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gnat (29)

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Journal of gnat (29)

Friday July 12, 2002
06:01 PM

Whose Journal Should I Read?

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My friends are: ziggy, jdavidb, davorg, acme, jjohn, cwest, chaoticset, TorgoX, pdcawley, Matts, Robrt, Elian, pudge, rjray, Simon, darobin, barbie, Allison, geoff, ask (moved on), skyhook, kasei, lenzo, hfb (moved on), brentdax, garron, and unimatrix. The last part of that list is people who haven't updated their journals in months.

Who else on use.perl should I be reading? Who is under-appreciated? No fair nominating yourself :-)


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  • Mmm. Pudge and I have talked about this offline. Promoting blogging or blog consumption to a daily TODO item can lead to madness. Personally, I run through my "friends" list on, NVP [], HFB [] and Jmac []. I also will check out blogs of people who comment on blogs (oddly enough). It seems like there is an interesting excerise in data mining in watching blogs, although I can't quite formulate what that excerise would be. Monitoring productivity loss in the work place, maybe? :-)

    • RSS Aggregators can make this easier for you--you get one page with links to all the latest news. Not that I use one, of course. A while ago I was spending two or three hours reading blogs a day, and that was just insane. Of course, I could claim it was research for the Essential Blogging book :-)

      I have a handful of non-use.perl blogs that I read. I'm just wondering whether I'm missing good stuff.

      As for datamining, I really want to gather a hundred peoples' bookmarks files and use clustering to see

      • I have a handful of non-use.perl blogs that I read. I'm just wondering whether I'm missing good stuff.

        I read a whole bunch of journals here, mostly to see what perl people are doing and see what my friends have to say here. Oh, and I check out the oreillynet blogs pretty regularly too. :-)

        For non-useperl blogs, I look for something that's interesting that contains news/links I won't find anywhere else. I've gotten into lisp recently, so I'm reading lemonodor [], Lambda the Ultimate [] daily, and Paul Gra []

  • You should all read my journal and post comments so I feel loved :)
  • I see you've already got a couple of these on your friends list but I'll list mine anyway - all highly recommeded BTW:

    gav, gnat, ziggy, davorg, chromatic, acme, dbjerg96, jjohn, autarch, chaoticset, TorgoX, Purdy, Matts, james, ovid, pudge, simon (moved on), darobin, 2shortplanks, pne, larson, hfb (moved on).

    Based on comments to a recent Matts [] journal it would seem that others think it far too much effort to visit non blogs. I really don't understand what all the whining is about. I mean ho
    • It's too much effort since I use journal-to-mail to screenscrape and email me the journals whenever one of my 'friends'[1] posts a journal.

      [1] Oh, this also explains why my friends list doesn't have half the people's journals I read on it.

    • (gnat's friends list grows ...)



    • I have 300K of bookmarks in my profile. They organized and things still get lost. It actually takes a lot of time to "check", I have realized this greatly since I created and started using le pnews []
      Were that I say, pancakes?
    • The two I probably enjoy reading most are 2shortplanks & richardc. Mainly because they nearly always reference modules and stuff I really feel I ought to take a look at. Don't always get the time to, but I do like new toys every now and then.

      Of the others I read most, well they're already in your list ;)

  • Why not just check this page [] regularly?

    You are already friends with most of the heavy posters. A peek at what the others are saying might be a good way to make new friends.