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gnat (29)

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Journal of gnat (29)

Friday February 08, 2002
01:06 AM


[ #2718 ]
I just realized that OS X is truly taking over: Dan, Simon, Randal, Jarkko, and Elaine, have all succumbed ....


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  • The rest of us are just wannabees.

    I *seriously* want an OSX box of some sort (laptop maybe). I just don't have the funds yet - maybe I can persuade work to stump for one...
  • I'm the Mac user here and I still use Mac OS, with no plans to upgrade to Mac OS X. WHAT'S WITH YOU PEOPLE?

    Maybe after I read Mac OS X: The Missing Manual [] I'll be won over. ;-)
    • :) I still mainly boot into OS9 too as the applications I have haven't reached critical mass on the OSX side yet. Classic mode sucks worse than Wine. Almost all of the OS X people I know are recent converts to the platform with little or no investment in OS9 apps. It's a time consuming PITA to migrate as well.

      • Yeah, that's really the main thing. It is a lot easier to migrate from *nix to Mac OS X than it is to migrate from Mac OS 9, in many cases.

        Although it'd almost be tolerable if it weren't for two things: the very big performance hit (on my G3 boxes, anyway), and those damned paned file dialogs. I hate those things. The Mac OS 8/9 Navigation Services are so much better, I really can't stand it. :) It takes forever to drill down into deep directories, keyboard shortcuts mostly don't work at all, or work
      • Yep, I'm almost entirely OS X native, so it's not a big deal. (Though classic mode seems fine to me--little odd, but fine)

        Pity it's so clunky compared to OS 9. Better than Windows or any of the Unix desktops, but that's not exactly a stunning recommendation.
        • Pity it's so clunky compared to OS 9

          I do have confidence it will improve. But I can't use it full-time until it does. :-)

  • I'm a TiBook G4 user myself, but I run Yellow Dog Linux. I've thought about switching, but have stopped on 3 issues:

    1. What's a good mail client to use? I don't think I could switch to OE.
    2. I use GNU Emacs under X. Can I do that? And if so, what kind of resources would I suck up running X over OS X's hoggish UI?
    3. libapreq doesn't work under OS X quite yet (though they're working on it, is see!).

    Regards, David

    • 1. All sorts of things; mutt of course, or pine if you must. Entourage (part of OfficeX) if you're into that sort of thing: OK, so I am (educational status helps there!). Plenty of others available: Mulberry, particularly if you're a big IMAP fan, has a native OSX client.

      2. Sure. Xfree runs really well either rooted or rootless in OS X. Resource implications? very little; XDarwin chugs away at about a couple of percent CPU usage, spiking to around 10% as I gimp around a bit. The OS X window manager gets a
    • I don't really know because I only use my laptop for movies, and a browser, but I saw a patch on the libapreq list recently for fixing Mac OS X stuff.

      For mail client, mutt should work fine.

      I use emacs without X everywhere anyway, and it works great on X too. (hah, parse that).

      -- ask bjoern hansen [], !try; do();

  • My main Macintosh still runs MacOS 9. My new ibook that I got two weeks ago runs Debian.

    Eventually I'm sure I will sample X.

    J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
  • About the only gripe I have is that the Terminal application sucks raw eggs as a terminal application. I haven't looked closely at what it thinks it's trying to do but it's not what I got used to-- 15 years ago on true VT100s and lookalikes. As a UNIX interface nothing beats a good text terminal, and the Terminal isn't (hopefully "isn't yet").

    Note that I may be barking at the wrong tree: maybe it's the combination of Terminal and the shell that is sucky. But whatever it is, things like suspending your

    • Yep, the terminal is seriously screwed up. Some little things seem related to the fact that it doesn't run setuid (so that closing a window through the GUI means you get a ghost entry in the output from "who", as lacks permission to write to the log file. )

      Another observation: if you have your preferences set to "use this shell: " instead of "use default login for this user" the terminal seems incapable of changing the ownership of the device file! That is, if /dev/ttyp6, for example, is own