one in the end of 2001... We would only put the calendar back on its way on 2004... By the end of the year, IIRC.

Now, there are rumours that there will be a new strike this year. Either by the end of April --- when we're starting 2003 --- or in October --- in the beginning of the second semester.

It sux.

Tuesday March 25, 2003
08:35 AM

Postfix + bogofilter problem

I've had one problem related to database size again. I always forget about those Postfix limits... :-)

Here it is the entire bug report and the solution at

Problem with big databases

07:55 AM

Software community

It's very interesting seeing the way software communities behave. The BR FreeBSD community is "a little" too aggressive. The international community is more receptive.

It may be and in fact I believe it is related to their maturity and acceptation in the market.

Here both Linux and FreeBSD users are always fighting for more visibility. There are lots of lazy users/admins that always want recipes for their jobs but that find it an abuse of my part if I send them the correct man pages to solve their problem.

In the international community I suppose these people are a little more ashamed they know what they are doing is laziness, but they don't want other people to say how lazy they are and avoid asking such questions.

Of course it happens from time to time, but I really see it in a more restrict way.

It also happens in programming language groups. More frequently when comparing two languages such as Perl and PHP or Python. :-)

In another post (I'm sorry, I don't remember which one, I read it last night and I was really tired) someone said (darobin?) the we should share ideas with such communities, specially the Python one. I agree. But we should preserve our identity.

A programming language is almost a personal taste these days. They solve the same problem with different idioms. Anyway, this is subject for a different post.

07:40 AM

GPL validity in Brazil

I'm discussing with some lawyers on a mailing list and they are saying that the way it is now, GPL is not legal here. It goes against our consumer protection code, in the very least.

One of these lawyers was seeking for example of GPL programs that are sold out there. Do you know any? I don't know an example of a program where the author has released it under a free license (not only GPL and free as defined at the Open Source Initiative) and sells the program (even though other might distribute it for free).

One of the problems with GPL is that if you sell GPLed software here, you won't be exempt of liabilities in case of problems or damages. Another problem is that if another people sells your software without collecting the legal tributes, you might be legally obligated to pay them...

It won't affect foreign developers, of course, but it affects brazilian developers.

There are IP (intelectual property) problems too, but we haven't got into all those details...

One thing that interest me is: where is the GPL license valid and where it is legally invalid? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself if you are really protected with your software license?

Weird, isn't it?

I have a meeting with our company's future lawyer on Friday and this is something I need finding out specially for some new software I'm writing I want it to be free.

Monday March 24, 2003
04:09 PM

Image generator for subscription verification

Does anybody know where can I find a good system to generate those images used to verify if it is a real person that is filling out a subscription form?

One example is the one used at Yahoo!

Monday March 17, 2003
08:29 AM

Lack of motivation.

I feel so disappointed with myself... I need doing something but I don't want to do anything at all. Just sit and rest a little.

The time passes and I haven't done anything I should have done. And I'm still tired. Lots of non-interesting things need to be done; and lots of interesting things too, but I get distracted by anything else and don't do what I need to.

Maybe it's some kind of depression. Gotta se some doctor — psycologist? — and find out what it is. In the beginning I thought — and I still think — it was due to my diet...

Anyway, I have a test and a project for today and I've been sitting here for the last 2h30. I haven't been sleeping well too. Too many tests and obligations... Tomorrow I'll have three other tests.

Oh, my... Thanks that the semester is ending on Friday and after tomorrow, my only test is on Friday for a subject I am knowing a lot. Today is what scares me... I need an 8.0 to pass without final exams.

Saturday March 15, 2003
06:54 AM

New common slang on tech newsgroups here.

People have adopted a new slang to refer to Google: the Google Oracle. When someone ask something that should be easily found there the answer is: ask the oracle of Google or just ask the oracle.

06:42 AM

Use of &em; and &en; for emdashes and endashes.

When I was looking after some DocBook stuff, almost two years ago, I've found out that several browsers won't show &em; properly (Mozilla won't show it up correctly). I'd really like something that can be correctly seen on a big amount of browsers that I can use as an emdash.

What are you using? I'm sticking with the (horrible) '---' string.

06:39 AM

Business bank account.

I'm looking for a good set of services for a new business bank account. Anyone with more experience --- I'm a business owner for just 6 months now --- can list a good set of services that I should be looking for?

I'm looking for basic stuff and I'm also worried with receiving payments through Internet. Low taxes are also one of my concerns: companies pay almost every tax a bank has, here in .br, while people have lots of discounts.

06:35 AM


I won't be able to graduate in one year, as I was willing to do. The time table for the subjects I have to do won't allow me. :-(

The only thing that still makes me happy is that I will still graduate 6 months earlier.

C'ést la vie.